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1 1 Education Services Office 01 October 2012 2 2MISSION: To improve the strength and readiness of the WI Army National Guard by supporting the civilian.

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2 1 1 Education Services Office 01 October 2012

3 2 2MISSION: To improve the strength and readiness of the WI Army National Guard by supporting the civilian education needs of Soldiers and families through counseling and providing information which focuses on the optimal usage of benefits and incentives available to further both professional and military goals. Our office exists to support you.

4 ContentsContents INCENTIVES -Select Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP) -Student Loan Repayment Program -GI Bill Kicker TUITION ASSISTANCE -Federal Tuition Assistance -Wisconsin Tuition Grant Reimbursement Program (DMA) -Wisconsin GI Bill Tuition Remission Program (WDVA) GI BILL BENEFITS (Chapters 1606, 1607, 30 and 33) Counseling & Testing

5 4 Soldiers reenlisting/extending “cannot” contract for more than “one” incentive in that service period. Soldiers currently receiving benefits under the MGIB kicker (grandfather clause) are eligible to reenlist/extend for the REB. Soldiers with an active SLRP contract are not eligible if they will be receiving payments during the same reenlistment/extension period as the REB.Re-Enlistment/Extension Incentives- SLRP/KICKER/SRIP Incentives- SLRP/KICKER/SRIP

6 5 5 Re-Enlistment/Extension Bonus Reenlistment/Extension bonuses will be offered to Soldiers E-7 and below if within 12 months of their ETS and must extend for a three or six-year term of service. General Qualifications Have not reached 90 days from current ETS. (Soldiers at 90 days or less from ETS are not authorized the REB) Soldiers must hold the military grade and skill qualification for the vacancy for which reenlisting/extending. They cannot be excess. Soldiers not DMOSQ due to unit transition(reorg/inactivation/relocation) may receive the REB if otherwise eligible and must become DMOSQ within 24 months of contract date Soldiers must be processed in GIMS under contract type “RB NON-MOSQ due to transition/deployment”

7 Re-Enlistment/Extension Bonus Must be E-7 or below with less than 13 Years time in service (TIS). Must not be FLAGGED for any reason at the time of contract. Technicians and AGR’s are not eligible DA 4836/DD 4 Series and addendum must all be signed and dated the same date as stated when the control number was requested in GIMS Payment : All other REB will be paid as a lump sum payment 6

8 7 Student Loan Repayment Program SLRP Benefits – $50,000 maximum repayment of student loans – Pays 15% of disbursed loans up to $7,500 (including interest) or $500 per year, whichever is greater. – May add new disbursed loans only when extending for an additional 6 year commitment at the end of the current SLRP contract term Eligibility Requirements – Must have at least 1 qualifying (Title IV Federal loan) and disbursed student loan at time of enlistment or extension. – Must contract while Enlisted with 6 year extension. Must be within 365-91 Day ETS Window. Officers are not eligible but may retain SLRP – will not be authorized Officer Bonus. – Must be DMOS-Q for position they are extending in – Must not have previously contracted for SLRP/ELRP – AGR/MIL TECH ineligible/terminated for SLRP.

9 Student Loan Repayment Program SLRP cont. Check for qualifying SLRP loans Required documents to contract for SLRP -- Needed for all loans! – NSLDS Aid Summary Sheet – NSLDS Detail Loan Information Sheet(s) Must be scanned into GIMS when requesting SLRP Loans in default are not eligible for repayment and lose payment for the entire year. Processing Unit S-1/Career Counselor must request a SLRP control number (BCN) in GIMS (NLT 5 days before extension date) Extension and SLRP Addendum dated (same day) No exceptions. ALL required documents for annual payments must be submitted through the unit using the TL system! 8

10 SLRP (Recommendations) Soldiers that have (2) loan holders should consolidate loans immediately. This will be more advantageous for the Soldier. Again, this is strongly encouraged to better process payments etc. All Soldiers should inquire with their loan holder on how to request loan/s be put in forbearance/deferment. This may help any undo financial hardship. This is solely on the loan holder to approve. 9 POC : SSG Jingbo Zhang 608-242-3449

