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Project By: Madison Douglas 6 th Period Reading..

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1 Project By: Madison Douglas 6 th Period Reading.

2 The book Soccer Around the World, written by Dale E. Howard, is mainly about different countries major wins, and the culture behind soccer. This includes where it originated from in each country, and how the games were started. In ancient China, jugglers worked with wicker balls made out of bamboo twigs woven together. Tsu chu was an ancient Chinese game played by two teams with a stuffed leather ball, and the object of the game was to kick the ball in the goal, just like soccer. The Japanese also played a similar game called, kemari. Its Possible that the Japanese and chinese played against each other around 50 B.C. Native Americans and Central America also, along with the Greeks, Romans, and many other countries. We now have a major soccer tournament known as the world cup, in which 24 teams who qualify play agianst each other to try and be declared as champions. Soccer has become the worlds most popular sport and in more than 175 countries, soccer is a major national sport. More than 2 million players are registered, and about 275 thousand clubs play in official leagues and tournaments. Soccer fans like to dress up to support their favorite team. At any international match, you will find thousands of fans supporting their teams. Soccer is truly the worlds game.

3 The text structure of my book is.. DESCRIPTION OR LIST!

4 For example For instance Near Beside To begin with

5 England: Soccer began in England, A legend tells of a game played against the Roman conquerors in the town of Derby, in A.D 217. Germany: Germany defeated Argentina 1-0 to win the 1990 World Cup. Germany could not repeat its championship in the following tournament, as it lost to Bulgaria in the 1994 World Cup quarterfinals. Italy: Has been a long dominant team in world soccer. Throughout the years, it has been a major force in both the World Cup and the Olympics. Brazil: Here in Brazil, playing soccer is a part of their way of life. They defeated Italy in the 1994 World Cup.

6 Argentina: Lost the first World Cup championship in 1930, to Uruguay. In between, Argentina won the World Cup twice. Uruguay: Uruguay won the first World Cup, defeating Argentina. Had political conflicts, so did not enter next two World Cups. Uruguay won World Cup again in 1950. Cameroon: Germany introduced soccer to Cameroon people. People have played soccer for many generations. Republic of (South) Korea: One of the strongest soccer teams in Asia. Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Egypt have also qualified. From far east; Dutch east Indies and North Korea have made it. United States: Us has entered every World Cup competition. Has made it to the finals only four times. (1930, 1934, 1950, and 1990)


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