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1 IPEDS Comparisons as a Component of an Institutional Funding Model Bruce D. Beck University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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1 1 IPEDS Comparisons as a Component of an Institutional Funding Model Bruce D. Beck University of Wisconsin-Madison

2 2 University of Wisconsin System includes 26 campuses: 2 research-extensive doctoral universities (Madison, Milwaukee) 11 comprehensive non-doctoral 4-year institutions 13 two-year institutions, and university extension

3 3 UW System is attempting to develop an Institutional Funding Model To allocate resources across institutions within the UW System To document UW funding requirements for the public and state government The focus is on the general fund ─ the critical base budget which can be leveraged to obtain resources from additional sources

4 4 Draft Funding Model is currently based on─ Student credit hours Course level (undergraduate, graduate) Discipline area (high- vs. low-cost ) Other universities with similar missions Other universities of similar size IPEDS comparisons help define general dimensions of the model, but provide less help with internal components

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6 6 General Fund Revenue IPEDS Finance Survey for FY 2003-04  Part B Revenue and Other Additions Operating Revenues  Tuition & fees, after deducting discounts & allowances Nonoperating Revenues  State appropriations  Local appropriations  Part E - Scholarships and Fellowships  Discounts & allowances applied to tuition & fees

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8 8 IPEDS Definitions Scholarships and fellowships: Outright grants-in-aid, trainee stipends, tuition and fee waivers, and prizes awarded to students by the institution, including Pell grants. Awards to undergraduate students are most commonly referred to as "scholarships" and those to graduate students as "fellowships." These awards do not require the performance of services while a student (such as teaching) or subsequently as a result of the scholarship or fellowship. The term does not include loans to students (subject to repayment), College Work-Study Program (CWS), or awards granted because of faculty or staff status. Also not included are awards to students where the selection of the student recipient is not made by the institution. Discounts and allowances: That part of a scholarship or fellowship that is used to pay institutional charges such as tuition and fees or room and board charges.

9 9 IPEDS Definitions Tuition & fees, after deducting discounts & allowances — Report all tuition & fees (including student activity fees) assessed against students for education purposes. Include revenues for tuition and fees net of discounts & allowances from institutional scholarships, waivers, etc. (report gross revenues minus discounts and allowances). Include here those tuition and fees that are remitted to the state as an offset to state appropriations. (Charges for room, board, and other services rendered by auxiliary enterprises are not reported here…..)

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13 13 Credit Hours IPEDS Fall Enrollment –12-Month Credit Activity, by Course Level: Undergraduate Graduate Professional IPEDS Institutional Characteristics –Academic Calendar Association of American Medical Colleges –List of Universities with Medical Schools

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17 17 IPEDS Instructions Credit hour activity - Include instructional activity in all courses offered for credit that are measured in terms of credit hours, regardless of whether the student completed the course. (See the IPEDS Glossary for the definition of “credit course. ”) …. Do NOT include credit courses that are audited by students, or credit courses of students studying abroad. …. Level of course - The level of each course (undergraduate or graduate) should be the level of the course as designated by the institution. DO NOT INCLUDE FIRST-PROFESSIONAL COURSES WHEN REPORTING ACTIVITY AT THE UNDERGRADUATE OR GRADUATE LEVEL.

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