11 10 SLRP - Payment Process DD 2475 sent to Soldiers AKO email from WI-Education office (30-60 days from anniversary date). Soldier may request this form thru unit if he/she did not receive within 30 days of anniversary date. Detailed Instructions will be sent to Soldier/unit, to include guidance on how to properly fill out DD 2475. Soldier is responsible for receiving the form back from the loan holder directly. Forms should not be sent directly to EDUC office from the lender. Unit will send thru WTL – Summary Page, Each Individual Loan Screen Shot and the DD 2475/s. Consolidated in (1) Scan. No exceptions.

12 11 Bonus/SLRP Suspension 1.Enter period of non-availability ING (1 year for personal reasons or 3 years for missionary obligation) and must contract for non- availability time within 90 days of return to a drilling status Only one suspension of non-availability may be granted 2.Become flagged for adverse action 3.SMP/ROTC Cadet; election of the OAB will determine termination with/without recoupment of enlisted bonus. Must serve one day of enlisted contract. ** Reinstatement of bonus eligibility is not guaranteed. Provided Soldiers meet all requirements for participation, payments will be processed to be effective on the date the suspension is lifted or on the adjusted anniversary date of satisfactory creditable service **

13 12 Bonus Termination w/ Recoupment & SLRP Termination 1.1 unexcused absences (U codes) in 12 month period *Unsat Participation = 1 unexcused absence for each 4-hr pd - This is for Soldiers who contract for incentives AFTER 5 June 2012. - Solider was AWOL and now a Satisfactory Participant WILL NOT reinstate bonus based on this 2.Separates from ARNG for any reason not addressed in policy 3.Failure to return to active status within approved time period for non-availability or failure to extend their enlistment to cover time in an inactive status 4.Separation from ARNG due to death, injury, illness or impairment that is the result of SM’s own misconduct 5.Failure to extend for the period of non-availability within 90 days of returning to a drilling status

14 13 Bonus Termination w/ Recoupment & SLRP Termination (cont) 5.Failure to stay in a valid, vacant position (SIDPERS CODE 9993) (1 bonus authorized per position) – SMs placed in over strength due to reorg, conversion or relocation will have 24 months to be placed in valid vacancy – Not coded 9993 6.Voluntary retirement 7.Discharge while under suspension of favorable action 8.Two consecutive APFT or body fat failures 9.Failure to maintain medical and dental readiness 10. Failure to become DMOSQ within 24 months when transferring to another MOS POC for Bonus Questions: SFC John McCamey 608-242-3423

15 14 GI Bill Kicker Additional monthly stipend on top of GI Bill Programs A current ARNG Member (Not AGR/TECH) is eligible to receive $200 rate as a standalone incentive if extend for a minimum period of service that equals 6 years in an MTOE or Medical TDA unit. Must be DMOSQ, primary position holder, not in over strength or excess status in the grade of E-5 or below. No flagging actions… Must remain in contracted CS until completion of 6 yr drilling obligation unless accepting a Officer/Warrant Officer position. Any voluntary changes in their CS MOS to include IST, unless due to reorganization, relocation, reassignment or mobilization will result in termination. Eligible to receive $350 Kicker rate if enroll in Officer program – OCS/WOCS: Complete Phase I, extend to meet 6-year contract – ROTC: Must be an SMP, contract in the ROTC Advanced Course – Have up to 90 days to contract for this Kicker. Otherwise, if you do not have a BA/BS Degree, can contract for $200 Kicker. POC: CPT Dustin Cebula 608-242-3447

16 15 Tuition Assistance – Federal Tuition Assistance – Wisconsin Tuition Reimbursement Grant – Wisconsin GI Bill (Tuition Remission)

17 16 Federal Tuition Assistance Program Pays up to $250.00 per semester credit, up to a $4,500.00 maximum per fiscal year (1 Oct-30 Sep) Requirements: – Must apply No Earlier than 30 days but No Later Than the course start date – Must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA for an Associates/Bachelors degree and a 3.0 cumulative GPA for a Masters/First Professional – Any outstanding grades from usage through the Minuteman website must be submitted to the Education Office or a hold will be placed on future GoArmyEd applications Money will be recouped for any failed courses or withdrawal from courses not for military reasons. Masters degree courses will be recouped if Soldier receives a “D”. It is the soldiers responsibility to contact the education office to avoid future denial of funding.

