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Plants Vocabulary.

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1 Plants Vocabulary

2 Photosynthesis The process by which plants and some other organisms capture and use light energy to make food from carbon dioxide and water

3 Petal Petals are used to attract insects into the flower, they may have guidelines on them and be scented.

4 Stigma Is covered in a sticky substance that the pollen grains will adhere to.

5 Style Raises the stigma away from the Ovary to decrease the likelihood of pollen contamination. It varies in length.

6 Ovary This protects the ovule and once fertilization has taken place it will become the fruit.

7 Ovule like the egg in animals and once fertilization has taken place will become the seed.

8 Receptacle the flower's attachment to the stalk and in some cases becomes part of the fruit after fertilization e.g. strawberry.

9 Flower Stalk Gives support to the flower and elevates the flower for the insects.

10 Nectary where a sugary solution called nectar is held to attract insects.

11 Sepal protect the flower while it is developing from a bud.

12 Filament This is the stalk of the Anther.

13 Anther Contains pollen sacs that release pollen onto the outside of the anther to be picked up by insects or the wind and carried to the stigma.

14 Chloroplast A structure in the cells of plants and some other organisms that captures energy from sunlight and uses it to produce food

15 Cuticle The waxy, waterproof layer that covers the leaves and stems of most plants

16 Vascular Plant A plant that has true vascular tissue

17 Nonvascular Plant A low-growing plant that lacks true vascular tissue

18 Chlorophyll A green pigment found in the chloroplasts of plants, algae, and some bacteria

19 Accessory Pigment A pigment other than chlorophyll found in plant cells

20 Rhizoid A thin, rootlike structure that anchors a moss and absorbs water and nutrients for the plant

21 Vascular Tissue The internal transporting tissue in some plants that is made up of tubelike structures

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