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March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 1 OPENING SESSION March 27 - 30 UERJ.

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1 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 1 OPENING SESSION March 27 - 30 UERJ

2 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 2 International School on High Energy Physics UERJ – Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Session B - Advanced School on Collider Physics March 27 – 30 L I S H E P 2 0 0 6 OPENING SESSION Good Morning to all of you and thank you for coming to LISHEP2002 Lecturers and students. I should inform you of some practical procedures during these days

3 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 3 Transportation By Taxis: Very easy. Take taxis on the door of the Hotel to come to UERJ And to return to Hotel you can go directly to the main entrance of the University. 1. You will take the Metro on the Maracanã station. 2. You go to the station ESTÁCIO. (Two Stops only) 3. Take the line 1 – Direction ARCO VERDE 4. Go out in your station of origin. By Metro: From Hotels to UERJ: 1.Look for the station near your Hotel. 2.You will be in line 1 (LINHA 1) and you will change to line 2 on the station called ESTÁCIO – Direction PAVUNA 3.You will leave on the MARACANÃ station, the 2 nd. after Estácio 4. Follow the flux and the photos given in our WEB page. From UERJ to the Hotels

4 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 4 Restaurant Options for lunch around and in the UERJ 1.On the fifth and in the seventh floor, you have pizza and other popular brazilian dishes. You get in walking by ramps or by elevator. 2.On the Ground floor, you have a restaurant called Donabela. It is a Self service style. 3.Many restaurants in front of the main entrance of the University (just go out and cross the street): Planeta do Chopp, Rio 40 Graus, Quilograma. They have a popular style in Rio: by kilo. This means that you help yourself and pay weighting your dish. Our Web Page gives lots of other options for day and night.

5 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 5

6 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 6

7 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 7

8 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 8

9 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 9 ProfessorInstitution Oliver Bruni(CERN) Oscar Eboli(USP) M. B. Gay ( UFRGS) Chris Quigg(FNAL) Helayel Neto(CBPF) Pedro Mercadante(UNESP) John Swain(NortheasterU.) Gustavo Burdman(USP) R. Zukanovich(USP) Lucia Silvestris(BARI) João Fernandes(Caltech/CERN) Amedeo Staiano(Torino) Gustavo Castelo Branco(LIP/Lisboa) Marilena Streit-Bianchi(CERN) Example: Heavy Flavor Physics (1993-1995) Diffractive Physics (1998 – 2002) The format of LISHEP is: A well defined topic & repeated 1 time Next Time: I hope to repeat Collider Physics We have an enormous responsibility: to show to our students the Importance of these studies. LISHEP 2006 Now, they will show to you What Collider Physics is!!

10 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 10 YOU NEED TO REGISTER TODAY for:!!! 1.TOMORROW MORNING WE WILL CLOSE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT WOULD LIKE TO GO TO SCHOOL DINNER, WEDNESDAY 29 – 8:30 pm, IN THE PORCAO RIO’S CHURRASCARIA. Unfortunately due to the poor financial support, we are obliged to do the following: 1. who paid the registration fee will not pay the dinner. 2. accompagnant persons and who did not pay the registration fee have to pay. The Secretariat inform you how much and more details. Please register as soon as possible to do the reservatons. 2. FRIDAY, March 31, 2006 - Tour organized by Grand Operator: Minimum of 8 persons. Price: 60$US including Lunch in a Restaurant “Minas Food like”, and tickects for Museuns.

11 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 11 Secure Yourself If you decide to go out, Please do with a group not alone. Don’t react if you are attacked by a pickpocket. Do not use attractive Cameras, too much rings and gold. Alberto Santoro – 2.587.7454 – Office 2.551.8489 – Residence 8117.7771 - Cellular Phone Telephones: You have much more on the web page. Dr. Roberto Hugo da Costa Lins Office Phone: 2.255.5197 Residence Phone: 2.537.1080 Cellular Phone: 9.987.0373 Fax: 55-21-2.236-0862 For a Medical contact guide : Dr. Giulia Santoro – 55-21- 9971.7077. Any type of Bad experience, eventual health problems, even if you consider not important please communicate with us, WE HAVE DOCTORS THAT will be happy to see you. See our Web page on the Welcome bulletin. Doctors & Health

12 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 12 Secretariat Office: Secretariat: Rosemond Bettencourt Marcio Faria Luciana Moreira - Hotels, Tours, Accompagnant programs (2512.8882) Compute Room You have access to your email by your Laptop or using one of PCs in our Department. If you need an account with your own password we can do that and support up to 15 days after LISHEP. This account will be discontinued on April 15st. only, to give you time to make eventual downloads from your account. Copies of Talks Talks will be available in the WEB page. Please use your or our Pendrive to copy the talks. We have the committement to present lectures to you and you are committed with us to be present in all of our lectures. Thank you.

13 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 13 Number of Participants per Country Country2006Country2006 Canada 2 Brasil 89 Colombia1 Amazonas Minas Gerais Rio de Janeiro Santa Catarina Rio Grande do Sul São Paulo 5 1 69 2 1 11 France 1 Italy 5 Germany2Mexico2 India 1Peru1 Germany 2 Polond 1 Portugal1Russia1 Spain 1Sweden1 Switzerland 5United States9 United Kingdom2 Subtotais18110 TOTAL128

14 March 27 -31 Alberto Santoro 14 Have a good Session B – Advanced School on Collider Physics - LISHEP 2006

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