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Company LOGO Welcome Partners Clarity – Consistency - Quality.

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1 Company LOGO Welcome Partners Clarity – Consistency - Quality

2 CYS Mission The Department of Children and Youth Services (CYS) is dedicated to meeting the needs of Chicago ’ s young people and families. CYS administers federal, state and city funds to more than 300 delegate agency partners. CYS collaborates with partners throughout the city, to provide quality programs. We work to build and strengthen community-based organizations that provide critical services to youth and families. We promote interdepartmental coordination and advocate on issues relating to children, families and communities.

3 Mary Ellen Caron, Commissioner Daisy Lezama, Deputy Commissioner Youth Kenneth McGhee, Deputy Commissioner Finance and MIS Elise Mann, Deputy Commissioner Grants, Contracts and Audits Vanessa Rich, Deputy Commissioner Children Services Anthony Raden, Deputy Commissioner Policy CYS Executive Management Team

4 The Trainers Various back grounds Combined more than 150 plus years of Fiscal and IT experience with non profit organizations Trained agencies across the country Versed in the latest federal rules and regulations Representatives from: Western Kentucky MPI INC WIPLI CITY OF CHICAGO COMPTROLLER’S OFFICE CYS FINANCE – MIS –GRANTS- AUDITS

5 Who’s here? Head Start Child Care Providers Work Force investment ACT (WIA) Special Needs Out of School Time Technical Assistance Juvenile Intervention Support Center (JISC) Mentoring Counseling Training Resources and Referrals DELEGATE AGENCIES & PARTNERS


7 History 2005 – Single day trainings –1 large group session 2006 -2 days –Focus on Head Start and Child care classroom style –Smaller Targeted basic TA sessions for Youth 3 rd annual conference –X-treme fiscal Technical Assistance and training workshop –Variety of Core Workshops

8 Core Workshops Fiscal Policies and Procedures Selecting Accounting Software Writing Competitive Grants Cost Allocation Governance Focus Groups (Conversations on City of Chicago / CYS fiscal approaches with agencies)

9 SURVEY RESULTS 64% - Budgeting and in-kind reporting 54% - Applying for other grants 45% - Internal Controls

10 Clarity Present information in a clear format so that its usable. Give clear answers to problems even when they are complex. (may not always be an instant answer)

11 Consistency Messages Processes Technical Assistance Accountability

12 Quality “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” AristotleQuality is not an act, it is a habit. A Few Characteristics of Quality Fiscal Programs 1.Know where they are fiscally 2.Understand their cashflow drivers 3.Have current written fiscal policies and procedures 4.Properly allocate costs across programs 5.Provide timely and accurate fiscal reports to their stakeholders 6.Have qualified fiscal staff

13 Clients and Service Delivery Method CYS serves over 50,000 low-income Children and Youth through an intricate network of approximately 170 delegate agencies which operate more than 300 sites scattered throughout the City of Chicago

14 Funding Snap Shot

15 CYS SERVICES CONT ’ D Head Start Early Head Start Child Care DCFS Specialized Child Care Strategic Teacher Education Program Head Start Summer Literacy Initiative FAST Family Literacy Centers Fatherhood Initiative Early Childhood Program Locator McCormick Tribune Literacy Project Ages 0-5

16 CYS SERVICES City Wide Youth Advisory Council Youth Standards Program Regional Consortium Coordinators Regional Youth Career Development Initiative Summer Nutrition Mayor Daley ’ s Summer Jobs Summer Mini-Grants Residential Summer Day Camp After School (Out-of-School Time programs) Mentoring programs Child and Adolescent Counseling Homeless Youth Juvenile Intervention Support Center (JISC) WIA Workforce Development Program School Age Programs Ages 6-18

17 Why are you here? I want learn more about CYS’s business processes It was mandatory  My boss the ED told me to come.. I want to know what’s new I needed to get out of the office You invited me…… ETC

18 ROI RReturn OOn IInvestment

19 3 Days of workshops days??? Ask questions in the workshops Network with other agencies and CYS staff. Think about ideas that you want to bring back to your organization. Participate in the Focus groups and discussions. Provide feedback on the session surveys LEARN

20 New on the Horizon Delegate agency intranet site that will include agency an e-mail system COPA CCMIS integration for single system billing Retooling approach to IDHS Employment & Training related child care eligibility screening and IPACS process


22 Youth Division Updates DAISY LEZAMA Deputy Commissioner Youth Programs

23 Grant, Contracts & Audits ELISE MANN Deputy Commissioner Grants Contracts & Audits

24 Legislative Policy Updates ANTHONY LINDSEY Policy Analyst Intergovernmental Affairs

25 Enjoy the conference

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