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Claire Draper Director of Membership Services IEMA Annual Conference 12 th June 2007.

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1 Claire Draper Director of Membership Services IEMA Annual Conference 12 th June 2007

2 Introduction About the IEMA About IEMA members Professional Development The Specialist Registers Support for members An update on IEMA activities

3 About the IEMA Established in 1999 Provides: –Membership Services –Professional Qualifications –Training Course Approval –Graduate and Management Scheme Approval –Publications –Workshops –Technical Services Over 11,000 members

4 About IEMA members Who? –Environmental Managers –Environmental Auditors –Regulators –Impact Assessors –Students and Graduates Where do they work? –Business & Industry –Training and Educational Establishments –National and Local Government –Environmental Enforcement Authorities –Consultancy

5 IEMA Membership by Sector

6 Membership Levels and Statistics Affiliate2868 Associate5940 Full656 Student527 Graduates777 Retired48 Fellows39 Honorary Fellows8 Corporate286 Total:11,149 (end of April 2007)

7 UK and International Members

8 About IEMA members Environmental Practitioner Survey 2005 67.2% of respondents had undertaken formal training in the past 12 months Over one fifth of respondents had a bachelor's degree (highest qualification) Over four in ten of the respondents had a master’s degree (highest qualification) Less than one quarter of respondents thought that the environmental profession compared favourably to other established professions when viewed by others Two thirds of respondents had their IEMA membership fee paid by their employer Link between professional qualifications and salary LAST CHANCE TO COMPLETE THE 2007 SURVEY

9 Membership Survey 2005 Average basic annual salaries for the financial year ending 5 April 2005. Average salaries by membership level –Affiliate (N=490) £31,587 –Associate (N=1,465) £32,698 –Full (N=273) £41,241 –Fellow (N=17) £61,131 –Chartered Environmentalist (N=198) £42,643 –Non-Chartered Environmentalist (N= 2,056) £32,668

10 Employers Support for Professional Development

11 Membership & the Specialist Registers Fellow Full Associate Affiliate / Student Graduate Environmental Auditor RegisterEIA Practitioner Register You need to be a member of the Institute to apply to be on the Specialist Registers

12 IEMA Professional Development Affiliate – Anyone with an interest in the environment Associate – Knowledge based level –IEMA Approved Associate Certificate Course –IEMA Associate Open Book Assessment Full Membership – Experienced based level –Written application and telephone assessment Standard Route Direct Route Dual Application for both Full membership and Chartered Environmentalist Fellow –Written application and face to face assessment

13 Progression StudentGraduateAffiliate Associate Full Fellow Chartered Environmentalist Approved Training Course or Associate Open Book Assessment Associate member with three years’ environmental experience Full member with seven years’ environmental experience Affiliate member with seven years’ environmental experience You can make a dual application for Full membership and Chartered Environmentalist

14 Specialist Registers Environmental Auditors Register –Associate Environmental Auditor –Environmental Auditor –Principal Environmental Auditor –EMS Auditor –LEMS Auditor Individual Environmental Impact Assessor (EIA) Register –Associate EIA Practitioner –Registered EIA Practitioner –Principal EIA Practitioner Specialists in Land Condition (SiLC)

15 Other Interests Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) UK Competent Body Acorn Chartered Environmentalist

16 Getting support from the IEMA Regional Networks Training Course Approval Professional Development Plans IEMA Reading Room Mentoring Scheme Specialist Interest Groups IEMA Jobs Publications IEMA

17 Accessing information Regional Networking Events –Providing events and networking activities Site visits Presentations Social Events Reading Room –Online information source Publications –The Environmentalist, Practitioners, IEMA Handbook


19 IEMA Approval Training Course Providers Providing quality assurance for delegates 80+ Different course providers accredited Courses delivered in 32 different countries Courses in Auditing and Environmental Management CPD / Short Courses Graduate / Management Scheme Approval Available to employers offering programmes of support for environmental staff

20 Guidance and support Professional Development Plans –Free A gap analysis tool for those working towards Full membership Application Packs –Detailing the application requirements, criteria and assessment process in detail Mentoring Scheme –A free service where Full and Fellow members mentor Affiliate and Associate members to achieve their goals Institute staff –Will be able to advise you on all aspects of making an application –Free review of Full membership short paper

21 Specialist Interest Groups (SIGS) Three Groups: –Environmental Assessment –EMS and Auditing –Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Free access to one group Supported by online discussion fora Need to register on IEMA website –


23 Access to information Reading room –Online resource for IEMA members IEMA Jobs – –2000+ environmental jobs

24 e


26 Ongoing Developments EMS National Forum – 29 th November 2007 HTML version of the Environmentalist Online services Environmental Practitioner Survey 2007 Employers’ Guide to Professional Development Access Environment

27 Contact Information My email: +44 (0)1522 540069 Membership enquiries – Training and Mentoring –

28 Any questions?

29 Workshop Session: Questions and Answers Discussion groups: –Associate membership –Full membership –Specialist Registers

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