18 17 Applying Through GoArmyEd Soldiers can set up their account through (Instructions and videos found on the website) Required documentation; a Statement of Understanding (SOU) signed by Company Commander and Soldier for E6 and below or just signed by Soldier if E7 and above Other required documentation; Student Agreement (Modified Degree Plan), Itemized Invoice, current course schedule. All documents are to be uploaded into GoArmyEd by the individual Soldier For Non-LOI schools the Soldier will be responsible for printing off the approval of payment for submission to their school for invoicing directly with GoArmyEd.

19 GoArmyEdGoArmyEd FTA will cover an Associates and Bachelors degree OR up to 150 semester hours of undergraduate credit, whichever comes first. It will also cover a Masters degree OR up to 45 semester hours of graduate credits, whichever comes first. FTA is no longer authorized for First Professional Degree programs area of study. Soldiers who are currently enrolled in a First Professional degree will be authorized TA for courses contained in their documented Degree Plan until 31 March 2013. Contact the Education Office for specifics. The number of credits above will only include all college credits obtained after the start of using FTA. Holds will be placed on any application in GoArmyEd for Soldiers who have not turned in grades from previous FTA usage. For those Soldiers using the Wisconsin Tuition Grant reimbursement program, the segregated fees will now be required by the Soldier to show amount in the application through GoArmyEd and invoice. 18

20 GoArmyEd cont. -Please contact your school to see if they have signed the DoD MOU at -In the summer of 2012 only those schools will be eligible for continued FTA payments. For assistance, contact GoArmyEd helpdesk at 1-800-817-9990 19

21 20 WI Tuition Grant Program Will reimburse a soldier either the cost of their tuition for a Wisconsin school, or the UW-Madison rate, whichever is the least of the two rates (up to $4,296.00 per semester for the 2011/2012 school year) Good for 8 semesters of full time study Commissioned Officers and soldiers with a bachelors degree are not eligible. DMA Form 189-E and list of qualifying schools can be found at Form must be received at DMA NLT 60 days after course completion. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! Soldiers will ONLY get reimbursed for money paid out of pocket POC for WI Tuition Grant Questions: Ms. Karen Behling 608-242-3159

22 21 WI GI Bill Overview Benefits – Qualifying Soldiers can receive 100% remission of tuition and fees for up to 8 full-time semesters or 128 credits. (Tuition is paid directly to the school) – Dependents may also be eligible for these benefits (under specific circumstances) Eligibility – Must serve on Active Duty for more than 90 days – Must be a Wisconsin resident when called to Active Duty – Must be living in Wisconsin upon completion of Active Duty – Must attend a WI Technical College, 2-year UW College, or 4-year UW School – As of 01 January 2010, if you are eligible for Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits, you must apply for that before you can receive the WI GI Bill.

23 22 WI GI Bill Important Info The WI GI Bill (a state remission program) should not be confused with the WI Tuition Grant (a state reimbursement program) or the Federal GI Bill (a federal benefit) This program is not run through the WI National Guard. Wisconsin Department of Veteran’s Affairs certifies eligibility…the individual school runs this program. There is no delimitating date to use these benefits. Currently, Soldiers who complete Basic and Advanced Individual Training for more than 90 days are eligible…HOWEVER, speak to a Career Counselor or the Education Office prior to using this benefit. This will ensure you get all the information before making a decision you might regret!! For additional information, contact your CVSO or visit

24 23 GI Bill Programs – CH 1606 – CH 1607 – CH 30 AD – Post 9/11 – GI Bill Kicker

