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Rubio Rodriguez Mike Vimke Chamaine Washington.

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1 Rubio Rodriguez Mike Vimke Chamaine Washington










11 - Tsunami and hurricanes Excess of salt water to fresh water and salt water marshes (short trees, grass-like plants and water) - Sea level rise Due to glaciers advancing and retreating - Deltaic life/Compaction Increased soil density: reduced porosity due to movement of sediments containing water - Subsidence Natural sinking of coastal land into the ocean due to the progressive loss of loosely deposited sediments to the see

12 Habitat loss is the main cause of biodiversity loss Agriculture Forestry Urban development Water projects


14 Set priorities Find biodiversity hotspots A map of the 25 hotspots, which comprise 3-30% of the red areas. The 8 hottest hotspots in terms of 5 factors: 1.# of plants 2.# of vertebrates 3.Plant/area ratio 4.Vertebrate/area ratio 5.% of remaining primary vegetation compared to original

15 The major threat to terrestrial systems and ocean fisheries are not the same Marine protected areas (or MPAs) can be utilized to address habitat loss in marine systems Three approaches: 1. 1. Terrestrial park legislation can be extended to cover marine areas 2. 2. Fisheries legislation can be extended to include protection of their habitat 3. 3. Create a new governing agency to oversee designated areas

16 Works Cited montego1.jpg montego1.jpg 0401/jpg/picture2.jpg 0401/jpg/picture2.jpg mages/2008/0620/p01s03-usgn.html/alevees_g1_l.gif/6124170-1- eng-US/ALEVEES_G1_L.gif_full_600.gif mages/2008/0620/p01s03-usgn.html/alevees_g1_l.gif/6124170-1- eng-US/ALEVEES_G1_L.gif_full_600.gif e_image.jpg e_image.jpg /wiki1.jpg?version=1&modificationDate=1288975992000 /wiki1.jpg?version=1&modificationDate=1288975992000

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