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The Development of “DELTA®”, A Well-balanced Knit Material

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1 The Development of “DELTA®”, A Well-balanced Knit Material
Teijin Fiber Co., Ltd. Process Engineering

2 1. Backgrounds to the Development
Changes in the sports wear market Demand for a material with a high level of “texture”, “physical property”, and “functionality” Development of Well-balanced Knit Material “Delta®” スポーツ衣料市場の環境変化 「質感」・「物性」・「機能性」 の全ての面において 高いレベルの商品が要求されている 高バランスニット素材「デルタ」の開発 Well-balanced Knit Material “DELTA®” “Physical Property” School/Baseball Uniforms Athletics Casual Knit “Texture” “Functionality”

3 3. Outlines of DELTA® Technology
(1) Problems in current products --- ” ill-balanced knit ” Many current products use polyester false-twist yarns Loops become distorted because of “twisting” of false-twist yarns Surface 現状は、ポリエステル仮撚糸を使用している商品が多い 仮撚糸が持っている“ねじれ”特性によってループに‘ひずみ’が生じる Section Loops lacking roundness Large gaps between loops Distorted loops Rough surface (not flat)

4 Remove distortions in the loops (Balancing the knit fabric)
(3) Roundness of loops Round Flattened Surface Section DELTA® Conventional materials (2) Gaps between loops Large Small (4) Loop distortion Distorted No distortion (1) Surface Flat Rough

5 Conventional Products
DELTA® Conventional Products Surface Appearance Bulkiness Weight g/㎡ 138 135 Thickness mm 0.71 0.60

6 2. Product Features of DELTA®
(1) Physical Properties 1) Anti-snagging property [1] What is snagging? A defect that is made when the material is caught by a sharp projection [2] How it happens? Typical snagging <1st stage> <2nd stage> <3rd stage>

7 Items Conventional Technologies DELTA®
[3] Comparisons between Conventional Technologies and DELTA® Items Conventional Technologies DELTA® (1) Minimizing the length of exposed yarn (2) Reduction of gaps between loops (3) Increasing the binding force of knit fabric a a’ Minimum length of exposition Twisted yarn, air twined yarn Minimum gaps between loops Increase the density of knit fabric The ultimate flatness of the surface maintains superior physical properties with low binding force. Bond the surface with resin

8 Anti-snagging property improved while maintaining
[4] Comparisons by Measurement * Measurement Method: JIS L1076 Snagging D3 (Metal saw method) DELTA® Conventional Material 15 hours 30 hours Class 4-5 Class 3 Class 4 Class 2-3 Anti-snagging property improved while maintaining other properties of knit material

9 2) Runproof [1] The mechanism of running [2] Data on actual running
A loop is pulled out by a force applied to this part 45 10 20 30 40 50 Length of running 10 (mm) DELTA® Conventional material (Teijin test method) To prevent this, increase the frictional coefficient between loops             ↓ Yarns forming rounded loops are effective Round loops

10 Since DELTA® is free of distorted loops, loops deform smoothly. ↓
(2) Functionalities 1) Stretching [1] Comparison of stretching mechanism  the stretching property of knit material is provided by deformation of loops DELTA® Conventional Material The image of loop deformation Round loops Distorted loops Since DELTA® is free of distorted loops, loops deform smoothly. Easily stretchable to offer better comfort

11 Expansion (%) [2] A Comparison of Stretching Characteristics
Stretching Stress (lengthwise) Expansion (%) DELTA® Conventional material Lengthwise: 42% Crosswise: 125% 25% 110% Low stretching stress (especially lengthwise) Superb stretching property for comfortable and soft clothing Excellent stretching property in both directions ◆Sample knit fabric: 28G mesh, 54 courses/44 wales タテ Conventional material Load (kg) DELTA® θ θ Expansion (%)

12 Technological Summary
Classifications Product Features Technological Summary Tex-ture Appear-ance - Classy appearance without glossiness and with dense texture and flat surface 1. Development of a special false-twist yarn          ↓      Low contortion 2. Optimization of knitting conditions  optimization of knitting structure, knitting conditions, and mixing other yarn 3. Development of special dyeing technique (1) Low tension processing (2) Maximization of beating effect Feel - Soft and bulky Physical Properties - Anti-snagging - Runproof - Excellent structural stability Functionalities - Smooth stretching - UV cut - Non-transparency Others It is possible to make special structures (Aqua Dry, Wind Barrier, etc.) with special yarns (Waveron, Pasmo, Eco-circle fiber, etc.) to develop a product for any situation. * One patent

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