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Getting to Know The Office of Public School Construction New Superintendents Symposium Small School Districts’ Association July 21, 2011.

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1 Getting to Know The Office of Public School Construction New Superintendents Symposium Small School Districts’ Association July 21, 2011

2 The Office of Public School Construction Implements and administers the $35 billion voter-approved School Facility Program and other programs of the State Allocation Board (SAB) OPSC Executive Management: Lisa Silverman, Acting Executive Officer   916.375.4751

3 Authorized Bond Authority

4 State Allocation Board The SAB meets monthly to apportion funds to the school districts, act on appeals, and adopt policies and regulations SAB membership is comprised of:  Director of Finance (the traditional chair)  Director of the Department of General Services  Superintendent of Public Instruction  Three members of the Senate  Three members of the Assembly  One appointee by the Governor

5 State Allocation Board Members  Ana Matosantos, Chair Director, Department of Finance Designee: Pedro Reyes, Chief Deputy Director  Fred Klass Director, Department of General Services Designee: Scott Harvey, Chief Deputy Director  Tom Torlakson State Superintendent of Public Instruction, California Department of Education Designee: Kathleen Moore, Director, School Facilities Planning Division  Vacant, Governor’s Appointee

6 State Allocation Board Members  Senator Alan Lowenthal 27 th District: Artesia, Avalon, Bellflower, Cerritos, Downey, Florence-Graham, Hawaiian Gardens, Lakewood, Long Beach, Lynwood, Paramount, Signal Hill, South Gate, and Willowbrook  Senator Loni Hancock 9 th District: Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Castro Valley, Dublin, El Sobrante, Emeryville, Livermore, Oakland, Piedmont, Richmond, and San Pablo  Senator Sharon Runner 17 th District: Los Angeles County: Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Northridge, Granada Hills, Chatsworth, Sunland, and Tujunga. San Bernardino County: Victor Valley. Ventura County: Carpentaria, Santa Paula, Fillmore and Piru

7 State Allocation Board Members  Assembly Member Julia Brownley 41 st District: Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Encino, Hidden Hills, Malibu, Oak Park, Oxnard, Pacific Palisades, Port Hueneme, Santa Monica, Tarzana, Topanga, Westlake Village and Woodland Hills  Assembly Member Joan Buchanan 15 th District: Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento and San Joaquin counties, Brentwood, Danville, Elk Grove, Galt, Livermore, Oakley, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Stockton and Walnut Creek.  Assembly Member Curt Hagman 60 th District: Anaheim, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Industry, La Habra, La Habra Heights, La Mirada, Orange, Rowland Heights, San Dimas, Villa Park, Walnut, Whittier and Yorba Linda

8 SAB Committees Informal Advisory Committee:  Implementation Committee Organizations representing schools and stakeholders in the school facilities community SAB Subcommittees:  Audit: Senator Lowenthal, Chair Scott Harvey, Kathleen Moore  Personnel: Kathleen Moore, Chair Assembly Member Buchanan, Pedro Reyes  Priorities in School Construction Funding/ Cash Management: Pedro Reyes, Chair Assembly Member Buchanan, Scott Harvey, Kathleen Moore  Rules and Procedures: Senator Hancock, Chair Assembly Member Brownley, Scott Harvey  Seismic Mitigation: Scott Harvey, Chair Assembly Member Buchanan, Kathleen Moore

9 Programs Administered by OPSC School Facility Program  New Construction  Modernization  Career Technical Education  Charter School Facilities  Critically Overcrowded School  Hardship – Facility & Financial  High Performance Incentive  Joint Use  Overcrowding Relief Grant  Seismic Mitigation Other Programs  Deferred Maintenance  Emergency Repair  State Relocatable Classroom  Unused Sites Reporting  Facilities Reports (Community Schools, Expelled Pupils, ROP)

10 Remaining Bond Authority as of July 2011 $1.925 billion* includes all Propositions (1A, 47, 55, 1D)

11 Standard Project Approval Process

12 Unfunded Approval Priority Funding Apportionment Bond Sale Apportionment Process

13 Modernization Improvements to educationally enhance existing school facilities  $702.3 million available  60/40 state and local sharing basis  Which buildings qualify? Portable buildings over 20 years old Permanent buildings over 25 years old

