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Baseball Bat Comparison Adam Reeder. Nike 2010 Aero Fuse -3 Adult Baseball Bat $399.99 Nike is once again making headlines with the most explosive bat.

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1 Baseball Bat Comparison Adam Reeder

2 Nike 2010 Aero Fuse -3 Adult Baseball Bat $399.99 Nike is once again making headlines with the most explosive bat on the market. Nike continues to lead the industry in advancement. The new Aero CX2 is a two piece, ultra high performance bat. The Aero Cap is 3% more aerodynamic than traditional cupped-end bats which gives you that extra swing speed, up to 3 MPH. The CX2 also features a cushioned synthetic leather grip that offers exceptional feel and durability. The Nike Aero CX2 comes with a full twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty. Reviews 90% of people rated this bat as a 5 star. 10% rated it as a 3 star bat. There were 21 reviews written. “large sweet spot, well balanced” -6/8/09 “pretty decent pop, but it broke in half after 3 weeks” - 6/4/09 “Wish it would have been cheaper.” -7/30/09

3 Louisville Slugger TPX Triton: CB91T Adult -3 $279.99 For 7 of the past 10 years the National Championship at the College World Series has gone to teams swinging Louisville Slugger TPX bats exclusively. The unique 3 piece design allows the barrel and the handle to be designed and built as individual units. The Louisville Slugger TPX Triton comes with a full twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty. Reviews 29 reviews done on this bat. 66% gave the bat 5 stars. 14% gave the bat a 4 star. 7% of people gave this bat 3,2, and 1 stars. “Bad Quality, Cheap Grip, Long Break-in, Poor Pop/distance, No end weight at all so bat speed is slower! Not worth the money! 1st bad TPX bat we've owned.” -7/26/08 “huge sweet spot great for contact hitters great durability; so far the longest lasting bat I've owned without it cracking” -11/16/09

4 COMbat B1 Composite: B1AB2 Adult -3 $299.99 A soft feeling, durable and high performance bat the B1AB utilizes ComBat’s MAP technology. The first thing you notice when you see the new B1AB is the huge length of the barrel. These bats truly have the longest barrel lengths in the industry. 2 5/8 Inch Barrel all Composite Adult Baseball Bat and its extra long barrel is BESR Certified. Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturers Warranty from COMbat Reviews 19 reviews on this bat. 89% gave the bat a 5 star. 5% gave it a 4 star as well as 5% gave the bat a three star. “If you are a power hitter this bat may crack easily” -4/24/09 “This bat is great it has a lot of pop” -8/18/09 “AMAZING BAT. i just got it and i love it.” -4/19/09

5 2010 Anderson PSX: PSX3 Adult -3 $199.99 This American manufactured bat features a single-wall construction design, optimizing the barrel's trampoline effect giving you extra distance. The single-wall design also redirects energy into the ball making this bat have very little vibration, even when the ball does not hit on the sweet spot of the bat. This bat has a 2 5/8 inch barrel, combined with an ultra thin whip handle and Anderson's Taper Flex technology. The PSX comes with a full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer Warranty. Made in the U.S.A. Review There was one review and they gave the bat a 5 star. “the best bat i have ever hit with tons of pop”-10/25/09

6 2010 DeMarini CF4 Black: DXCFB Adult -3 $399.99 CF4 Black composite baseball bat has a carbon material that is 22% stronger and 11% longer barrel than competitors composite materials. The Pitch Black Plus contains double re- enforced vertical and horizontal weave fibers to increase the durability. The bat is the tightest and strongest composite combined with Silver Trace bonding agents adds strength to maximize the power transfer to the barrel for added performance. DeMarini has found a way to harness the energy with an extended double wall barrel which acts with the end cap and knob to return the utmost in energy transfer. Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer Warranty. Reviews 70% gave this bat 5 stars,19% gave this bat 4 stars,9% gave it 3 stars and 2% gave it 2 stars. “this bat chipped and dented it is extremely delicate”-5/6/09 “great bat, huge sweet spot, sick sound, great balance, it will last, cool grip” -6/22/09

7 Easton SV12: BSV1 Adult -3 $229.99 The SV12 is a two piece bat, featuring an alloy barrel and a carbon fiber composite handle. The barrel is made from Easton’s exclusive V12, 12 component scandium alloy, the strongest and toughest on the market allowing for a streamlined barrel profile and maximizing swing weight proficiency. The Easton SV12 bats are backed by Easton's exclusive 400 day warranty. BESR certified. Reviews 71 reviews were written on the SV12. 79% of reviewers gave the SV12 a perfect 5 stars. “This bat has the best pop of any bat I have used. Everything else is great.” -1/1/09 “way too much flex, very unbalanced feel Disappointed” - 12/2/08 “Great bat...feels light and well balanced. Great pop” -10/9/08 “good price for what the bat does and can do” -4/15/09

8 The Best Buy Easton SV12 This bat is the overall best buy. It is made by Easton Sports Inc. a good trusted company that has been making bats for over 30 years. The SV12 is the second cheapest bat but compared to the other popular bats like the Demarini and Nike the SV12 is $170 cheaper. This bat received 71 reviews and 100% of the reviews said this bat was either a 5 or 4 star. The SV12 comes with the longest manufacturers warranty and it covers everything that could happen to a bat including chipping, cracking and breaking in half.

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