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2014 Homeless Awareness Panel Belfast Met Grace Price’s Presentation 1Grace Price.

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1 2014 Homeless Awareness Panel Event @ Belfast Met Grace Price’s Presentation 1Grace Price

2 Opening slide  My talk today will cover;  Self introduction;  My history of: 1)As a woman who was Homelessness; 2)Self-harming; 3)My involvement with Social Work? 4)My involvement with other agencies / services;  Road to hopefulness 2Grace Price

3 As a woman who was Homelessness: 1)How I became Homeless… 2)…And started self-harming; 3)My experiences of living in homeless: I.Hostels; II.Night Shelter; III.…and streets! 4)How did SW do? 5)How did medical professionals do? 6)How did Homeless professionals do? 3Grace Price

4 My Road to Hopefulness 1/4 Where I am today; My Hopes; How this event draws awareness to homelessness and helps me; My 3 key ‘take-away’ ’messages: 1)Treat the person as a human being not a label, number, form to be filled in, or to be judged, etc; 2)Have a better understanding of homelessness and self harm. 3)Be ready and willing to help people like me! 4Grace Price

5 Hopefulness 2/4 My work with Gerry 1/2 Meeting Gerry (approx. 3 years ago)…my new life begun…and got very busy! – Getting involved in his campaign about raising homelessness as a real issue; – He campaigns about…Everything! – And other campaigns (Community relations, anti-bullying, self- harm and suicide prevention, mental health awareness… – …If you know Gerry you know work isn’t 9-5 and everybody matters to Gerry… – …he just doesn’t do the talking he does the walking – what he says you can depend on and him…and that really matters to me and other service users!); 5Grace Price

6 Hopefulness 3/4 Gerry has become my agent My public appearances addressing homelessness and various audiences as a service user have included: 3 HAPs at Belfast Met (2012;2013; and today); 2014 HAP Event @ QUB; NISCC User & Carer Participation Group; Anti-bullying initiatives;  And outside of Gerry, I Work with Zest in Londonderry/Derry. 6Grace Price

7 Hopefulness and new career!! …And I his bodyguard! Attended 2013 SW Awards ceremony as Gerry’s guest Grace Price7

8 Something for you to think on! Here is a few quotes I like you to think about in helping you understand self harm. I'm the same as you but when you hurt you talk…when I hurt, I cut. Words hurt…I have the scars to prove it!. These scars help me know that I can get through this! I self-harm because I am hurting inside; Don`t misunderstand self harm as attention seeking act, because we don`t do it in public…we do it when we find ourselves alone. 8Grace Price

9 Conclusion Thank you for listening to my story and I hope it has helped you understand:  Homelessness;  Self-harm;  And how as a social worker, journalist, or helper of any kind, YOU can help me and others like me a bit more / better! The reason I do these presentations is: A Thank you to Gorgeous Gerry…. …If we had more Gerrys in this world we would have a lot more positive change, especially in this area of homelessness! Thank YOU! 9Grace Price

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