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Maggie Berry Director About me… Maggie Berry - Director, Been involved with since.

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1 Maggie Berry Director

2 About me… Maggie Berry - Director, Been involved with since its inception in the autumn of 2004 Active in all aspects of the website and networking activities we organise Background in technology recruitment within the financial services - four years as a recruiter with McGregor Boyall Associates Experience of recruiting and placing female technology candidates Keen interest in increasing the number of women working in the technology profession

3 About Website was launched in March 2005 Online job board, networking and events group – 3,000+ members Helping companies raise their profile among female technologists Enables female IT job seekers to apply directly to organisations who are actively seeking more female staff Organise networking events – career focussed topics Run training courses orientated for women working in IT Information portal - news, events listings, careers advice and links


5 Career Networking Get involved – effective networking is one of the most important tools in progressing your career In the job market, most vacancies are filled before they are even advertised womenintechnology events are career orientated – dealing with the soft skills that might not be ‘taught’ at work Attendees from 120 to 250+ Open to women and men

6 womenintechnology networking events in 2008 Political Savvy for Women in IT – in association with Société Générale – January 2008 Successful Career Networking for Women in Technology - in association with Merrill Lynch - February 2008 Working Smarter, Not Harder – in association with Microsoft – April 2008 Banana Skins, Bottlenecks and Elephant Traps: The Perilous Journey for Women in IT – in association with Barclays Capital – 29 th April 2008 Events planned in May with Accenture and in June with HSBC

7 Other networking groups for women in IT BCSWomen – London Girl Geek Dinners – Intellect’s Women in IT Forum –

8 womenintechnology training courses in 2008 Full day courses: –Effective Leadership for Women in IT: Developing Your Management Style – this Friday – 18 th April 2008 –Beyond Conflict: What's Your Conflict Colour? - 9 th May 2008 –Be the Impactful Presenter – 16 th May 2008 –Building Better Business Relationships – 12 th September 2008 Evening courses – new for 2008: –Your Are Your Own Best Business Card – 14 th May 2008 –The Art of Delegation – 7 th October 2008 –Coach Yourself to the Top – 29 th October 2008 –Style DNA for Female Executives – 19 th November 2008

9 If you’d like to contact me… My contact details: –Maggie Berry – –020 7422 9214 Go to for more information and to sign up to receive our weekly e-news letter, to be added to our mailing list and to get invites to our networking events

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