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Cross-Cutting Themes - Academic Plan Enhance Value for Students and Faculty International Opportunities Experiential Learning Interdisciplinary Solutions.

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4 Cross-Cutting Themes - Academic Plan Enhance Value for Students and Faculty International Opportunities Experiential Learning Interdisciplinary Solutions Online Learning Innovation and Partnerships Self-Reliance

5 Why Such Value-based Themes? Relevance in the 21 st Century Revenue - self-reliance; limited state suppport Quality – attract/retain good students & faculty Institutional Pride Societal contributions – local to global Scholarly excellence

6 TABLE 1 Public Institutions Out of State Tuition $24,000 + With 10%+ OS Firstyear Out-of-state Tuition (2009-2010) Out-of-State Fees (2009-2010) Out-of-State Tuition and Fees (2009-2010) On-Campus Room and Board (2009-2010) % Out of State- 1st year degree seek (2007- 2008) US NEWS Tier Ranking College of William and Mary$26,180$4,784$30,964$8,38234%1 Colorado School of Mines$24,750$1,654$26,404$8,12029%1 Georgia Institute of Technology$24,280$1,436$25,716$8,20439%1 Indiana University$25,269$891$26,160$7,54641%1 Miami University - Oxford$24,480$2,190$26,670$9,45836%1 Michigan State University$26,873$470$27,343$7,44417%1 Penn State University$25,134$812$25,946$8,82032%1 U. California - Berkeley$29,557$1,465$31,022$15,30811%1 U. California - Los Angeles$29,557$1,378$30,935$13,31010%1 U. Colorado - Boulder$26,700$1,486$28,186$10,37840%1 U. Connecticut$23,232$2,254$25,486$10,12030%1 U. Georgia$24,280$1,460$25,740$8,04616%1 U. Illinois$23,626$3,044$26,670$9,28412%1 U. Michigan$34,748$189$34,937$8,92438%1 U. New Hampshire$24,050$2,663$26,713$8,87446%1 U. Rhode Island$24,736$1,290$26,026$10,33452%3 U. Vermont$29,568$1,842$31,410$8,99674%1 U. Virginia$29,054$2,818$31,872$8,22031%1 U. Washington-Seattle$23,800$567$24,367$8,94919%1

7 Value Investments for URI I.New Faculty Positions – 8 tt + 4 Lecturers - $1.1 million -- leverage lecturers with per course $ to create 8 positions -- strategically allocate -- student to faculty ratio from 14:1 to 15.5:1 over 2 years -- low in comparison with peers, achieved with part-timers -- need more full-time faculty in 1 st year and gen eds and to enhance scholarly work -- ratios vary widely by department and college -- of 795 faculty FTE; 110 FTE are part-time -- investment in quality, value, learning, and scholarship



10 Student to Faculty Ratio Comparisons URI – from 14:1 to 15.5:1 --- target ~16.5:1 UCONN - 17:1 PSU – 17:1 UMASS - 18:1 UILL - 17:1 UNH - 18:1 UFL - 22:1 UVM - 16:1 UTA - 18:1 URI achieves lower ratio with disproportionate reliance on part-time faculty teaching intro courses

11 Value Investments for URI II.Global Learning/International Opportunities: $250,000 -- leadership to oversee all global activities -- ESL partnership -- institutional partnerships, intl students, travel courses III. Coordinator of Summer Programs: $150,000 -- attractive campus/location - summer session under-utilized -- online and on-campus – attract URI and other students -- traditional courses and creative new programming -- generate revenue – would pay for itself

12 Value Investments for URI IV.Liaison for Academic Internships: $100,000 -- expand experiential learning – staff support between colleges, UC, and Career Center -- build connections and partnerships on- and off-campus -- quality credit-bearing internships -- student employment and institutional reputation V. Graduate Research Tuition Differential Fellow: $150,000 -- current program is at $1.3 m needs to grow to $2 m -- GTA program at $12.5 m -- supports students, enhances faculty research and grant competitiveness, creates vibrant graduate programs

13 Financial Aid Driver of revenue of our increasingly tuition dependant budget Driver of our enrollment, retention, diversity, and student quality goals as well as our financial goals Means by which we address the access, affordability, and quality aspects of our mission Despite growth in our aid budget, we are increasingly not competitive in yielding quality OS students Our OS discount rate of 18% is below NE doctoral peers (33%) and privates (42 – 45%) Our “price”, “value”, “aid” equation is out of balance

