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Logansport High School

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1 Logansport High School
By: Shelby Marchal

2 History Open in the year 1849 as a 2 room schoolhouse
First official graduation class of 3 women-1871 Torn down schoolhouse and built new building in 1871 In 1967 plans for new high school began

3 History Cont. New high school was finished in 1973
McHale Performing Arts opened in 1976 Donated by Frank McHale In 2002 construction began on the LHS Career Center

4 Felix the Cat The oldest living mascot in the state of Indiana-1926
One of the Basketball players brought a stuffed Felix doll to the game That night the team won and ever since then Felix has been the mascot There has been 2 Felix costumes

5 School Song Has a original song made call Logansport Sport High School Fight Song! Was written in 1947 by Peggy Whitney Townsend (a copy of the school songs with music and words.)

6 Sports State Titles- 1933-34 Boys Basketball 1975 Baseball
9 Semi-state championships, 65 Regional Titles, 236 Sectional Title and 74 North Central Conference Titles.

7 Once a Berry always a Berry.
Description As I was preparing this I did multiple things. I used different formats using slide background and different motions. I changed colors and add many pictures. I got most of the pictures from either the LHS homepage or through Google. I plan on showing my students this so that they understand where I came from and we get more personal with each other. I chose my high school because I spent the best 4 years of my life there. There was some hardship but I can proudly say I am a Berry. Once a Berry always a Berry.

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