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Teaching Aim Reading I Reading II Extended Activities UNIT.

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1 Teaching Aim Reading I Reading II Extended Activities UNIT

2 Teaching Aim Unit 3 Auction 1. Cognitive Information( 认知信息 ) : Auction 2. Language Focus( 内容重点 ) — Key Words: Ⅰ. auction, equivalent, host, desperate , anniversary, bidding, lot, propel, slap, facility, inspection; Ⅱ. Assemble, spoil, stick, acquaint, knock- out, whereby, illegally, nominate — Phrases: Ⅰ. pop up, in the course of, rush back, end up, in need of, date back to, rely on, be limited to, from afar, for one thing; Ⅱ. knock down, in the form of, play on, come off — Word Study: bid, signal, implement, connect, generate

3 Teaching Aim Unit 3 Auction — Useful Structures: until recently ,... known as... in the hope of — Grammar: Modal Verbs (2) 3. Communicative Skills( 交际技能 ) — Expressions: Expressing Certainty and Possibility — Reading: A Line Graph 4. Lexical Knowledge( 词汇学知识 ) prefixes: mono, micro, macro-, syn-, extra-

4 Background Information Reading I Unit 3 Auction Pre-reading Text New Words and Expressions Exercises Post-reading UNIT

5 Pre-reading Unit 3 Auction Pre-reading I Pre-reading I Pre-reading I Pre-reading II

6 I.Brainstorming: Work with your partner and write out words or expressions relating to auction. _____________ ______________ _____________ ________________ _________________ ________________ ________________ _________________ ________________ ________________ _________________ ________________ I.Brainstorming: Work with your partner and write out words or expressions relating to auction. _____________ ______________ _____________ ________________ _________________ ________________ ________________ _________________ ________________ ________________ _________________ ________________ Pre-reading I Unit 3 Auction auctioneer bid bid block bidder tenderauction block tenderer bid upaucioneer hammer tenderee bid/tender for a Dutch aution agent bid inauction hall/center participant auction off base price

7 Pre-reading II Unit 3 Auction 1. What do you know about auction — a special form of public sale? 2. How is a traditional auction conducted? 3. What do you think is the advantage/ disadvantage of auctions over ordinary sales? 4. What do you think of auctions on the web? 5. Have you ever attended any auction (including auctions on the line) before? What preparatory work will you do before attending an auction? Pairwork: Discuss the following questions with your partner.

8 New Words and Expressions Unit 3 Auction New Words and Expressions Notes

9 Unit 3 Auction 1. auction n. a public sale of goods to the person who offers the most money 拍卖 2. exotic a. unusual 异乎寻常的 3. pop v. to appear suddenly ( 突 ) 发生 4.crocus n. a type of low growing plants with purple , white or yellow flowers that bloom in spring 藏红花 5. perishable a. (of flowers) likely to die easily 易凋零的 6. equivalent n. something that is equal to something else 同等物 New Words and Expressions

10 Unit 3 Auction 7. host v. to receive (guests) 接纳 ( 客人 ) 8. desperate a. extremely eager 极度强烈的 9. anniversary n. a celebration for a particular date on which something special or important happened in a previous year 周年纪念 或庆祝 10. bidder n. a person who offers a price for payment at an auction( 拍卖中的 ) 竞价者 11. bidding n. offering a price (at an auction ) 出价 12. focal a. central 中心的 New Words and Expressions

11 Unit 3 Auction 13. lot n. a number of things sold together at an auction 一批 14. propel v. to drive (sth.) forward 推进 15. slap v. to put something quickly on a surface 贴上 ( 标签等 ) 16. auctioneer n. a person who is in charge of an auction 拍卖商 17. facilities n. (pl.) equipment 设施 18. confidently ad. with belief that one can do something 有信心地 19. hybrid n. a plant (or animal) produced from parents of different breeds 杂交品种 New Words and Expressions

12 Unit 3 Auction 20. orchid n. a plant that has flowers with three parts, the middle one being shaped like a lip 兰花 21. inspection n. the act of examining the details of something 检验 22. generate v. to cause , to give rise to 引起,导致 New Words and Expressions

13 Unit 3 Auction 1. pop up to appear quickly and unexpectedly in large numbers 涌现 2. in the course of during 在 ······ 期间 3. rush back to go hastily back to 快速返回 4. end up to finish in a particular place or way 以 ······ 告终 5. in need of having a need for 需要 6. date back to to have existed since 回溯到 7. rely on to depend on 依赖 8. be limited to to be restricted to 限于 New Words and Expressions

14 Unit 3 Auction 9. from afar from a great distance 从远处 10.for one thing as the first point; to start with 首先 (used to introduce a reason) New Words and Expressions

15 3) n. a person, place, or organization that provides the necessary space, equipment, etc., for a special event. 主办 人 / 地方 / 机构 ······ play host to: 主办 e.g. the host country for the next Olympic Games The Grand Hotel is playing host to this year’s sales conference. 4) n. a person who introduces other performers. 节目主持人 5) n. a large number of. 大量;许多 e.g. a host of possibilities The machine comes with a whole host of useful accessories. [相关词] Hostess: n. 女主人;女主持人 Unit 3 Auction Language and Culture Focus

16 5. They are then quickly transported to nearby auction centers, the largest of which covers the equivalent of about 200 soccer fields and can host up to 2,500 buyers. 【参考译文】 人们把花迅速运送到附近的拍卖中心,最大的一 个拍卖中心大约有 200 个足球场大,能容纳 2500 个客户。 Unit 3 Auction Language and Culture Focus

17 6. in the course of: during. 在 ······ 期间 e.g. Human society is still faced with grave challenges in the course of its development. In the course of conducting research, researchers may create, use, or disclose identifiable health information. In the course of evolution, the principle of the fittest will survive is fully embodied. Unit 3 Auction Language and Culture Focus

18 Unit 3 Auction 7. rush back: to go hastily back to. 快速返回 e.g. Migrant workers rush back home during the Spring Festival. His blood ran cold when childhood memories came rushing back. I thought thunder was the sound of the air rushing back into the vacuum created by the lightning. Language and Culture Focus

19 Unit 3 Auction 8. end up: to finish in a particular place or way. 以 ······ 告终 e.g. The criminal ended up in prison. After a lot of consideration , he ended up with telling his wife the truth. He ended up in the hospital and was in a coma all night. Language and Culture Focus

20 Unit 3 Auction 9. in need of: having a need for. 需要 e.g. We are in need of an interpreter. The scenic spots are in need of repair. These poor families are in need of assistance. Enterprise development is in need of improvement. Language and Culture Focus

21 Unit 3 Auction 10. desperate 1) adj. suffering extreme need, anxiety,or loss of hope. 极需要的; 极焦急的;绝望的 e.g. She’s desperate for work/money. They are desperate to escape. 2) adj. ready for any wild act and not caring about danger, esp. because of loss of hope; reckless. 不顾一切的; 拼命的 e.g. a desperate criminal 3) adj. extremely difficult and dangerous; grave. 危急的;极严重的 e.g. a desperate shortage of food The country is in a desperate state. [相关词] desperation: n. 不顾一切;铤而走险;绝望 e.g. He kicked at the door in desperation. Language and Culture Focus

22 Unit 3 Auction 11. anniversary: n. a day which is an exact year or number of years after a particular event. 周年纪念日 e.g. a wedding anniversary 结婚周年纪念日 anniversary celebrations 周年庆典 It’s the 20th anniversary of our country’s independence. Language and Culture Focus

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