14 Note: * FY00-FY06, GO Debt Service is budgeted in the Department of Administration (prior years’ data normalized). * Effective FY07, state appropriation does not include GO Debt Service Pass-through * Asset Protection and other RICAP projects budgeted separately. State Appropriation, Tuition and Fees, Student Aid

15 Undergraduate Tuition Comparison Undergraduate Tuition & Mandatory Fees (2009/2010 rates) In-State Out-StateRoom/Board University of Vermont$13,556 $31,412$8996 University of New Hampshire$12,461 $26,750$9112 University of Connecticut$9886 $25,846$10,120 University of Maine$9626 $23,876$8348 University of Massachusetts$11,732 $23,229$8276 University of Rhode Island$9528 $26,026$10,550 In-State Rank: 6 th lowestOut-State Rank: 3 rd Highest Room & Board: Highest

16 A few other comparisons on Financial Aid 2009/2010: US News » Avg. % % Students Receiving Avg. Need » Need Met Need Based Grants Based Grant University of Vermont76%50% $12,478 University of New Hampshire81%39% $3025 University of Connecticut67%34% $6649 University of Maine78%50% $6427 Montana State72%34% $4295 University of Massachusetts87%41% $8520 University of Rhode Island57%55% $7236 % Need Met: Lowest - % Students receiving need-based grants: Highest - Avg Need Grant : 3 rd Highest

17 Financial Aid, Scholarships & Tuition Remission: FY 2010, Total $60M Categories of aidAmount/% of Total # Students % of entire student body General (Need based grants, transfer, retention, etc) $18.6 (31%)788648% Centennial Merit Program$12.5 (21%)198012% Graduate Assistants, Tuition Differential & Fellowships $7.5 (12.5%)4853% Hardge Grant, Crusade, DiMaio, Diversity$7.5 (12.5%)11247% Athletics$7.2 (12%)3092% Tuition Remissions (waivers, unemployed, Nat’l Guard, etc) $5.2 (9%)7635% Misc (Music, Loan Match, NEBHE, etc)$1.3 (2%)6504%

18 Financial Aid/Discounting Needs $10 million dollar increase in Aid Budget for FY 12 -- increase discount to 32% -- ~ $6.4 million for recruitment/yield of OS freshman -- ~ $3 million for retention of current students -- ~ $600K for IS recruitment/yield -- projected difference of 1460 vs.1160 OS students --allows enhanced selectivity and quality – yield 1100-1200 SATrange vs. <900 range

19 Student Financial Aid, Scholarships & Tuition Waivers: Fiscal Years 2007 - 2012 FY 07$39.1M FY 08$47.7M FY 09$51.9M FY 10 (mid-year)$60M FY 11 (allocation)$70.4M FY 12 request$80.4M

20 Financial Aid Dilemma Not sustainable – relying too much on new $ Strategic allocation of aid – “net revenue” model Potential Other Sources of Aid Private giving: targeted & unrestricted aid endowment (will take time) Careful scrutiny of cost/value equation in GF budget Reallocation within & across fund lines – is this only a GF responsibility?



23 Discount Rate Comparison Peer Comparison (2007 Data): University of New Hampshire31% University of Maine28% University of Connecticut27% University of Massachusetts22% Montana State13% University of Rhode Island17% University of Vermont17% (Based on 2007 data, Minter & Assoc, 2008)

24 A few other comparisons on Financial Aid 2009/2010: US News: Part 2 » Avg Financial Avg Need-Based Avg Non-Need » Aid Package Loan (excludes Plus/Private) Grant/Scholarship University of Vermont$19,519 $6061$2232 University of New Hampshire$17,910 $3848$7552 University of Connecticut$11,048 $4305$6080 University of Maine$11,369 $5061$11,399 Montana State$9834 $4640$1813 University of Massachusetts$13,282 $4374$3193 University of Rhode Island$12,654 $6557$5468 Avg Financial Aid Package Rank: 4 th Avg Need-Based Loan Rank: 1 st Avg Non-Need: 4th

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