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* Name : haya el jerjawi * Student no. : 120100324 * Name of the teacher : rasha atalah 1.

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1 * Name : haya el jerjawi * Student no. : 120100324 * Name of the teacher : rasha atalah 1

2 2 What is e-learning ?? Using a technological means ( internet / intranet/ extranet) to access and manage learning that support and enhances the knowledge of an individual. and can cover a range of activities from learning online, to blended learning (combining traditional and e-learning).

3 : THE CASE FOR E - LEARNING * No more expensive travel costs * Less staff time wasted in travel * Immediate availability * Self -paced learning and increased confidence * Instructional quality consistency * Instant feedback and scores * Instant and less costly updates 3

4 T OOLS ARE USED IN E - LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS * Classroom with multimedia, presentation facilities, e-mail, and groupware for collaborative work. * Library media center with database for multimedia courseware and network access to the. internet 4

5 5 * Teacher’s room with on-line access to courseware catalogues and databases, information and resource management systems and professional networking tools, such as e-mail and groupware * Server room equipped to handle applications management databases and web servers * Studio/theater with control room for centralized audiovisual equipment, teleconferencing studio, audio room, video and laser disc video room

6 WHO IS AN E - LEARNING TEAM ? - project managers - subject matter experts - instructional designers - programmers - writers - graphics artists, animators, and videographers quality controllers 6

7 ADVANTAGES OF E - LEARNING : access: making training more available to learner cost: reducing training cost content: increasing the scope of offerings relevance: making training more meaningful to people work speed: responding to constant change and rapid product innovations 7

8 8 efficiency: avoiding scheduling of classroom training and booking instructors. empowerment: putting the responsibility for learning in the hands of learners. business: using fast, effective learning as a competitive weapon. connection: connecting learning data to convenience: letting time-pressured students learn at the best time and place.

9 O BJECTIVES : To provide education in the use of technology in instruction by providing knowledge and skills on technology integration-in-instruction to learners To impart learning experiences in instructional technology supported instructional planning To acquaint students on information technology or IT-related learning theories with the computer as a tutor 9

10 OBSTACLES IN E - LEARNING * human - organizational - cultural resistance - instructional * technological - bandwidth - interactivity - technology support - development costs 10

11 I T FORESEES SCHOOLS TO BE : improving learning outcomes for students using * ICT to support the curriculum * Using ICT to improve the efficiency and administration effectiveness of educational * Developing partnership with communities to enhance access to learning through ICT 11

12 12

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