14 Modernization Common Project Elements  Accessibility/Fire & Life Safety upgrades  Like-for-like replacement of old and/or portable classrooms  50 Year-Old Building upgrades, including repair or replacement of old utilities  Upgrades to facilities for energy efficiency  Integration of high performance building components for “greener” building and environments

15 New Construction Adds building capacity to a school district based on projected need to house pupils  $250.1 million available  50/50 state and local sharing basis  Additional capacity includes: Construction of a new school Addition of classrooms to an existing school  Projected need determined by gap between: District’s projected enrollment Existing classroom capacity

16 Funds costs associated with housing new pupils includes the following, but not limited to:  Plan Checking  Construction Management  Site Acquisition & Development  Hazardous Waste Costs  Demolition, Landscaping  Utility Costs  Furniture & Equipment  Classrooms  Subsidiary Facilities  Outdoor Facilities  Design  Engineering  Testing  Inspection New Construction

17  Required in Projects Apportioned from: Proposition 47 Proposition 55 The Proposition appears on each SAB funding shell  Contact you Project Manager for questions regarding the LCP requirements Labor Compliance Program

18 Along with the Authorization for Fund Release (Form SAB 50-05), submit either:  A copy of the contract between the District and the LCP provider, and  A copy of the DIR letter approving the LCP contractor to initiate and enforce LCPs OR  A copy of the DIR letter approving the district to initiate and enforce LCPs internally Labor Compliance Program

19 Questions regarding the SAB 50-05 submittal process Contact:  Debra Morton, Supervisor 916.375.2033 Labor Compliance Program

20 Seismic Mitigation Repair, reconstruction, or replacement of the “most vulnerable” school facilities  $194.8 million available  All Category 2 buildings  Requirements Contract on or after May 20, 2006 Identifies the minimum work necessary to obtain DSA approval Occupied by students and staff Structural engineer’s report (with DSA concurrence) Geohazard report if necessary (with California Geological Survey concurrence)

21 Seismic Mitigation Contact Information  Dave Zian, Supervisor 916.375.4228  Alan Shoemaker, Project Manager 916.376.5359  Darlene Newman, Project Manager (Facility Hardship) 916.375.4269

22 Overcrowding Relief Grant Creation of useable outdoor space through the reduction of portable classrooms on overcrowded sites  $422.3 million available  Reduces the number of portable classrooms and replaces them with permanent classrooms at either: A.The same site (e.g. multistory), or B.Another school site  The final filing date for the eighth funding cycle is July 29, 2011.

23 Overcrowding Relief Grant Program Requirements  School site pupil population density > 175 % of CDE’s recommended density  ORG Eligibility Determination Form (CDE)  ORG Pupil Eligibility Determination (OPSC)  Narrative describing how project relieves overcrowding

24 Overcrowding Relief Grant Contact Information  Brigitte Baul, Supervisor 916.375.5984

25 High Performance Incentive Supplemental grant for projects that have increased costs associated with high performance attributes  $73.1 million available  High Performance Attributes include Promotes energy and water efficiency Maximizes the use of natural lighting Improves indoor air quality Uses recycled materials and materials that emit a minimum of toxic substances Acoustics conducive to teaching/learning

26 High Performance Incentive Contact Information:  Brian LaPask, Supervisor 916.375.4667  Tim Hegedus, Project Manager 916.375.6726

27 Facility Hardship Existing facilities must be replaced or rehabilitated due to an imminent health and safety threat, or have been lost to fire, flood, earthquake or other disaster Contact Information:  Karen Mandell, Supervisor 916.376.8959  Darlene Newman 916.375.4269

28 Financial Hardship Provides assistance for districts that cannot provide all or part of their local share for a SFP project Contact Information:  Jason Hernandez, Audit Supervisor 916.376.5369  Steve Inman, Audit Supervisor 916.375.4576

29 OPSC Contacts  Main Phone: (916) 376-1771  Directory of Services –  SFP Contacts by County-

30 Information Available on our Website:  Upcoming Meetings  Meeting Agendas  Program Information  Program Forms  Newsletter: Building Blocks  OPSC Performance Metrics

31 Useful Tools: Grant Calculator Enrollment Projection Calculator Project Tracking Online Applications

32 Receive notices via email: OPSC Electronic Meeting Notification Sign Up Quick Links

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