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B REU College of Engineering Presentations in Science Prof. Amber Gee, Department of Communication.

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1 b REU College of Engineering Presentations in Science Prof. Amber Gee, Department of Communication

2 Agenda 1.Intro to Presentations 2.Presentation Basics 3.Visual Aids 4.Break – 10 minutes 5.Delivery 6.Speaking in Groups 7.Speaking as a Scientist

3 Challenges with Public Speaking What are some challenges with public speaking? What are some challenges with group presentations? What are some questions you have about giving presentations?

4 What do all Presentations Share? 1.Audience Analysis 2.Clear Goal and Information 3.Organized 4.Intro and Con 5.Strong Delivery Methods 6.Quality Visual Aid design and use “Tracking the Trackers” – Gary Kovacs Video

5 Audience Analysis Analyze the audience Who are they? Age, education, work history, industry, etc. What knowledge do they have? What knowledge do they need?

6 Audience Analysis What do we do with this information? Word Choice Explanations Visual Aids Tone of voice Humor Organization What do you know about your final presentation audience? List 5 items

7 Basic Presentation Organization The Parts Introduction/Opening Goal Body Bulk of the info Conclusion/Ending Review Q&A

8 Intros and Conclusions Intro and Conclusion Often overlooked 10-20% of the presentation Measure this in time 20 minute = 2-4 minutes each

9 Intros and Conclusions Grocery List 1.Makes intro and conclusion important 2.Burdens the middle of the presentation Primacy-Recency Effect

10 Intros and Conclusions Purpose 1.Relates to audience Greeting 2.Credibility 3.Impacts audience Explains why topic is important Makes is accessible Gets attention 4.States goal and previews points Introduction

11 Intros and Conclusions Purpose 1.Bring audience back 2.Reinforces goal 3.Brings back the impact Primacy-Recency Conclusion How important is the end of a movie?

12 Clear Goal and Information Goal What is the purpose of your presentation? Needs to be obvious to audience Emphasize it –Lead off with it –Repetition –Keep the goal as the focus Tip Add to preview slide

13 Clear Goal and Information Information Specific Organized Complete for time limit Appropriate for audience Cite Sources Where is it important to be specific? Deli Doctor Directions

14 Organization How to organize a presentation Categorize material 3-5 sections Preview statement Should be obvious Reinforce verbally and visually Why is organization important?

15 Organization, Goal and Information Preview/Goal: Three Smartphone or tablet applications that can make you smarter are Ted, Mini Piano and Google Mobile. Main point/Section 1: Ted links you to thousands of Ted and Tedx speeches. Main point/Section 2: This second app that can make you smarter is Mini Piano. Main point/Section 3: Google Mobile provided instant information.

16 Visual Aids: Set up, Design & Use What is the purpose of a visual aid? Increase understanding Make it interesting Others? Excellent PowerPoints - Death by PowerPoint -

17 Visual Aids: Set up, Design & Use Design Basics Consistency Simplicity Readability Simplicity 4X4 or 6X6 More pictures Consistency Similar colors and fonts All headings the same Readability Use large enough font 24 or larger Bullet vs. paragraphs High contrast color combo

18 Visual Aids: Set up, Design & Use Font Choice San Serif font for headings Arial, Calibri Serif font for text Times New Roman, Courier, Garamond Color High contrast Yellow, Blue, Red, Black

19 Visual Aids: Set up, Design & Use Using Visual Aids Don’t ignore it It’s a tool – use it Don’t focus on it Use notes, rather than slides Avoid reading from slides or staring at objects Be sure it is worth it Assess if it helps your audience Find a friend Have someone else run your slides or get a remote

20 Introduction The Basics Strong Delivery Individual Eye Contact Enthusiasm Conversational Confidence

21 Review With all presentations, you should... Analyze your audience Clear goal, information and organization Organize your speech into 3-5 points Strong Intro and Conclusion Strong Delivery Use and choose your Visual Aid well

22 Speaking in Groups How is it different? You have more people Each person will speak Merge different styles More information Pull together You get help running a visual aid

23 Speaking in Groups Group Necessities Add in Transitions Between speakers Help with Slides Never run your own slides (Disclaimer: unless you have a remote) Rehearse as a group With visual aids too

24 Speaking as a Scientist What are the challenges in Science based presentations? Complex information Project Goal vs. Presentation Goal Creating impact for the audience So much information, so little time How do I explain it to lay people? Visual aid problems

25 Speaking as a Scientist Create Impact for Audience Introduction How does topic relate to me? Why should we care? Clear goal No goal = confusion Simplify Concepts Visual aids – ex. graphs, charts, etc. Add slide numbers

26 The End Create a dynamic, engaging group presentation by... 1.Analyzing your audience 2.Presenting a clear goal and organized information 3.Starting and ending strong 4.Practicing 5.Designing simple and well-designed visuals 6.Transitioning between speakers

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