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EXTERNAL RELATIONS Overview of External Relations Objective: Involve citizens in the formulation of recommendations to make health care work for all.

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3 Overview of External Relations Objective: Involve citizens in the formulation of recommendations to make health care work for all Americans Goals Increase citizen awareness and participation in this initiative Impart a sense of ownership in the process and the recommendations Methods of citizen outreach and engagement: Community Meetings Interactive Website National Random Sample Partners Program

4 The Three Branches of External Relations Our goals of increasing citizen awareness and participation in this initiative will be accomplished through systematic involvement of: »Partners Program »Government Outreach »Media

5 Timeline Ongoing partner, government and media outreach 11/01/05-11/18/05 General Partner Outreach Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept 11/15/05 – 12/15/05 Specific Partner Outreach Signature Mtg #1Signature Mtg #2 5/01/06 Preliminary Recommendations Public Comment Period Begins Briefings with Congressional Committee Staff 8/01/05 Public Comment Period Ends 9/29/05 Issue Final Recommendations Announcement of Mtg locations


7 Partners Program The partners program exists to extend the reach of the Working Group and magnify our efforts in engaging individuals across the country. Definition of Partner: An organization, group or business that will work to extend the reach of the Working Group and magnify our efforts in increasing citizen awareness and individual involvement.

8 Methods of Outreach General Outreach Includes organizations, groups or business that can increase individual awareness and involvement Outreach consists of personal phone calls and follow up letters. Specific Outreach Includes “heavy hitters” organizations businesses May be able to: Substantially assist us Perhaps utilize more creative and specific ways of outreach Outreach consists of one on one meetings

9 GENERAL OUTREACH What General outreach targets organizations that reach individual Americans across the country. Who Current outreach list includes hundreds of organizations representing groups of people from diverse backgrounds and various walks of life. When Introduce over 1,000 organizations to the Citizens’ Health Care Working Group and the opportunity to participate in the citizen engagement effort during the next two weeks.

10 Committed Partners Organizations that have already responded to the initial general outreach: American Hospice Foundation American College of Nurse Practitioners Catholic Health Association Federation of American Hospitals National Association of Community Health Centers National Association of Counties National Association of Realtors National Governors Association National League of Cities National Rural Health Association The American Public Health Association

11 Types of Partner Participation Inviting organizations, groups and businesses to participate in two key areas: INCREASE CITIZEN AWARENESS ASSIST WITH COMMUNITY MEETINGS

12 Increase Citizen Awareness Drive traffic to our website Conduct mailings Talk about this initiative in newsletters, magazines and mailings Highlight at conferences/meetings Distribute promotional materials

13 Increase Awareness Drive Traffic to our Website Encourage organizations to put a link on their homepage to and work with our web team to drive traffic to the Working Group’s web portal- a site that combines access to a wealth of background information with interactive tools to foster citizen dialogue. Conduct Mailings Ask senior member of the organization to send letters to their network of individuals encouraging participation in this effort

14 Increase Awareness Talk with your members Ask organizations to highlight opportunity for involvement in newsletters, magazines and other regular mailings. Conferences/Meetings Encourage to hare opportunity with networks at local, state or national meeting. Materials available on website to facilitate informing process. Distribute Promotional Materials: Facilitate the sending of blast email or mailing to networks about the opportunity to participate in this national conversation.

15 Community Meetings Assist in generating audiences for Community Meetings Request partners assistance in engaging maximum participation in various communities. Host a Community Meeting Invite organizations to provide the venue and invite the public to attend. Promote a Webcast Encourage participation of networks in a Working Group Webcast.

16 SPECIFIC OUTREACH This outreach includes a personalized targeted approach to Organizations Businesses

17 Targeted Organizations AARP AFL-CIO and SEIU American Hospital Association Business Round Table Chamber of Commerce GrantMakers in Health NAACP National Association of Manufacturers National Business Group on Health (NBGH) National Council of LaRaza National Council of State Legislators National Federation of Hospitals National Federation of Independent Businesses National Health Council National Resturant Association

18 Targeted Businesses Substantially increase the breadth and extent of our reach with creative and innovative ideas. For example A company in a technology sector informs every visitor to their homepage about this opportunity and encourages them to “follow this link” to do something about health care in the U.S. Companies include information about this opportunity in paycheck stubs or in other employee mailings.