25 24 Important Info for all GI Bill Programs Soldiers are eligible to receive a maximum of 36 months of benefits (full-time study) for any one GI Bill Program Can only use a total of 48 months of any VA benefits combined Can only use one benefit at any particular time GI Bill Benefits can be used in conjunction with other programs (FTA, WI Tuition Grant, etc.) Soldiers must submit VA Form 1990 (to start benefits) or VA Form 1995 (to change schools or level of education) along with supporting documents (NOBE, EMS, DD-214) to both their VA Rep at their school and to the VA through the online VONAPP Application, current payment rates and enrollment verification found at GI Bill benefits can also be used for apprenticeships and On the Job Training Unemployed Veterans interested in VRAP should visit for information and eligibility

26 25 GI-BILL CH. 1606 Eligibility Requirements – 6-year Contract (enlist, re-enlist, extend to meet) or 6-year Officer Service Agreement – High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED, HSED) – Complete IADT (Basic and Advanced Training) or OBC – Be in Good Standing (NO AWOLs) – Not be an AGR Soldier Can be used with MGIB Kicker Cannot use this program once discharged from the National Guard…unless: – Activated and then discharged (Number of months activated plus 4 months) – Medically Discharged

27 26 CH. 1607 Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP) Eligibility Requirements – Serve at least 90 days in support of a contingency operation (Title 10 orders for OIF, OEF, ONE) after September 11, 2001 (Based on longest continuous MOB or 3 yr total) Can be used with MGIB Kicker Can participate in Buy-up Program Suspended while in the IRR/ING Benefits payable until ETS except: -if a Soldier completes 8 yrs of military service, receives a general discharge or higher then separates directly from the select reserve can maintain for 10 yrs (medical discharge-NA)

28 27 Chapter 30 Active Duty GI Bill Soldier is eligible IF: – Entered Active Duty in ANY Service or on AGR Status after 30 June 1985 for a period of at least two (2) years and – Paid $1200 to participate in the program and – Obtained their HS Diploma or 12 semester hours in an education program leading towards a College Degree Eligibility Period: – Ends 10 years from the date of discharge from Active Duty – Must have received an “Honorable Discharge” from the Active Component Soldiers can participate in “Buy-up” program Can still use this program when you leave the Military

29 28 CH. 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill Newest GI Bill Program available Entitlements include: – Coverage of Tuition and Fees – Book Stipend – Housing Stipend Can be used with MGIB Kicker May be eligible to participate in Yellow Ribbon Program if at the 100% rate (visit the VA website for more information) Can Transfer this benefit to Spouse or Children Can take this with you once you leave the Military (15 years from honorable discharge from Active Duty Orders of 90 days or more) Once you decide to use this GI Bill Benefit, you must elect to give up eligibility for another GI Bill benefit (Chapter 1606, 1607, or 30) *For T10 time after 1AUG11, prohibits use of same period of service to establish eligibility for multiple chapters of GI bill. However, can split continuous active duty service.

30 29 Post 9/11 Benefit Overview Tuition and Fees – Based on highest in-state undergrad tuition rates and fees from a public Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) or a yearly cap of $17,500 for private universities. – Amount is based on percentage rate determined by total Active Duty time (Title 10, Title 32 Section 502(f) for ONE only, and/or Title 32 AGR for organizing, administering, recruiting, instructing, or training) since 11 September 2001 – Amount will not exceed the total cost of tuition and fees – Paid directly to the School!!! – Will also pay for licensing and certification tests – Also reimburses for exams including: ACT, SAT, LSAT, GMAT

31 30 Post 9/11 Benefits Overview (cont.) Housing Stipend – Based on BAH for an E-5 with dependents at the zip code of the learning institution (i.e. Madison, La Crosse, Wausau) or ½ of the national average for online schools ($684) – Must be attending school more than half time and will prorate the allowance based on rate of pursuit to nearest multiple of ten (50%-100%) – Pro-rated according to your percentage – Active Duty (including Title 32 AGR) not eligible for Housing Stipend – Paid monthly to the Soldier based on number of days in that month you are attending school. (For example, if you go to school for 20 days in May, you will be paid for 20 days)

