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1 Report to the Nation Webinar: Making the National Report Local Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013.

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1 1 Report to the Nation Webinar: Making the National Report Local Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013

2 What Is Report to the Nation? The BSA’s congressional charter mandates that an annual report be delivered to the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. It covers: – Who we are – Programs and initiatives we support – Major accomplishments and contributions over the past year To deliver the RTN, the BSA sends a representative delegation of Scouts to Washington, D.C.

3 Why Does This Matter to Us? Significant opportunity to tell your story to numerous audiences: – Local communities – Media – Elected officials – Current and potential donors – Council board members – Schools – Other Scouting advocates

4 Step One: Make the Report Yours Personalize the national report with local information and details. To make this simple for you, the BSA will provide a report to localize with prompts. We are still drafting the report; all materials will be updated in February.

5 Step Two: Share It With Media Prepare a local press kit to share the report with media. Make a media contact list to guide your outreach. Reach out to reporters with a compelling pitch to pique the reporter or editor’s interest and attention.

6 Step Two: Share It With Media Identify potential media interviewees: – Scouts – Unit leaders – Council staff – Key volunteers Prepare them by conducting mock interviews using the RTN core messages.

7 Step Two: Share It With Media Make a personal connection with the reporter: – Follow up via phone after the press kit has been sent to reporters. – Make sure they’ve received materials and gauge any interest they may have in the story. – Reinforce assets you’re making available: Interviews Invitation to attend a local presentation of RTN

8 Step Two: Suggested Timeline TaskSuggested Date Develop: Press kit Localized version of Report to the Nation News release Fact sheets Media contact list Personalized pitch email or letter By Monday, Feb. 25 Distribute localized Report to the Nation and press kit.Wednesday, Feb. 27 Make pitch calls to media, offer interviews.Wednesday, Feb. 27 Share any media coverage with online followers: Council, district, and/or unit Facebook Council district, and/or unit Twitter Ongoing after Feb. 27

9 Step Three: Share It With the Community Share a copy of the report with key internal and external stakeholders: – Include a personalized cover letter to explain what the report is about and why it matters. Get Scouts involved in sharing the report with key audiences in the community.

10 Step Four: Talk About It Discuss with Scouts and parents: – Make RTN a point of discussion during unit meetings. – Post a blog on council blogs/websites. Get Scouts talking about it: – Engage Scouts (age 13-plus) and others via social media, sharing RTN news coverage and facts with followers on social sites.

11 Resources The BSA has put together a playbook to help execute various activities and outreach surrounding RTN. The playbook includes detailed information contained within this webinar. The playbook’s resources section includes various sample materials and templates for local use. We will create visual assets, including an information graph and a video.

12 Questions For more information or for answers to follow-up questions, please contact: David Burke: 972-580-2280, Sarah Counts: 972-580-2534,

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