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Is The Christian Church The New Testament church? Short Answer: NO!

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1 Is The Christian Church The New Testament church? Short Answer: NO!

2 Facts: Some “ Churches of Christ ” are not or at least no longer New Testament churches No denomination is the Lord ’ s church … They are only denominations A “ denomination ” is a “ part ” of an original The Lord ’ s church is not a denomination … It IS the original! The long answer will prove it

3 Why are so many desiring fellowship with denominations? Perhaps because of I Samuel 8.5 Real question — Romans 4.3 We must ever Acts 17.11 It is never correct to ask “ What ’ s wrong with …” Rather, ask “ What ’ s RIGHT with …” Or, “ Where is the authority for …”

4 My assumption — We all desire to obey Titus 1.9 We must know what the Bible teaches regarding … The Lord ’ s church — Ephesians 3.11 Denominations [including the Christian Church] — Matthew 15.9 … 13 Fellowship — Ephesians 5.6,7 … I John 1.3,7

5 Is the Christian Church the New Testament church? No, it fails in at least these passages — Acts 2.42 — apostles ’ doctrine … II John 9 — abiding in Christ ’ s doctrine … It opposes Romans 12.1,2 All the Christian Church has proved … It wants “ religion ” on its own terms Colossians 2.23

6 A closer look at Romans 12.1,2 Good means “ righteous ” Psalm 119.172 Therefore, “ good ” is what the Bible teaches Acceptable means “ pleasing ” Hebrews 11.6 Therefore, pleasing God is based upon The Faith Perfect means “ mature ” Matthew 5.48 Ephesians 5.1

7 The Christian Church does not imitate God … Because they are not children of God! They cannot please Him because they do not practice The Faith [Jude 3] … Thus, they cannot be considered righteous!

8 Is the Christian Church the New Testament church? No, because God does not have grandchildren! A child of a child of God, is not God’s grandchild… That person is lost until they become a child of God, a Christian, saved, a member of the Lord’s church! [tree]

9 The Christian Church of today … Is not the Christian Church of a hundred years ago! 1848 marks the beginning of the end … Mechanical instruments were introduced … Mission work was done through “ societies ”… Benevolence was given over to “ institutions ”… Biblical education was given over to “ secular ” colleges

10 The Christian Church of today … Never was the church of Christ … It Has always been a denomination Those Who Split in 1848-1906 formed something different [Galatians 1.6,7] They could have repented & been restored Those added to that following today … Are added to a denomination, not the church of Christ! God does not add people to “ denominations ”

11 A parallel—

12 18,19 Centuries Ago … II Thessalonians 2 Paul describes The “ falling away ” ; the man of sin The apostasy that became the Roman Catholic Church Those of that day could have simply repented & be restored But is this true of Catholics today? No! Those added to Catholicism today are part of something entirely different

13 Christians who join denominations … Must repent if they expect to be saved But members of denominations … Must repent & obey the Gospel … If they expect to be considered and called Christians!

14 Is the Christian Church the New Testament church? Some Say “ Yes, to the degree that they teach the truth ” Like being “ kind of, partly, sort of saved ” What did Jesus say? [Matthew 12.30] “ Just alike but different ” [Contradiction] Just alike but they use instrumental music ” [Ignorance] Like saying: “ We went to different high schools together ”

15 Most people miss this simple, Biblical fact: Truth becomes lies in the mouths of liars! Mark 1.34 John 8.44

16 In the garden of Eden … The devil added to the word of God … At the temptation of Jesus … He misapplied the word of God

17 The Christian Church denomination Does the same thing with Acts 2.38 … They apply “ remission of sins ” to their denomination not the church of Christ Galatians 4.9 Not true of denominations Matthew 7.21-23 Christ does not know members of denominations

18 Not just anyone may use God ’ s words — Psalm 50.16,17 Acts 16.16-18 Acts 19.13-16 Those who do not belong to Christ have no authority to use His word!

19 I know a preacher who asserts — “ Catholics have authority from God to teach against abortion …” “ Baptists have authority from God to teach against alcohol... ” “… because God ’ s word is quick & powerful ”

20 Fact: These denominations have no more authority to do God ’ s Work … Than the Salvation Army has to do benevolence!! If these act by God ’ s authority … By what authority do we NOT have fellowship with them in these works? Such thinking contradicts Ephesians 5.11

21 Someone will say … “ But benevolence is not evil ” True, but don ’ t forget — I John 2.21 James 2.10 Matthew 7.23 Ephesians 2.10

22 Is the Christian Church the New Testament church? No, it fails to Acts 6.7

23 Question from Acts 19.3 — Some say “ If the phrase ‘ remission of sins ’ is used then they are saved ” If true: Mormons, “ Jehovah Witnesses, ” Primitive Baptists, some Catholics, certain sects in India are our brethren [which church?]

24 Fact: One who is taught by a denominational teacher … Denominational doctrine … About a denominational organization … Regarding denominational membership … And denominational worship & practice …  Though “ remission of sins ” is pronounced … That person does not suddenly become a “ brother in error ” Colossians 2.12 — their faith is not in God ’ s work but in denominational doctrine!

25 Fellowship & Acts 2.38 Those who say Christian Church members only need to repent … Put the cart before the horse They teach Acts 2.38 the way Baptists teach Mark 16.16 Baptists teach: “ He that believeth & is saved should be baptized ”

26 To accept Christian Church members as Christians… They must teach Acts 2.38 this way: “ Be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ unto remission of sins and then repent ” One is just as false a doctrine as the other!

27 Is the Christian Church the New Testament church? No, they are not a part of & do not know about the kingdom!

28 4 things about Acts 8.12 1-things [good tidings, Gospel] are death, burial, resurrection of Christ — I Corinthians 15.1-4 2-the kingdom is the church Of Christ — Colossians 1.13 3-the name of Christ is the authority of Christ — Colossians 3.17 4-baptism is salvation & entry into the body, which is the church — I Corinthians 12.13 Ephesians 4.4 Ephesians 5.23,26 — what word? As the Bible teaches!

29 Christian Church members do not know about the kingdom … They might understand #1,3,4 … But miss #2 and its connection with #4 They do not teach that the kingdom is the church of Christ … They teach the kingdom is the Christian Church, or some “ body ” made up of all the denominations! They fail to Acts 20.27 Remember … James 2.10!

30 Is the Christian Church the New Testament church? No, because their heart is not right [Acts 8.21] Their heart is not right because their conscience is not sprinkled clean [Hebrews 10.22] Their conscience is not clean because they did not appeal to God correctly [I Peter 3.21] They appealed to God through a lie [II Thessalonians 2.11] You cannot be taught wrong and baptized right! Baptism is where Acts 2.47 & I Corinthians 12.13 takes place [the Christian Church is not the body!] To follow a “ form ” that adds you to a denomination … Is not to follow God ’ s form [Romans 6.17] and be added to His Son ’ s kingdom, the church of Christ!

31 Until they follow God’s true form of doctrine… They have not yet died to sin [Romans 6.7] And cannot consider themselves dead to sin and alive to God through Christ [Romans 6.11] Christian Church members are members of a denomination … … and are not members of the Lord ’ s church, the church of Christ!

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