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Legal Aspects of Starting a Business Business Management.

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1 Legal Aspects of Starting a Business Business Management

2 Today’s Objectives Objectives Essential Questions Identify current laws and regulations affecting the establishment and operation of businesses. Analyze business plan development. What documents do I need to complete to go into business in Loudoun County? Can I identify the purpose of each element of a business plan?

3 Business Licenses & Permits State and local governments use licensing as a way to limit and control those who plan to enter certain types of businesses. Business owners must file an application to obtain a business license.

4 Professional Licensing Employees at service businesses may be required to hold a professional license. Examples include: ◦ Real Estate ◦ Body Art ◦ Home Inspection ◦ Health Professions

5 Inspections Businesses are also regulated by regular inspections by government officials. Inspections ensure that the company is operated according to the law. Violators may lose their business license.

6 Building Codes & Zoning Building codes control the physical features of structures. ◦ Maximum height ◦ Minimum square footage ◦ Types of materials Zoning regulations specify which land areas may be used for home and which may be used for businesses.

7 OSHA Regulations The Occupational Safety & Health Administration is a federal agency that enforces safety and health regulations. OSHA ensures safe and healthful working conditions.

8 Statutes of ADA The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. Business owners may be required to provide reasonable accommodations for employees and customers.

9 Starting a Business in Loudoun County Steps to Starting a New Business =1583

10 Business Project Decide on a business and a product. ◦ Exchange contact information with all business partners. Complete business license. Begin writing your business plan ◦ Management Team Plan ◦ Company Description ◦ Product/Service Plan ◦ Vision and Mission Statements ◦ Industry Overview

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