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C. elegans was the first animal to have its genome (10 8 bp) completely sequenced.

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1 C. elegans was the first animal to have its genome (10 8 bp) completely sequenced.

2 C. elegans Genome in Numbers Size (Mb) Protein genes Protein genes/kb Coding Regions (%) % of genes EST matches (Mb) 95.53 19,141 4.9827 38.9 The completed genome sequence is made up of 2,527 cosmids 113 fosmids 257 YACs 44 long range PCR products intergenic DNA 47% exonic DNA 27% intronic DNA 26%

3 Characteristics of the Caenorhabditis elegans genome Seq GenesEST’s Lev Inv. Rep. Tand Rep Telom The C. elegans genome consortium, TIG 15:51, 1999

4 The study of many aspects of Nematode biology were made easier after the genome of C. elegans was sequenced After doing “discovery science” (L. Hood, 2002; “defining the elements in biological objects”) we can do regular “hypothesis-driven” science.

5 Outron Transplicing and operons in C. elegans Blumenthal, T. (1998) - BioEssays 20:480-487.

6 Regulatory micro RNAs (miRNAs)

7 Banerjee & Slack BioEssays, 24:119, 2002 Involvement of small RNAs in the control of Temporal development and RNAi in C. elegans

8 24h 48h 72h 96h Bacteria with no plasmid Kamath e cols. (2001) Genome Biol. 2:1-10 Feeding C. elegans with dsRNA turns off specific genes

9 Other nematodes help define what is common to all species and what is restricted to C. elegans at the molecular level

10 Made by R. Turner Department of Biology, 1990 - Indiana University CEW1C. elegans Anterior Left side SEM of CEW1 and C. elegans

11 Although the final morphology is the same, the induction events during vulva development are difrerent in C. elegans and CEW1 Dichtel et al., Genetics, 157:183, 2001

12 CEW1 Transplicing in C. elegans and CEW1 From Evans et al., PNAS 94:9751, 1997

13 Introns of the C. elegans vitellogenin genes Winter, in: “Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates,Volume XII” - 2002

14 NJ-Tree of nematode vitellogenins (aminoacid sequences) Winter, in: “Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates,Volume XII” - 2002

15 N- and C-terminus of nematode VTG evolve at different rates Winter et al., Mol. Biol. Evol., 13:674, 1996

16 CUU CUC CUA CUG 51 24 39 55 1 2 0 12 CCA CCC 1 99 64 9 85 17 15 83 CAA CAG GAU GAC 50 23 77 Ce CEW1 Ce CEW1 Ce CEW1 Codon usage table of vit-6 genes in C. elegans and CEW1 Winter et al., Mol. Biol. Evol., 13:674, 1996

17 Acknowledgements Dr Cristiane Penha-Scarabotto Dr Rubens Nobumoto Akamine Joselene Pereira de Moura Il-Young Ahn Juliana Machado Andreoni Paulo Afonso de Carvalho Daniela Peres Almenara Manoel Aparecido Peres SUPPORTED BY & Undergraduate students


19 “... We found that bringing together the true cross- disciplinary scientists was rendered difficult by the fact that our academic center, and most academic centers, live in a world of departments. And the departments tend to create barriers both in how their students are educated and what the expectations are for faculty...” Leroy Hood, JAN/18/2002 [see];

20 Wormbase How are the genome sequences of C. elegans stored Published in:


22 Distribution of repetitive elements on the C. elegans chromosomes Surzycki and William R. Belknap, PNAS 97:245–249, 2000 Cele 14 Cele 2 Cele 1 MITE-like Cele 42

23 Saigusa et al., Curr. Biol. 12(2):R46, 2002 Movement Kippert et al., Curr. Biol. 12(2):R47, 2002 Osmotic Shock Resistance C. elegans behaviour is subjected to circadian variations

24 Caenorhabditis elegans vitellogenin genes geneintron nr. location DNA strand "YP" Size of the vitellogenin (kDa)(*) cDNA clones (**) chromosome: position vit-14K09F5.2+170B186.617X: 7,742,201- 7,746,243 vit-2 4C42D8.2+170B186.2118X: 5,114,376- 5,119,411 vit-35F59D8.1-170A185.01X: 3,626,224- 3,612,142 vit-4 5F59D8.2-170A184.85X: 3,618,023- 3,612,577 vit-55C04F6.1+170A184.969X: 3,416,833- 3,421,907 vit-64K07H8.6+115/ 88 191.0126IV: 8,273,968- 8,279,162 * = calculated from the amino acid sequence deduced from the gene sequence; signal peptide excluded. ** = Number of cDNA clones listed in WormBase ( (Jan/30/2001) associated with each gene Winter, in: “Reproductive Biology of Invertebrates, Volume XII” - 2002

25 Embriogenesis of Acrobeloides nanus Schierenberg (1999) -

26 of man Modified from: “Topics in Intern. Health – Schistosomiasis” The Wellcome Trust

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