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How to give a talk, (the short version) for Registrars 19.10.11.

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2 How to give a talk, (the short version) for Registrars 19.10.11

3 RANZCP 2007 Curriculum review CBFP

4 CBFP Implementation New Zealand Nov. 2012 Australia March 2013 Formative tests: CAP. New Reg’s

5 Existing Registrars Grandfathered for Summative (pass/fail) Assessments

6 So the CBFP doesn’t affect us Right? Wrong!

7 HNET will be introducing Formative assessments The start of learning period Guide subsequent teaching and learning (A learning tool) One F.A. is ‘Professional Presentations’

8 Formative Assessments are tools to help build learning road-maps This is where you are This is your goal at the end of this training Here is how to get there

9 I looked at the college version! Below standard Meets standard Above standard 1. Introducing the topic 123456789u/c 2. Setting material in context 123456789u/c 3. Analysis and critique 123456789u/c 4. Presentation and delivery 123456789u/c 5. Answering questions 123456789u/c 6. Quality of educational content 123456789u/c Anything especially good?Suggestions for improvement Agreed action/goals for next presentation:

10 Try to make it better !

11 Review the literature Create a resource Design an instrument Contribute to the committee

12 I Did get finished, but nowhere near on time

13 My version reflects the literature …But is it easier to use? …Is it a better learning tool? Requires greater improveme nt Requires moderate improveme nt Requires little improveme nt Not assesse d 1. Engaging the audience 123456789u/c 2. General Presentation 123456789u/c 3. Organisation 123456789u/c 4. Content 123556789u/c


15 Help people learn This could be great!

16 But I had forgotten something

17 Registrars are busy

18 Often tired


20 AND There is an Elephant in the Room


22 Anxiety

23 Reducing Anxiety Three attitudes of mind Three simple techniques

24 3 attitudes of mind 1.Like yourself ( be yourself, don’t try to be perfect) 2.Like your subject (focus on it) 3.Like your audience ( focus on friendly faces)

25 3 Simple Techniques 1.Be prepared and practiced 2.Slow breaths 3.That glass of water

26 And now to the point

27 Here it is!

28 How to give a talk, the short version

29 How DO you change this

30 Into This?

31 Why is giving a memorable talk such a challenge ?


33 The Audience remembers little 70% of first 10 minutes 20% of the last 10 minutes Within one week 10% of what they were told

34 Audience attention wanes rapidly

35 Audience Attention Deficit Syndrome (AADS)

36 So to Summarize I have your attention for ten minutes You will recall little or nothing of what I say

37 How to deal with this? Set an exam. Short Simple core message: Flag it, introduce it, repeat it, summarise it

38 How to deal with this (cont.) Recapture Attention (‘reset’ the first 10 minutes) And/or Maximise Overall Attention

39 Reset the 10 minutes … Olivia Mitchell

40 Reset attention (1) Anecdotes we are hardwired to listen to stories Humour (relevant to the presentation) Transition statements ‘in summary’ or ‘so that’s the problem, I’ll now go on to address it’

41 Reset (2) Make breaks between subtopics clear: “So we have already talked about…” make clear Introduction /Middle /End

42 Reset (3) Involve the audience Q&A, small group, show of hands Take a micro-break Change anything …presenters, move a little, show a short video

43 Varying the reset We are also hardwired for novelty

44 Maximizing attention

45 Give them what they want! wait for sound

46 Tell them why it is important to them

47 Maximize attention (Cont.) Catchy title Drama…pauses…A paradox A logical argument

48 70% of audience satisfaction comes from presentation style

49 Try to Entertain

50 Show enthusiasm (Even for an ugly topic)

51 Much of communication is non verbal  An audience given a 30 second SILENT clip of a presentation can accurately predict audience satisfaction!

52 Visual Aides

53 A Picture says a thousand words!

54 Written slides are ineffective

55 PowerPoint what not to do!

56 Oh, No! PowerPoint! My eyes, my eyes!

57 Small Print!

58 Crowded Text

59 Confusing tables 8:00-9:309:45-12:00 Week 1 MOLectureWorkshop on wards with patients TUELectureWorkshop on wards with patients WELectureWorkshop on wards with patients THULectureWorkshop on wards with patients FRILectureWorkshop on wards with patients Week 2 MOLectureWorkshop on wards with patients TUELectureWorkshop on wards with patients WEPsychiatric Hospital Bohnice THULectureWorkshop on wards with patients FRILectureWorkshop on wards with patients Week 3 MOLectureWorkshop on wards with patients TUELectureWorkshop on wards with patients WEWard THULectureWorkshop on wards with patients FRIExamination

60 Remember! The time spent deciphering the PowerPoint Is time spent not listening to the talk!

61 Power Point Rules < 6 words per line <6 lines < 4 points

62 Power Point Rules 2 Contrasting colours ……white on blue? Combination upper and lower case 32 or larger San serif fonts preferred : Helvetica, CG Omega, Universe, Arial.

63 Power Point Rules (3) Power point is a visual aide not speaker notes! Power points should make lousy handouts! (Power point has a notes page)

64 Power Point Rules (4) Diagrams not tables The impact of an outreach program applied to team E in the third quarter, on patient presentations 1234 E 20.427.490.020.4 W 30.638.634.631.6 N 45.946.945.043.9 Make this…

65 ….INTO THIS ! Simplify statistics. Use Graphs, not tables

66 No complex gimmicks to distract the audience It results in people not listening to what you say They just watch the gimmicks Beware of the laser pen!

67 Preparation Over Prepare, let the needs of the audience prune what you deliver Practice Delivery

68 Summary, or Giving a talk shortest version yet Fewer points more examples 10 minute rule Less bullet points

69 Summary Giving as talk the shortest version yet (cont) Technique =satisfaction Visual Audience centred, Enthusiastic

70 Giving a talk the final word Thankyou (It’s not a sin to finish early)

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