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1 Education Services Office. 2 G1-ED OFFICE STAFF CPT Dustin Cebula Education Services Officer 1LT John Noga Guidance Counselor/GI Bill Program Manager.

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1 1 Education Services Office

2 2 G1-ED OFFICE STAFF CPT Dustin Cebula Education Services Officer 1LT John Noga Guidance Counselor/GI Bill Program Manager SFC Michael Diliberto Bonus/SLRP - Incentives Manager SFC Gary Brooks Federal Tuition Assistance Manager MAJ Scott Southworth M-Day Education Services Officer SFC Karen Larsen M-Day Education Staff

3 3 MISSION: counseling, marketing administrative To improve the strength and readiness of the Wisconsin Army National Guard by supporting the voluntary civilian education needs of our soldiers through professional counseling, marketing, and administrative practices. Our office exists to support you.

4 ContentsContents Federal Tuition Assistance Wisconsin Tuition Reimbursement Grant Montgomery GI Bill Programs Wisconsin Tuition Remission Program Counseling and Testing

5 Federal Tuition Assistance Program FTA is a funds based program, meaning Soldiers receive this benefit on a First Come-First Serve basis. It also means this program can run out of funding, especially around the start of Fall Semester. Pays up to $250 per semester credit, up to a $4500 maximum per fiscal year (1 Oct-30 Sep) Can be utilized for segregated fees, or tuition difference (if attending a private college like Viterbo, Marquette, etc.) Can be used in conjunction with Wisconsin Tuition Reimbursement (IF you are eligible to use the Wisconsin Tuition Reimbursement, you MUST use that program first!!)

6 FTA Program Details Requirements: – Must apply on or before course start date – Must submit a degree plan prior to application approval (can be found on school’s website) – Must submit grades within 60 days of course end date (or future applications will not be approved) – Must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA to use Money can be recouped for failed courses or withdrawal from courses not for military reasons AGR/Title 10 Soldiers: – Visit or call 1-800-817-9990 Tech/M-day Soldiers: – Visit

7 Things to remember about FTA… FTA is a funds based benefit, and not a right like the GI Bill. Because a large majority of classes begin in September, the last month of the fiscal year, there is a possibility that funding will not exist for fall semester classes. It is a soldier’s responsibility to notify the Education Office or Selfridge Learning of a dropped course or changed start date to avoid any potential recoupment of funds or denial of future funding. Grades must be submitted to Education Office or Selfridge Learning within 60 days of completion of the Semester.

8 WI Tuition Grant Program Will reimburse a soldier either the cost of their tuition or the UW- Madison rate, whichever is the least of the two rates (up to $3,647.88 per semester for the 2009/2010 school year) DMA Form 189-E and list of qualifying schools can be found at Good for 8 semesters of full time study If eligible, this program must be used prior to using Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA can be used to make up the difference if WTG does not cover entire bill) Commissioned Officers and soldiers with a bachelors degree are not eligible. Form must be received at DMA NLT 60 days after course completion. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!

9 9 GI Bill Programs CH 1606 CH 1607 CH 30 AD Post 9/11 GI Bill GI Bill Kicker

10 10 Important Info for all GI Bill Programs Soldiers are eligible to receive a maximum of 36 months of benefits (full-time study) for one GI Bill Program (Chapter 1606, 1607, 30, or Post 9/11) Can only use one benefit at any particular time Can only use a total of 48 months of any VA benefit combined Soldiers must submit VA Form 1990 (to start benefits) or VA Form 1995 (to change schools or level of education) along with supporting documents (NOBE, EMS, DD-214) to both their VA Rep at their school and to the VA through the VONAPP Program Payment Rates for all programs found at GI Bill Benefits can be used in conjunction with other programs (FTA, WI Tuition Reimbursement Grant, etc.)

11 11 GI-BILL CH. 1606 Eligibility Requirements – 6-year Contract (enlist, re-enlist, extend to meet) or 6-year Officer Service Agreement – High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED, HSED) – Complete IADT (Basic and Advanced Training) or OBC – Be in Good Standing (NO AWOLs) – Not be an AGR Soldier Can be used with MGIB Kicker Benefits payable up to 14 years upon completion of IADT Cannot use this program once discharged from the National Guard…unless: – Activated and then discharged (Number of months activated plus 4 months) – Medically Discharged

12 Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP) CH. 1607 Eligibility Requirements – Serve at least 90 days in support of a contingency operation (Title 10 orders for OIF, OEF, ONE) after September 11, 2001 Can be used with MGIB Kicker Can participate in Buy-up Program Benefits payable until Expiration Term of Service (ETS) – Benefit can be suspended ONCE to enter the IRR/ING for less than 90 days. If the Soldier stays on the IRR/ING for greater than 90 days or enters the IRR/ING a second time, benefits are terminated.

