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Vice President Training. What Is A Vice President?

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1 Vice President Training

2 What Is A Vice President?

3 A Vice President is… A club’s second in command The primary assistant to the President Reliable, Responsible, Ready to help Organized A strong leader within the club

4 What Does A Vice President Do?

5 Monthly ResponsibilitiesMonthly Responsibilities Attendance at: -Club Meetings -Officer Meetings -Board of Directors Meetings -D ivisional C ouncil M eetings

6 Monthly ResponsibilitiesMonthly Responsibilities Assist the President Be prepared to run a meeting in the absence of the President

7 Monthly ResponsibilitiesMonthly Responsibilities Meet with committees Arrange for speakers at weekly club meetings

8 Annual ResponsibilitiesAnnual Responsibilities Develop a committee system Promote Key Club! Train the Vice-President Elect


10 What is a Committee?What is a Committee? Committee - group of people who work together for a common purpose. -Led by committee head

11 Why Use Committees? Delegate the officers’ workload Give members leadership opportunities

12 Who Should be on a Committee?Who Should be on a Committee? Every member! Survey members to ask which ones they want to be on. Vice President will help oversee committee.

13 How to Develop andHow to Develop and Manage a CommitteeManage a Committee Identify an issue in your club. Find an active member to serve as the committee chair. With the chair, select other people to be committee members.

14 How to Develop andHow to Develop and Manage a CommitteeManage a Committee Create a list of committee guidelines and objectives. Attend committee meetings. Give the Secretary a monthly report of events.

15 An Effective Committee StructureAn Effective Committee Structure Committee Chair Committee Member

16 Types of CommitteesTypes of Committees Key Club International recommends that every club have the following committees: Kiwanis Family Relations Committee Major Emphasis Program (MEP) Committee Membership Development Committee Program Committee Project Committee Public Relations Committee


18 How to Run a MeetingHow to Run a Meeting Example: Begin meeting by ringing bell Pledge of Allegiance Icebreaker Cover all upcoming events. Allow guest speakers to present. Adjourn the meeting.

19 Preventing Potential Complications To prevent complications if president is absence: Contact the President Have a copy of agenda Familiarize yourself with the way a club meeting operates.


21 Icebreakers and EnergizersIcebreakers and Energizers Energizer: a game or activity to “wake” members up. Icebreaker: a game or activity to acquaint members or to introduce a topic.

22 More Resources!More Resources! Your Lieutenant Governor and Assistant Administrator can answer any question you may have. Further information and resources can always be found at:

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