19 Proposed Business Briefing Request assistance of both Senator Hatch and Senator Wyden in securing involvement of heavy hitters. Conduct briefing as soon as possible after senators return from recess.

20 Status Update Currently in the General Outreach phase. This will continue over the next two weeks. Upon completion of this phase, we will provide a complete report of partner organizations and outreach.


22 Government Outreach Cognizant of the final destination of the Working Group’s recommendations, it is essential to keep certain officials and staff members updated on our progress. Outreach consists of Congressional Committees Individual Members State and local officials

23 Congressional Committees Conduct periodic meetings with staff of all five committees to answer additional questions and provide information. Meet with staff of five committees during June 2007 to brief them on recommendations. Finance Health, Education, Labor and Pension Education and the Workforce Energy and Commerce Ways and Means

24 Congressional Committees Regular Updates Email updates provided before and after every Working Group event Updates through personal phone calls for larger events, such as the October 6 th briefing event and report release. Periodic Information and Meetings Share additional information, news articles and other relevant data with the five committees as it becomes available.

25 Individual Members of Congress Past Outreach Each member of the Senate and House received an invitation to the October 6 th report release event. The senators and representatives for each area that the Working Group has visited has been informed and notified. Each member received a “Dear Colleague” letter from Senator Hatch and Senator Wyden inviting them to participate in this effort and make it available to their constituents. Copies of The Health Report to the American People and the Invitation were sent to each member’s office.

26 Individual Members of Congress Continue Current Outreach Make follow up calls to members of the five committees (underway) Establish staff contacts in each of the members offices to answer additional questions and provide information. Meet with staff of five committees during June 2007 to brief them on recommendations. Provide updates to specific staff members as requested. Goal For each member to make this opportunity available to their constituents either through constituent newsletters or links on their homepages.

27 State and Local Officials State and Local officials contacted for each city that the Working Group visited. Continue this for every community meeting. Continue adding contacts to the “Updates” listserve to receive information about upcoming events and meetings. Complete discussions taking place with the National League of Cities and the National Governors Association regarding state and local outreach and involvement. Invite state and local officials to each Community Meeting.


29 Media Outreach Print National Press Local Trade Broadcast Radio Television Internet

30 Media Strategy Two Tier Approach Systematically promote ongoing awareness of the opportunities for all citizens to learn about the nation’s health care system and to provide their input to the Citizens Health Care Working Group on ways to improve it Use special events to periodically bolster awareness

31 Ongoing Awareness Media for community meetings Converting local press to national press Contacting reporters Press releases

32 Media for Community Meetings For each community meeting, involve the media in Securing an general advance awareness of the event and draw and audience to it Providing coverage of the event itself America Speaks responsible for media involvement for the 2 signature meetings in Los Angeles and Chicago. The Public Forum Institute responsible for the 10 standardized meetings Working Group staff responsible for the 24 staff-assisted meetings

33 24 Staff Assisted Meetings Ensure general awareness of events, develop audience and secure media by: Building on the geographic strengths & resources of our partners Utilizing local media to promote citizen led endeavor Engaging local officials (mayor, city council), faith based and civic leaders Identifying a local point person

34 Converting Local to National Coverage Notify the following individuals or organizations of every upcoming community meeting and special event Partners Major heath news reporters Wire services Trade Press Select Members of Congress and congressional staff Send press clips after the events have occurred

35 Emails to Reporters In addition to circulating the daily Health Care News among Working Group Members, send introductory emails to the reporters and or editors of those daily articles.

36 Press Releases Post press releases on website media center to announce engagement of partners or other activities. Provide partners with those press releases for additional posting and dissemination. Utilize national wire services judiciously to promote awareness of Working Group events.

37 Special Events Seek national media coverage of significant Working Group events: Announcement of cities for 2 signature and ten standardized community meetings The two signature meetings Release of interim recommendations Release of final recommendations Arrange for op-eds and editorial board meetings for the above

38 In Summary… Through utilizing the media, the partners program and our government outreach, we will advance towards our objective of involving citizens in the formulation of recommendations to make health care work for all Americans

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