13 Chapter 30 Active Duty GI Bill Soldier is eligible IF: – Entered Active Duty in ANY Service or on AGR Status after 30 June 1985 for a period of at least two (2) years and – Paid $1200 to participate in the program and – Obtained their HS Diploma or 12 semester hours in an education program leading towards a College Degree Eligibility Period: – Ends 10 years from the date of discharge from Active Duty – Must have received an “Honorable Discharge” from the Active Component Soldiers can participate in “Buy-up” program Can take this program with you when you leave the National Guard

14 Post 9/11 GI Bill CH. 33 Newest GI Bill Program available Entitlements include: – Coverage of Tuition and Fees – Book Stipend – Housing Stipend – Relocation expenses Different Rates of Entitlement based on amount of Active Duty (Title 10) Service (see next slide) Basic and Advanced Individual Training may be added to cumulative Active Duty Service (in certain instances) May be eligible to participate in Yellow Ribbon Program (visit the VA website for more information) Can Transfer this benefit to Spouse or Children Once you decide to use this GI Bill Benefit, you CANNOT go back to any other GI Bill Program!!! (This means you could lose money due to Buy-Up programs already paid for!!)

15 Rates based on Active Duty Time * Does not include Basic or Advanced Individual Training Based on total Title 10 Service in support of OEF or OIF Payment Tiers Percentage At least 36 months 100 At least 30 continuous days on active duty (Must be discharged due to service-connected disability) 100 At least 30 months, but less than 36 months 90 At least 24 months, but less than 30 months 80 *At least 18 months, but less than 24 months 70 *At least 12 months, but less than 18 months 60 *At least 6 months, but less than 12 months 50 *At least 90 days, but less than 06 months 40

16 9/11 GI Bill Basics Eligibility – Minimum of 90 days Active Duty (Title 10) in support of OEF/OIF since September 11, 2001 – Must be in the military after August 01, 2009 (start date for this program) – Does not include Title 32 AGR, Service Academy, or ROTC Active Duty Periods of Service Eligibility Period – 15 years from date of discharge/release from Active Duty service of 90 consecutive days or more Can take this with you once you leave the Military

17 9/11 Benefit Overview Tuition and Fees – Based on highest in-state undergrad tuition rates and fees from a public Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) – Amount is based on percentage rate determined by total Active Duty Time – Amount will not exceed the total cost of tuition and fees – Paid directly to the School!!! Book Stipend – Based on $1000 per Academic Year ($41.67 per credit hour for 24 credits) – Pro-rated according to your percentage! – Lump Sum payment paid directly to Soldier each Semester, Term, or Quarter

18 9/11 Benefits Overview (cont.) Housing Stipend – Based on BAH for an E-5 with dependents at the zip code of the learning institution (i.e. Madison, La Crosse, Wausau) – Must be attending school more than half time – Must take at lease one (1) in-residence course (100% Distance Learners do not qualify for this Stipend) – Pro-rated according to your percentage – Paid monthly to the Soldier Rural Relocation Expense – Soldiers could qualify for one-time payment of $500 if relocating from highly rural area to attend school. VA will determine if Soldier is eligible.

19 9/11 GI Bill Transferability Eligibility for Soldier to Transfer – Must have served in the Armed Forces AFTER 01 August 2009 – Must have completed at least 6 years of service – Must agree to serve up to 4 more years (dependent on retirement dates) – Must not have any Adverse Action Flags during the transfer process – Can only transfer up to 36 months of GI Bill benefits – Must transfer prior to leaving the National Guard. Once you leave, you can only modify and revoke benefits. – NOTE to transfer to Children: You must transfer benefits to your children before they are 18 (if not in college) or 23 (if in college). NO EXCEPTIONS!!

