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AAAP Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program College Fairs.

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1 AAAP Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program College Fairs

2 What is a College Fair? College fairs are events organized by high schools or colleges Multiple colleges represented at information tables High school students and parents invited to gather information on college Usually held in school gym, auditorium or main hallways

3 How will I prepare for a college fair? The AAAP coordinator will select college fairs for ambassadors to attend If selected to staff a college fair alone, you will be mailed a supply of admissions materials Review the training packet of college fair FAQs, admissions criteria, and ethical college fair practices Be ready to explain terms to someone who is unfamiliar with OU

4 What am I expected to do at the fair? Answer basic questions about the university and admissions policies Relate your own OU experience and describe why it was a good fit for you Distribute admissions brochures, informational fliers and promote upcoming events Encourage students to complete a contact card

5 Arriving and Setting up for the Fair Arrive 30 minutes before the program begins to check in and, if staffing the fair alone, set up your table Arrange table drape with design facing outward Neatly display search pieces, contact cards, pens, scholarship fliers and other key brochures on assigned table

6 Table Display Example Sample Table Display Students and parents Contact cards & pens Contact cards & pens Recruitment brochures Recruitment brochures Grizz “tent” Grizz “tent” AAAP Ambassador

7 College Fair examples Wear your OU vest and nametag. As you visit with students and parents, you leave a lasting impression of Oakland University. Ambassadors in action

8 Questions You Can Ask Students The following are questions you can ask students to help initiate dialogue: What made you consider Oakland University? What academic areas/majors are you considering? Have you ever visited campus? What other colleges or universities are you considering? What are you looking for in a college? What activities do you do in your school or community now?

9 After the Fair Gather left over publications and all contact cards If staffing the fair alone, use the return envelope provided to mail back the contact cards, table drape and AAAP evaluation to the AAAP Coordinator

10 NCAA Regulations Important Reminder Oakland University, as a member of the Summit League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), is responsible for insuring that its student-athletes, faculty and staff, alumni, and friends abide by conference and NCAA regulations. As a Alumni Admissions Ambassador, you meet the NCAA’s definition of a “representative of the University’s athletic interests,” and therefore: You may not be involved in any recruitment of prospective student-athletes. You may have contact with prospective student athletes provided that contact is part of regular alumni volunteer duty. You may not form special friendships with a prospective student-athlete because your actions, while merely friendly, could result in the student being ruled ineligible for athletic participation at OU and sanctions against OU teams. Bottom line: Do not treat a prospective student-athlete differently than any other prospective student.

11 AAAP Contact Information Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program 104J North Foundation Hall Rochester, Michigan 48309 (248) 370-GRIZ (4749)

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