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Planning for College Where do I start? A plan for 10th, 11th &12th grade.

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1 Planning for College Where do I start? A plan for 10th, 11th &12th grade

2 10th Grade Be sure you have a letter from the College Board acknowledging the testing modifications stated on your IEPCollege Board BE AWARE that it is at the discretion of the College Board whether to grant modifications – Additional testing may be required-be informed

3 Applying for Accommodations Most students apply for accommodations with the assistance of their school. Parents and guardians must complete a consent form.The school's SSD Coordinator or counselor will then be able to request accommodations online.consent form

4 Consent Form for Request for Accommodations

5 11th Grade Testing Take PSAT’s Consider benefits of SAT prep – School sponsored classes – SAT Prep Courses Community sponsored(library) National Franchises Private tutoring Check SAT test date(s)SAT test date(s) Consider and check ACTs test date(s)ACTs test date(s)

6 11th Grade Resume Start developing a profile Prepare the following: Student Appraisal Form (click here) Student Questionnaire (click here)(click here) Autobiographical Record (click here)(click here) Parent Brag Sheet (click here)(click here) Sample Activity Sheet (click here)(click here) WHO ARE YOU ????

7 11th Grade College Search Exploration of Potential Colleges – Consider geography What location are you interested in? –Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West –Local (consider your commute) Type of campus –City location –College town search.aspx

8 11 th Grade College Search Consider size of the total student population – Is it? Small – fewer than 5,000 students Medium – 5,000 - 15,000 students Large – More than 15,000 students

9 11 th Grade “Find the Comfortable Fit” Meet with Guidance Counselor – Develop a list of potential colleges Research using the internet – When visiting college websites consider : College admission requirements Majors offered Prospective students link – Remember to provide identifying information (SS#) if requested by the college. This allows colleges to keep track of each and any type of contact that a potential student initiates. This demonstrates intent and interest.

10 11 th Grade “Find the Comfortable Fit” Attend College Fairs – Get applications and brochures – Be sure to get the business card from the college representative for future contact Remember the tracking process Consider visiting colleges keeping in mind: – Special services program and level of service provided Comprehensive-more intensive Supportive-less contact time How many LD specialists do they employ? Who provides tutoring services? – Size of student body (student/teacher ratio) – Sign up for orientation and informational tours

11 11 th Grade Considerations Applying as a Classified Student Be able to describe your learning disability – Communicate strengths and weaknesses – Describe assistance needed to compensate for disability Match your needs to the services provided at potential colleges

12 11 th Grade Other Considerations Consider any special talents or interests – Athletics Remember you must meet NCAA requirements and deadlinesNCAA Seek the advice of your school or club coach – Music/Art/Drama program Remember to plan and organize your portfolio Participate in performances Seek the advice of your program director or teacher

13 Classified Students and College Requirements Colleges are NOT required to waive any requirement – Example: Tom was not required to take a foreign language in high school. Tom may be required to take a language at his college. – BEWARE!! Some schools may waive an admission’s requirement, but not an exit requirement. It is possible for a student to get into a school without a language, but be required to take one to graduate. BE SURE TO ASK BEFORE YOU CONSIDER A SCHOOL

14 Summer/Fall of Senior year Consider potential topics for your college essay (you may want to request applications for any schools you are interested in) Possible writing topics: - a person who had an influence on you -an event or circumstance and its personal or academic impact -Describe a challenge you have faced and what it taught you **Colleges want to get to know who YOU are Remember to write from the HEART

15 12th Grade When you have narrowed your interests and college choices – Attend orientations and open houses Remember the tracking process Consider Teacher Recommendations – Naviance Naviance – Seek advice from your guidance counselor

16 12th Grade Testing Check to see if your potential colleges require specific testing to justify special services, program/testing modifications & language exemptions – WAITT – Achievement testing – Psychological or IQ Tests Request evaluation from your school psychologist

17 12 th Grade Organization of Applications Set up a folder for each college you are applying to Read through the application first before filling in – See if an essay is required Make a checklist to include the following:checklist – application due date – SAT’s and other scores sent out from College BoardCollege Board – ACT’s sent out – FAFSA form sent (only sent once to all colleges) – teacher recommendations – interviews (if suggested or required) – send essay (if suggested or required) – completed application, with attached resume, to guidance with application fee

18 12 th Grade Facts to Know Colleges are not mandated to follow the modifications and accommodations of an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) – Beyond high school, unless a students asks, no special arrangements are provided, even if they are available Self-Advocacy Skills will be your key to success – Identify yourself to faculty – Contact your learning specialist – Be prepared to make your own arrangements for testing accommodations

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