20 9/11 GI Bill Benefits for Dependents Dependent Eligibility: – Can use benefits upon the Soldier serving at least 6 years (Spouses) or 10 years (Children) in the Armed Forces – Eligible for Housing and Book Stipend, Tuition, and Fees (following same rules as the Soldier) – Spouses are eligible for 15 years after the Soldier is discharged from Active Duty, or earlier if specified – Children are eligible until they are 26 years old, regardless if they are married or not

21 9/11 GI Bill Transfer Process Step 1: Individuals may apply to transfer benefits using the on-line transfer of benefits (TEB) application at: Step 2: C omplete the Post 9/11 Educational Benefits Transferability Commitment and Statement of Understanding” (SOU) form at: Step 3: Upload SOU to GI Bill Support Team at that site or by fax at 501-212-4928, or by mail to Education Support Center, ATTN: GI Bill Support Team, Box 46 Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, AR 72199. Step 4: Complete VA Form 22-1990e

22 Title 10 Active Duty Exceptions IF you are on Title 10 Active Duty in support of OIF/OEF: – Tuition and Fees are NOT capped at highest in-state rates. The VA will pay 100% of tuition and fees directly to the school, no matter what your percentage rate is. – You and your spouse (if transferred) will not receive the Housing or the Book Stipends. – If you have questions while on Title 10, ask the Education Office at your base or contact us here in Madison!

23 GI Bill Kickers Can add up to an additional $350 per month full-time study on top of GI Bill Chapter 1606 or 1607 Eligibility to receive $200 Kicker – SGT or below and MOS qualified – Extend or re-enlist for 6 years (but not for an AGR/Tech job) – Serve 3 consecutive years as an active participant in the ARNG (No IRR/ING) Eligibility to receive $350 Kicker – OCS/WOCS: Complete Phase I, extend to meet 6-year contract – ROTC: Must be an SMP, contract in the ROTC Advanced Course – Have up to 90 days to contract for this Kicker. Otherwise, if you do not have a BA/BS Degree, can contract for $200 Kicker.

24 Wisconsin Tuition Remission Program Also known as the Wisconsin GI Bill Do not confuse this program with the Wisconsin Tuition Reimbursement Program NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE MONTGOMERY GI BILL PROGRAMS LISTED ABOVE!!! THIS IS A STATE BENEFIT!!! NOT RUN BY THE NATIONAL GUARD!!!!! This program is strictly run through the Wisconsin Department of Veteran’s Affairs For more information on this program, contact your local County Veteran’s Service Office (located at your county courthouse) or the Wisconsin DVA.

25 WI GI Bill Overview Eligibility – Must serve on Active Duty for more than 90 days – Must be a Wisconsin resident when called to Active Duty – Must be living in Wisconsin upon completion of Active Duty – Must attend a WI Technical College, 2-year UW College, or 4-year UW School – As of 01 August 2009, if you are eligible for Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits, you must apply for this benefit before you can receive the WI GI Bill. Benefits – Qualifying Soldiers can receive 100% remission of tuition and fees for up to 8 full-time semesters or 128 credits. – Dependents may also be eligible for these benefits (under specific circumstances)

26 WI GI Bill Important Info There is no delimitating date to use these benefits. Unlike the Federal GI Bill programs, you have an unlimited time to use this program. Currently, Soldiers who complete Basic and Advanced Individual Training for more than 90 days are eligible…HOWEVER, speak to a Career Counselor or the Education Office prior to using this benefit. This will ensure you get all the information before making a decision you might regret!! For additional information, contact your CVSO or visit

27 27 Guidance Counseling Contact 1LT Noga or CPT Cebula: – Post 9/11 vs. Chapter 1607 or Chapter 30 GI Bill – Degree options to help in your career. – Schools which will help you in your career. – Full explanation of your entitled benefits. – How to maximize your use of benefits – How to utilize DANTES/CLEP Testing to save time and money.

28 28 DANTES/APT Testing CLEP/ DSST/ Excelsior Exams ACT/SAT GRE and GMAT Reimbursement We are a non-stocking test center for all DANTES exams. Once an exam is ordered it will take about 1 week to arrive. A soldier will then have 45 days to schedule and take the exam before it must be mailed back. ASVAB Retests AFAST DLAB

29 Things to keep in mind… The guidance in this slide show is based on Policy as of 20100301. Policy continually changes!! If you have questions about what you are eligible for, contact your chain of command, your Readiness NCO, your Battalion Career Counselor, or the Education Office. We will be happy to help you! Ultimately, the decision on which program to use is YOURS!!! We can only advise you on what you can use. Don’t let a lack of knowledge blind you from getting all of your benefits!!

30 30 Questions? CPT Dustin Cebula ESO 608-242-3447 1LT John Noga Guidance Counselor/GI Bill Manager 608-242-3448 SFC Gary Brooks FTA Program Manager 608-242-3449 SFC Michael Diliberto Incentive Manager 608-242-3423 SGT Jeff Strittmater Education Services Specialist 608-242-3454

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