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The Christian & The Government. What About Pacificsm? Text: Matthew 5.38-45 Peace at any cost? If so, what does Ephesians 5.11 mean? Why does I Peter.

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1 The Christian & The Government

2 What About Pacificsm? Text: Matthew 5.38-45 Peace at any cost? If so, what does Ephesians 5.11 mean? Why does I Peter 4.3,4 happen? We know Matthew 5.9 is true… Yet, Romans 12.18… It is sometimes not possible to have peace with some

3 Caution: Romans 12.9-21 is not the same as Romans 13.1-7 Chapter 12: individual duty… Deals with insult, not injury

4 Consider Matthew 5.38-40 How could you do good, feed, etc. someone who was… beating your son, raping your daughter, about to kill you? This text does not apply to thugs, bullies, and their violent actions upon you Chapter 13: collective duty for all and how Christians fit in

5 Errors Regarding Romans 13— Some contend: “God gives the Government the right to bear the sword, but Christians cannot be a part of that” They say: “It does not matter that a non- Christian is a Government official and must put a murderer to death since this non- Christian is already in sin.” This implies that the death of a murderer is immoral, and putting him to death is a sin. This also implies God has two sets of morality for mankind How can what God ordained be sinful?

6 Does God sin? Is He immoral? James 1.13 God has never asked nor used anyone, sinner or saint, to do something sinful or immoral! Never!

7 Our Last Lesson… Showed that what God ordains is moral, the Government is God ordained, thus, to work in the Government is a moral occupation.

8 Question: How can it be morally correct for a Christian to call upon an immoral person to do what is immoral for the Christian to do? How could an immoral person be qualified to do a moral work, yet a moral person [Christian] is not qualified to do that same moral task? This is contradictory and irrational!

9 Paul Took Advantage Of The Government’s Protection: Acts 23.16-end If the plotters succeeded in attacking Paul, and the soldiers had to kill them to protect Paul, would this have been immoral? If so, why did Paul suggest his nephew tell the centurion of the plot?

10 Where Is The Consistency? I Timothy 2.1,2— If the pacifist is correct, then sinners can do God’s will while Christians pray for their success in doing so! Put another way: immoral people can do a moral work for God, while God’s moral people [Christians] pray that the immoral people will succeed!

11 What About Personal Protection? Is it immoral for a Christian to prevent sin by preventing a crime? In view of Romans 12.18, since some men cannot be appeased, would it be immoral for a Christian to keep a thug from beating a woman or raping her; or keep the kidnapper from taking his child for ransom? Would it be immoral for a Christian to keep a killer from taking his life?

12 Proverbs 3.27— In light of this passage, crime prevention could be, and many times is the best “good” one could do for the criminal.

13 Does God Forbid Christians To Protect Themselves? What did Jesus mean: Matthew 5.38,39? Subject is not dealing with self-defense from a thief or thug, But persecution because of your faith This agrees with Romans 12.17-21 This rules out vigilantism… …not self-preservation!

14 Matthew 5.39… Is not without qualification Keep doctrines in their proper contexts Did Jesus violate His own rule? John 18.19-24 Why did He not “turn the other cheek”? Why did He speak up for Himself when he was slapped? What did He mean by verse 36? Would Jesus’ servants really “FIGHT”? Is the Lord being INCONSISTENT?

15 Matthew 5.39… What did Paul do and say? Acts 23.1-5 He protested the unjust treatment and scolded the soldier! Why did he not “turn the other cheek”?

16 What About Matthew 5.44? To desire the best [love] for an evil person does not place an evil person’s actions above the welfare of yourself or your loved ones if this evil person is harming them! One takes precedence over the other

17 We Dare Not Harm Out Of Hatred… But if harming the villain is the only course to protect the innocent It is an act of love for the one being harmed Do not forget: II Peter 2.12… “But these, as creatures without reason, born mere animals to be taken and destroyed”

18 What About Peter And His Sword? Matthew 26.52 Why did Jesus not tell Peter to throw away his sword? He was told to “put it away” only Why did Jesus not scold Peter?

19 What Does “Take Up” Mean? “To take as a constant practice, typical, usual as a habit… …to use as a tool at certain times” In fact, Jesus told his apostles to buy a sword! Luke 22.36,38 Why? What was about to take place?

20 Jesus’ Arrest! What did they ask Jesus when the soldiers came with Judas? Luke 22.49—Shall we fight? (Peter did not wait for Jesus’ answer!) Verse 51— “Allow them to do this for now…” Note: Jesus did not forbid fighting… But bade them not to fight at this time!

21 Jesus’ Arrest! He did not forbid self-protection… He did not forbid the innocent protecting another He made the point that this is part of the Father’s plan for your salvation… “Let them have Me!” In no Bible text Does God forbid His people to protect themselves from mere thugs, bullies, murderers, rapists, thieves, and other violent behaviors!

22 So Why Buy A “Sword”? Carnal weapons are not for spiritual war… II Corinthians 10.3,4 Ephesians 6.12 We do not teach, preach, convert by force!

23 Carnal weapons… Are for carnal [bodily], physical protection For oneself, and for the innocent who need protection If this is true for the individual… Why is it not true for a nation? Not all people engaged in war are acting immorally Some are trying to protect and preserve their nation

24 What Is The 2 nd Greatest Commandment? Mark 12.31 “Self” must come before your neighbor You cannot love your neighbor if you do not love yourself properly You do not love yourself properly if you harm yourself, or allow another to do so Ephesians 5.29

25 “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” Is found 9 times in the New Testament It is never taught as a reaction or response to someone who is harming you… It is taught as a proactive attitude toward those around you It is similar to the “golden rule” of Matthew 7.12

26 MISINTERPRETATION— To use the “Golden Rule,” the “2 nd Great Commandment,” “Turning The Other Cheek,” and “Loving Your Enemies” as justification for pacifism is not proper Biblical interpretation nor application! To use these doctrines to allow a murderer, thief, kidnapper, or rapist to do harm is immoral!

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