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Louisiana Fire Service ESF-4 Office of the Louisiana State Fire Marshal Serving Louisiana’s Fire Service with Honor and Pride.

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1 Louisiana Fire Service ESF-4 Office of the Louisiana State Fire Marshal Serving Louisiana’s Fire Service with Honor and Pride

2 H. “Butch” Browning, Jr. State Fire Marshal New Leadership, New Direction, New Attitude Service, Support and Resource For: Louisiana’s Business Owners, Investors, Designers, Builders, Fire Service and First Responders!

3 Your State Fire Marshal’s Office Plan Review Inspections Industrialized Buildings Health Care Licensing Code Enforcement Mechanical Safety Sprinkler Systems ADA Accessibility Day Care Manufactured Housing Fire & Burglar Alarms Locksmiths & CCTV Hood & Suppression Systems Arson Emergency Services Disaster Mitigation Disaster Response Disaster Recovery USAR Fire Education Public Safety Honor Guard Amusement Rides Fireworks The Office of Louisiana State Fire Marshal Fire Marshal H. "Butch" Browning, Jr. 8181 Independence Blvd. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806 1-800-256-5452 225.925.4911

4 2012 Legislative Session  HB 64False personation of Firefighter  HB 71 Burn ban  HB 113Amusements/Fireworks  HB 541 Fire Marshal Plan Review/DHH  SCR 142Fire Prevention education fraternity/sorority houses Fire Service Related

5 Plan Review For Building Safety  Most effective consolidated operation in our Country today Consistent, Fair and Cost Effective  Made up of Architects and Engineers who provide professional review and consultation of the adopted Codes NFPA Life Safety Code, Fire Sprinklers, Hood Suppression Systems, Fire Alarms, Fuel Tanks, Am. with Disabilities Act, Energy Code, International Building Code, Health Care/Residential Living DHH reviews

6 Submittals Reviewed Year Reviews 2011 - 201219,78635 Personnel 2010 - 201119,21035 Personnel 2009 - 201018,01633 Personnel 2008 - 2009 17,15225 Personnel 2007 - 2008 19,78922 Personnel 2006 - 200718,68726 Personnel 2005 - 2006 15,81725 Personnel 2004 - 200517,90125 Personnel

7 Average Review Time Line TODAY  LSC Review: 10-12 Days  International Building Code: 2-4 Weeks  Fire Alarm, Sprinkler and Hood: 2 Weeks  Building Modification Reviews: 24 hours

8 Plan Review Improvements  Decentralize Plan Review New offices- Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe, Lake Charles, Lafayette and New Orleans  Re-energizes the process and motivated the professionals.  Cross-Train Reviewers to conduct Building Code Reviews

9 Fire Code Inspections  300,000 Inspections Annually Request 2 weeks schedule time Inspect annually  Health Care Facilities  Jails and Correctional  Schools  State Buildings  Licensed Facilities

10 Fire Arson Investigation  Conduct 1000 Investigations Annually 700 Intentionally Set fires 360 Arrest Annually 75 Million loss to property as a result of Arson 68 Death Investigations Annually  Problem 40% of the fires are arson and not classified nor fully investigated. Arson Task Force effort

11 Emergency Services  Reconnected with the local fire service  Trained Employees to be First Responders Governor Jindal made the OSFM Lead ESF-4 OSFM completed the Assets Tracking of all fire department resources. Provided Direct liaisons to each Parish  Emergency Response Team Wildland Search and Rescue Back Fill to local fire departments  Administrator of the State Urban Search and Rescue Program

12 Conservative Approach to Re- Organization  Reduced the Operating Budget by $1 million  Reduced total employees by 27 positions ($1.7 mill)  Cross-Trained divisions to conduct most all services  Enacted a “Can Do Attitude” We Return Calls We Give Solutions to Problems We Believe that every building can be opened safely

13 Our Promise to You “We want to be your Partner in Success and to assist you in your mission of providing a quality of life that includes safety for our aging population”

14 What we will do  Work side by side to be your advocate for safety  Give you professional help Give solutions not problems  Use common sense to apply the codes and standards  Always seek your input and communicate  Lead positive change in the CMS regulations  WE WILL BE YOUR FRIEND

15 Most common LSC deficiencies in a Nursing Home K66 – Smoking Regulations - Facility must have smoking regulations that have the following requirements at a minimum:  Smoking in an area where flammable liquids, combustible gases, or oxygen is used or stored is prohibited  Smoking by a resident classified as not safe is prohibited  Non-combustible ashtrays of safe design shall be provided in all designated smoking areas  Metal containers with self-closing lids intended solely for the emptying of ashtrays shall be readily available at all smoking areas

16 Common Problems with smoking  Smoking by residents using oxygen  Unacceptable receptacles used as ashtrays Coffee cans, clay pots, pop cans, paper cups, etc.  Smoking in undesignated areas  Unsafe smokers not properly supervised  Ashtrays emptied into trash cans  Trash placed in metal container for ashtray emptying  Snuffing out cigarettes for later

17 Life Safety Code Surveyor Keep in mind that one of the roles of the surveyor is to ensure that quality health care is provided by those entities participating in the Medicare/Medicaid program. It is the surveyor’s knowledge of the regulations and how to interpret and apply these regulations in a consistent manner during the survey that will produce a clear description of the entity’s deficient practice.

18 Comparative Surveys A comparative survey for Life Safety Code (LSC) conducted in a nursing home is one method CMS uses to evaluate the effectiveness of the State Agency’s survey and certification process. The purpose of the comparative survey for LSC is to ensure consistency of the survey conducted by the State Survey Agency (SA), by comparing the findings of the SA with the Regional Office (RO) findings. These procedures are intended to ensure consistency with CMS in the conduct of the comparative and assessment of SA performance.

19 Comparative performance evaluation According to each Comparative report for 2011 – 2012, there were no instances when tags CMS cited were determined as should have been cited by the State Fire Marshal.

20 Another method CMS uses to determine if the LSC Surveyors are performing their duties sufficiently is quality assurance of the report writing. Here is what the SFM scored on the review: 2008 – 83% accuracy rate 2009 – 92% accuracy rate 2010 – 96% accuracy rate 2011 – 94% accuracy rate

21 Other Questions????

22 CMS Life Safety Code Survey Report  This is the link to the form. This is the guideline we use to conduct the LSC Survey. S2786R.pdf

23 Thank You For What You Do To Better Louisiana! For Assistance Contact: H. “Butch” Browning @ 225-806-0803 800-256-5452 or 225-925-4911

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