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©SHRM 2009 The Solution is SHRM ©SHRM 2009. Mission To serve HR professionals by providing the most comprehensive and credible information, resources.

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1 ©SHRM 2009 The Solution is SHRM ©SHRM 2009

2 Mission To serve HR professionals by providing the most comprehensive and credible information, resources and education To advance the HR profession by promoting HR’s contribution to strategic business decisions and influence on U.S. federal, state, and local policy issues 250,000 members strong, SHRM is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. Our mission: 2

3 ©SHRM 2009 Solutions At-a-Glance Wide array of professional development products and services Easy access to expert HR advisors Comprehensive website > Research articles > Legal and regulatory news > Metrics calculators > Effective practices > HR jobs Award-winning publications World-class conferences Abundant networking opportunities Countless Resources 3

4 ©SHRM 2009 Certification Certification gives you national and state recognition, credibility, a competitive advantage, confidence, professional growth and increased earning potential. Earn the credentials that set you apart 4

5 ©SHRM 2009 Certification Prepare for certification with these self-directed learning tools: SHRM Learning System ® – For the Professional in Human Resources (PHR ® ) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR ® ) certification exams. Consistently exceeds the national pass rate. SHRM Global Learning System ® – HR professionals with international and cross-border responsibilities can prepare for the Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR ® ) exam California Learning System ® – HR professionals who practice in California or do business within the state gain information about laws and practices to prepare for PHR-CA/SPHR-CA exams Earn the credentials that set you apart 5

6 ©SHRM 2009 HR Certification Institute Works with SHRM to deliver sound HR practices Has awarded more than 93,000 credentials to HR professionals in over 70 countries Member discounts available on exam fee and learning materials through SHRMStore Test your knowledge with the online assessment exam Certifying body for the PHR, SPHR, GPHR and California state-specific exams 6

7 ©SHRM 2009 Recertification Must recertify every 3 years to maintain certification 60 credit hours must be earned; options include: > Teaching an HR class or training session: 1 hour taught = 1.5 credit hours awarded > On-the-job experience: Credit awarded for first-time work activity, if it broadens your knowledge of the field of HR > Research/Publishing: Conduct research, write, or publish for the industry > Leadership: Your external leadership activities > Professional Membership: Become a member of a national HR- related professional association and earn credit hours 7

8 ©SHRM 2009 Education SHRM e-Learning > 100 courses available online > Easy way to earn 1.25 credits per course toward recertification > eTranscript keeps track of completed courses and total recertification credits earned Corporate Training for your company Choose from the following programs: > SHRM ® Essentials of Human Resource Management > HR Generalist > HR in Alignment > Business Education for HR Professionals HR in the Federal Sector 8

9 ©SHRM 2009 Education SHRM Seminars & Executive Education > HR Generalist (best selling program) > FMLA, ADAA, Labor Relations > Base and Incentive Comp programs > Leadership Development for HR Professionals SHRM Business Education Earn your strategic management recertification credits by taking these courses: > Managing Individual & Organizational Change > Creating an HR Strategy > The Legal Environment for HR Professionals 9

10 ©SHRM 2009 Expert HR Advisors Get comprehensive answers to your questions on a wide range of topics from general HR practices to new regulations and policies Experienced, certified HR experts have access to multitudes of information including, SHRM’s 4,000-volume library and journal collection, our publications, HR Libraries from the Bureau of National Affairs, and hundreds of credible resources Make an informed decision with help from the HR Knowledge Center 10

11 ©SHRM 2009 Expert HR Advisors Contact the HR Knowledge Center by: > Phone: 800-283-7476, available 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST > Email: Make an informed decision with help from the HR Knowledge Center 11

12 ©SHRM 2009 Exclusive access to volumes of information on enhances the value of membership 12

13 ©SHRM 2009 HR Disciplines Free to members, these online communities provide the latest news, research articles, webcasts, and discussion forums for each discipline: > Benefits > Business Leadership > Compensation > HR Consulting > Workplace Diversity > Employee Relations > Ethics & Sustainability > Global HR > Labor Relations > Organizational & Employee Development > Safety & Security > Recruiting and Staffing Management > Technology 13

14 ©SHRM 2009 Webcasts Learn new HR information right at your desk Majority are free for SHRM members More than 40 offered per year Participation earns recertification credits Archived for viewing at your convenience “It’s hard to imagine working in HR without this valuable resource.” — Brooke Kaercher, PHR Member since 2005 14

15 ©SHRM 2009 Templates and Tools Policies > Includes a full-length sample employee handbook Forms > Sample forms for processes ranging from hiring to disciplinary actions and creating mission statements Job Descriptions > Search by title, function, or industry > Samples from a cross section of employers, company size, and industries A comprehensive sample database 15

16 ©SHRM 2009 Templates and Tools Get information on any HR topic, all compiled in one easy-to- view page on Discover answers to basic questions or complex matters involving topics ranging from the American Disabilities Act to workplace security Online Toolkits “My SHRM membership gives me a sense of security; I know who I can turn to.” — Joanna Markle Member since 2008 16

17 ©SHRM 2009 Templates and Tools Member-exclusive collection of articles Authoritative advice from SHRM to help line mangers supervise their staffs. Addresses: > Communicating, training, rewarding, and motivating employees > Compliancy with employment laws As a member of SHRM, you are authorized to distribute copies, excerpts or emails of the newsletter at your organization. Supervisory Newsletter Articles 17