32 31 Post 9/11 Benefits Overview (cont.) Book Stipend – Based on $1000 per Academic Year ($41.67 per credit hour for 24 credits) – Pro-rated according to your percentage! – Lump Sum payment paid directly to Soldier each Semester, Term, or Quarter – Soldier and spouses in a active duty status qualify

33 32 Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits for Dependents Dependent Eligibility: – Can use benefits upon the Soldier serving at least 6 years (Spouses) or 10 years (Children) in the Armed Forces – Eligible for Housing and Book Stipend, Tuition, and Fees (following same rules as the Soldier for spouses) – Spouses are eligible for 15 years after the Soldier is discharged from Active Duty, or earlier if specified – Children are eligible until they are 26 years old, regardless if they are married or not

34 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill Transferability Eligibility for Soldier to Transfer – Must have served in the Armed Forces AFTER 01 August 2009 – Must have completed at least 6 years of service – Must agree to serve up to 4 more years (dependent on retirement dates prior to Aug 2012) – Must not have any Adverse Action Flags during the transfer process – Can only transfer up to 36 months of GI Bill benefits – Must transfer prior to leaving the National Guard. Once you leave, you can only modify and revoke benefits. – NOTE to transfer to Children: You must transfer benefits to your children BEFORE they are 18 (if not in college) or 23 (if in college). NO EXCEPTIONS!!

35 34 Post 9/11 GI Bill Transfer Process Step 1: Individuals may apply to transfer benefits using the on- line transfer of benefits (TEB) application at: -May need to log in with MYPAY password Step 2: Complete the Post 9/11 Educational Benefits Transferability Commitment and Statement of Understanding” (SOU) form at: Step 3: Upload SOU to GI Bill Support Team at that site or by fax at 501-212-4928, or by mail to Education Support Center, ATTN: GI Bill Support Team, Box 46 Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, AR 72199. Step 4: Dependents complete VA Form 22-1990e at to receive benefits *All status updates for this action will be sent to the Soldiers AKO email

36 35 GI Bill Kickers If you have a GI Bill Kicker in your enlistment/re-enlistment contract, be sure to indicate on your GI Bill application that you have a kicker. (VONAPP or VA Form 22-1990) Attach a copy of your kicker contract to the application to ensure the VA has the most accurate information when processing your application. POC for GI Bill Questions: CPT Dustin Cebula 608-242-3447

37 36 Counseling & Testing

38 37 Benefits Counseling – Post 9/11 vs. Chapter 1607 or Chapter 30 GI Bills – Military friendly school & program recommendations – Explanation of available benefits and incentives – How to maximize your use of benefits – How to utilize DANTES/CLEP testing to earn credits

39 38 DANTES/APT Testing ASVAB Retests (AFCT) computer based ACT/SAT (In paper form) AFAST (In paper form) GRE and GMAT Reimbursement (Contact for form) Currently, the WING has an agreement with Concordia University to offer on-line testing for DSST and CLEP. To schedule an exam, please visit for available test sites. Retests for CLEP, DSST, ACT, or SAT not paid for through DANTES!! CPT Dustin Cebula 608-242-3447 POC for Counseling or Testing Questions:

40 39 Things to keep in mind… The guidance in this slide show is based on Policy as of 20121001. Policy continually changes; If you have questions about what you are eligible for, look at your contract, talk to your Readiness NCO and Battalion Career Counselor, or the Education Office personnel. Ultimately, the decision on which program to use is an individual responsibility. We can only advise you on what you can use… Take ownership of your benefits and make an informed decision!

41 40 Questions? CPT Dustin Cebula Education Services Officer 608-242-3447 Incentives Officer 608-242-3448 SSG Jingbo Zhang Incentives NCO (SLRP) 608-242-3449 SFC John McCamey Incentives NCO (SRIP) 608-242-3423 Ms. Karen Behling WI Tuition Grant Program Manager 608-242-3159

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