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Periodic Report - Finance Grazyna Guz & Erik Fuglsang Finance Officers.

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1 Periodic Report - Finance Grazyna Guz & Erik Fuglsang Finance Officers

2 How projects are split........

3 Preparation Costs Come on the top of the project budget with the same grant rate as the principal project Incurred not earlier than 6 months before submission the application You can show the direct connection to the project development Ceiling for ERDF grant: 20.000 EURO or 2% of budget

4 Budget lines in general  Real costs principle as a basis - only the actually incurred and paid costs can be included in the claims; related product or service delivered  Relevant project costs - only additional costs and costs for activities described for in the application  Only the costs before VAT can be entered

5 1. External experts  Balance between the costs of external subcontractors and the added value – profit for the region and not the consultants  Tender rules must be respected  Only the costs before VAT can be entered here  External experts as a project manager – conflict  Formal partners can not be the consultants

6 2,3. Staff (50 % rule) Time sheets and pay slips is the accounting evidence Temporary Staff >< Permanent Staff Staff hours spent on general day to day management within an authority are NOT eligible; i.e. only time spent on the specific project (additional activities) is eligible

7 4. Travel and accomodation  Cost efficiency (No extravagant luxury !!)  Within the eligible area  Own car used in connection with a project activities Official standard rate per kilometre according to national rules Document (name, purpose of meeting, distance) Signed by an authorised person Kept on the accounting files

8 5. Meetings and conferences  Real cost principle must be respected  Only the cost before the VAT can be entered  Justified within the activities described in the application form  Cost efficiency (No champagne !!)  Accounting evidence is the specified invoice

9 6. General costs No fixed percentage – real costs basis Supporting evidence of costs (invoice or equivalent) Calculation of proportional participation

10 7. Promotion and publication  Indication of the European Union participation  Downloading the appropriate emblems: sources/graph/embleme_en.htm  Evidence to be provided: invoices paid for

11 8. Material investment All material investments to be reported here Further specification in the section 3.1

12 9. Audit  Evidence to be provided: as a rule invoices paid for  Distinction between the external and internal audit costs

13 10. Other  Expenditure not matching any other budget line  Project generating income – any income must be reported here  Project income can not be omitted and has to be deducted from the project eligible expenditure

14 11. VAT  VAT is ineligible unless you can prove that it is irrecoverable  National rules apply for the VAT rate calculation  Evidence: VAT invoices actually paid and justification that it can not be reimbursed

15 13. Ineligible  Ineligible expenditure must be reported  List of ineligible expenditure is never exhaustive  No formal requirements for evidence as no ERDF money claimed here

16 Budget change  Total budget can not be changed  Any changes expected – inform the Secretariat (before the costs incur)  Shift from and to ”material investment” normally not accepted  Shift between the yearly spending targets...

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