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JESUS COMMANDED BAPTISM Q. 1) What is the Gospel Commission? –M–Matthew 28:19 –“–“Go and TEACH all nations, BAPTISING them.”

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2 JESUS COMMANDED BAPTISM Q. 1) What is the Gospel Commission? –M–Matthew 28:19 –“–“Go and TEACH all nations, BAPTISING them.”

3 Q. 2) How important is baptism? – M– Mark 16:16 –“–“He that BELIEVES and is BAPTISED will be SAVED; but he that does NOT BELIEVE will be CONDEMNED.”

4 Q. 3) What are some forms of baptism used today? –a–a. Immersionb. Trine immersion –c–c. Aspersiond. Infusion –e–e. Rose petals, salt sprinkled –f–f. Anointed with oil –g–g. Wine poured on you –h–h. Dry cleaning method –i–i. Words spoken over you –j–j. The Holy Spirit in the life –k–k. Symbolic or figurative

5 Q. 4) At least 15 ceremonies are called baptism today. Most people believe that any type of baptism is acceptable as long as a person is sincere. What does the Bible say about this? –Ephesians 4:5 –“One LORD, one FAITH, one BAPTISM.”

6 JESUS COMMANDED BAPTISM Q. 5) What does the word Baptise mean? –Ephesians 4:5 –TO DIP, SUBMERGE, OR IMMERSE

7 JESUS COMMANDED BAPTISM Q. 6) Who is my example in everything, including Baptism? –1 Peter 2:21 –JESUS

8 JESUS COMMANDED BAPTISM Q. 7) What form of Baptism did John use when he baptised Jesus? –Mark 1:9-11 –IMMERSION

9 JESUS COMMANDED BAPTISM Q. 8) When John at first refused to baptise Jesus, what did Jesus tell him? –Matthew 3:13-15 –“Permit it to be so now; for thus it is FITTING for us to FULFILL all RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

10 JESUS COMMANDED BAPTISM Q. 9) Why did John baptise in Aenon? –John 3:23 –“BECAUSE there was much WATER there.”

11 JESUS COMMANDED BAPTISM Q. 10) Some say that the disciples changed the method of baptism. What did Paul say about even angels who try to teach something different from what Jesus taught? –Galatians 1:11,12,8,9 –“Let him be ACCURSED.”

12 JESUS COMMANDED BAPTISM Q. 11) Philip, an evangelist who preached after the ascension of Jesus, baptised the treasurer of Ethiopia. What method of baptism did he use? –Acts 8:27-39 –IMMERSION

13 BAPTISM IS IMPORTANT Q. 12) According to Jesus, how important is baptism? –John 3:5 –“EXCEPT a man be BORN of WATER and of the SPIRIT, he CANNOT ENTER into the KINGDOM of GOD.”

14 BAPTISM IS IMPORTANT Q. 13) Since Jesus instituted only immersion, where did these other forms of baptism come from? –Matthew 15:9 –“In vain do they worship me, TEACHING as DOCTRINES the COMMANDMENTS of MEN.”

15 BAPTISM IS IMPORTANT Q. 14) Some say that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is all that God requires. Is this true? –Acts 10:44-48 –NO

16 According to the Bible, before Baptism a person must : A. be taught and accept all of Jesus’ teachings. B. believe these teachings from his heart. C. repent D. turn away from sin. E. accept Jesus Christ as their saviour.

17 BAPTISM IS IMPORTANT Q. 15) In light of the preceding, should infants be baptised? –NO

18 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 16) In Noah’s day the people were saved by getting into the ark. What does God provide today in place of the ark? –1 Peter 3:20,21 –“The like FIGURE/ANTITYPE whereunto even BAPTISM which now SAVE us.”

19 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 17) With whom is a person united at baptism? –Galatians 3:27 –“As many of you as have been BAPTISED … have put on CHRIST.”

20 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 18) Baptism is a public declaration of our relationship to JESUS. What is the experience of the person who is “in Christ”? –2 Corinthians 5:17 –He is a new CREATURE

21 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 19) Some people worship on Sunday in honour of the resurrection. What did Jesus ask us to do in honour of His death, burial and resurrection? –Romans 6:4-6 –BE BAPTISED

22 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 20) The Bible is clear that those who are to be saved must become members of God’s church, Acts 2:47. What public ceremony makes entrance into the church ‘official’? –1 Corinthians 12:13 –“For by one SPIRIT we are all BAPTISED into one BODY.”

23 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 21) Is re-baptism ever proper? –Act 19:2-5 –YES

24 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 22) Once a person has met Jesus’ conditions for baptism, how soon should he be baptised? –Acts 22:16 –AT ONCE

25 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 23) When I refuse baptism, whose counsel am I rejecting? –Luke 7:30 –I am rejecting the “counsel of GOD.”

26 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 24) When Jesus was baptised, what did the Father in heaven say? –Mark 1:11 –“You are my BELOVED SON, in whom I am WELL PLEASED. ”

27 BAPTISM AND SALVATION Q. 25) When people follow Jesus in baptism by immersion today, He still says, “I am pleased with you.” Wouldn’t you like to prepare for this sacred ceremony so Jesus can be pleased with your baptism?

28 Lesson 16 - Quiz 1. Baptism is as essential to a _________ as the ______________ is to a marriage. (Answer found in note 17.) 2. Jesus said unless we are baptised by water (our choice) and the Spirit (His choice) we ______________ enter into His kingdom. (Answer found in John 3:5) 3. Before a person is baptised, the following must take place: (Answer found in Q.14) –a. ___________ –b. ___________ –c. ___________ CHRISTIAN WEDDING CANNOT TAUGHT BELIEVE REPENT Could also have: - TURN AWAY FROM SIN EXPERIENCE NEW BIRTH

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