18 ©SHRM 2009 Templates and Tools A self-service tool that allows you to request and receive information on a wide variety of HR topics via email Express Request responses are available 24/7 Topics include > Audits, attitude surveys, behavioral interviewing > Salary surveys > Seasonal topics > Links to law firms' newsletters; directories for locating employment lawyers for each state > HR competencies, HR career development and more Express Requests 18

19 ©SHRM 2009 Templates and Tools Enhance productivity and minimize costs by calculating: > Absenteeism Rates > Cost per Hire > FTE Calculation > Human Capital ROI > Health Care Costs Per Employee > Revenue/Profit Per Employee > Training Costs Per Employee > Time to fill > Turnover > Workers’ Compensation Cost Per Employee HR Metrics Calculators 19

20 ©SHRM 2009 Research Tools SHRM Benchmarking Reports can help you: > Justify additional HR staff > Defend recruiting and HR budgets > Make the case for better 401(k) matching > Devise competitive health care plans Customize your report according to industry and company size, and choose from more than 140 available metrics Customized Benchmarking Services “The information I get from SHRM helps me determine what we need to do and the steps we need to follow. ” — R. Schaeffer Greene Member since 1982 20

21 ©SHRM 2009 Research Tools The SHRM LINE Employment Report covers the service and manufacturing sectors on key areas for recruiting each month: > Projects hiring expectations a month ahead > Presents month-to-month data on new-hire compensation > Reports degree of difficulty recruiting highly qualified candidates > Released one month prior to Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation Report Leading Indicators of National Employment 21

22 ©SHRM 2009 Be a Mentor Gives entry-level HR participants the knowledge and expertise of seasoned HR professionals, who in turn gain a rewarding experience SHRM matches mentors to protégés and makes the initial introductions A short evaluation will be sent at the one-month mark and again at the six-month mark Web-based Mentoring Program 22

23 ©SHRM 2009 Careers The largest online job board in the HR profession Available to members and non-members Job seekers are able to: > Search open positions > Create cover letters and resumes > Apply for jobs > Manage employer responses Recruiters are able to: > Post job opening > Manage job postings > Receive applications HR Jobs 23

24 ©SHRM 2009 Advocacy Stay on top of the most current legislative information—both federal and state Take an active role in shaping laws that directly impact HR professionals Participate in the political process through the HR Voice program and website Get direct links to state legislative pages Write state legislators directly from Get Involved 24

25 ©SHRM 2009 Exercise Your HR Voice Write your elected officials 25

26 ©SHRM 2009 Award-winning Publications HR Magazine HR News (online only) HR Week (email) Mosaics (diversity focus – online) Legal Report Research Quarterly Workplace Visions (workplace trends) Washington and State Insider (legislative) 26

27 ©SHRM 2009 World-Class Conferences Employment Law & Legislative Conference > The very latest on the public policy and legislative agenda > March 17 – 19, 2010 – Washington, DC Staffing Management Conference & Exposition > The only SHRM conference dedicated to helping HR professionals who specialize in talent management > April 26 – 28, 2010 – Orlando, Florida Annual Conference & Exposition > The world’s largest HR conference > June 27 – June 30, 2010 – San Diego, California Strategy Conference > High-profile, relevant topics for senior-level HR professionals > October 6 – 8, 2010 – San Antonio, Texas Diversity Conference & Exposition > For professionals with responsibilities in diversity > October 11 – 13, 2010 – New Orleans, Louisiana Leadership Conference > Exclusively for SHRM volunteer leaders > November 2010 27

28 ©SHRM 2009 Raising Awareness of the Profession The "Advance the Profession“ campaign is an education/awareness campaign about the value and importance of the HR profession and is targeted to non- HR audiences (business leaders, opinion leaders). 30-second TV spots appear on CNN, Fox Business News, and Fox News, as part of an HR national awareness campaign—a first for the profession Television commercials promote the value of HR on topics debated in the presidential campaign On Inauguration Day, SHRM ran ads in USA Today, The Washington Post, and The New York Times 28

29 ©SHRM 2009 FAQ Q: As a member of SHRM, aren’t I automatically a member of a local chapter? A: No. Membership in SHRM is separate and apart from membership in a local chapter. Each chapter has its own membership application process and dues structure. While there are 575+ locally affiliated SHRM chapters, they are autonomous entities in their operations and membership requirements. To become a member of a local chapter, you will need to apply for membership with the chapter. 29

30 ©SHRM 2009 Great Partnership By being a SHRM member and joining your local SHRM affiliated chapter, you get the best of both worlds > Local opportunities for professional development and networking along with the resources and discounts available through SHRM membership > Contact a chapter near you regarding membership pters/Pages/default.aspx 30

31 ©SHRM 2009 FAQ Q: When I join a local chapter, should I notify SHRM? A: Yes. Once you become a member of your local chapter, please contact Kristine Hofmann, North Central Regional Administrator at to update your member record. This is important because your local chapter receives financial support from SHRM based on 31

32 ©SHRM 2009 Contact Us For more information, please contact Martha Ramirez, PHR Or Kristine Hofmann 32

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