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Promoting Head Start and Preschool Collaboration: The Full Utilization Process Monday, June 16 3:30-5:00pm Bill Buchanan.

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1 Promoting Head Start and Preschool Collaboration: The Full Utilization Process Monday, June 16 3:30-5:00pm Bill Buchanan

2 Today  We will learn about full utilization  We will explore elements of collaboration  We will discuss how to strengthen Head Start and School District partnerships Welcome!

3 In Kentucky school readiness means each child enters school ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that best promote the child’s success. 2010 Governor’s Task Force Ready to Succeed

4 Full Utilization

5  157.3175 requires that local school districts collaborate with Head Start and other existing preschool programs “to avoid duplication of services and supplanting of federal funds to maximize the use of Head Start funds to serve as many four year old children as possible.”  All state-funded preschool programs are required to complete an agreement with the local Head Start program, which specifies the number of at-risk four- year-olds served by Head Start. What is full utilization?

6  Full Utilization Spring Documentation (Encouraged)  Full Utilization of Head Start Certification (Required)  Local Agreement for Cooperation on Full Utilization of Head Start School Year 2014-15 (Required) What’s in the agreement?

7  Needs Assessment  Recruitment  Full Utilization  Coordination of Sites Look More Closely  Coordination of Program Efforts  Non-Federal Matching Funds  Disability Services  Other

8  In teams of 4, review and match criteria with their corresponding areas of agreement  10 minutes Activity

9  What else can be included in the agreement (e.g., other areas of agreement)?  What are the benefits of completing this agreement each year?  What are the challenges with completing this agreement each year? Discussion

10 Working Together

11  Sharing information  Making referrals  Coordinating schedules  Listing each other’s events on websites, newsletters Adapted from NCHHS Coordination

12  Common effort for purpose of common benefit  Developing trust and identifying better ways to do things  Working across several agencies to provide services to the same families Adapted from NCHHS Cooperation

13 Involves key stakeholders Establishes clear outcomes Defines decision making processes Includes conflict management Sustains through policies and procedures Adapted from NCFL Collaboration

14  At your table, mark your full utilization document: A triangle beside criteria addressed through coordination A circle beside criteria addressed through cooperation A plus beside criteria addressed through collaboration Activity

15  Which areas of the agreement are accomplished through coordination?  What about cooperation?  Which areas absolutely require collaboration? Discussion

16 Types of Program

17  State Funded enhancement is the only exception to the rule that Head Start children are not included on the Kentucky Preschool Enrollment Count.  Head Start program must already fully fund and serve at least the minimum target enrollment of 4-year olds in an unduplicated count. What is Enhancement?

18  Four year olds must be eligible for Head Start and most in need of services. The children receive comprehensive services; preschool services are state- funded and meet Head Start Performance Standards as well as state preschool regulations.  Option must be agreed upon in advance by the local school district and the Head Start program, as well as reflected in Full Utilization Agreement. What is Enhancement?

19  Stand Alone  Site sharing  Partially Blended  Fully Blended How can we collaborate?

20 Strategies

21  Communication/Information Sharing  Work Groups  Building Enthusiasm by Solving Problems  Reinforcements  Professional Learning—Growing Together Plan for Success

22  Early Learning Leadership Networks (ELLNs)  Drive with partners to events  Invite others to “internal” meetings  Include collaborative partners when state and national individuals come in for a visit Plan for Success

23  Regional Training Centers  Child Care Aware  Head Start State Collaboration Office  Head Start Training and Technical Assistance  Kentucky Head Start Association Resources

24 Updates and Trends

25  New eligibility requirements for Head Start/Preschool entry  Expanding eligibility for preschool to 160% poverty in 2015-16  Restoration of federal Head Start funding  Additional $18 million in preschool funding in 2015-16  Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant What’s around the corner?

26 There’s always a way through things if you work hard and look close. It depends on your level of determination. Liz Murray

27 Bill Buchanan School Readiness Branch Manager Kentucky Department of Education 502-564-7056 Contact

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