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The Linguistics Society Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4.

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1 The Linguistics Society Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4

2 Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4 Revision for lesson 3

3 Vocabulary – HK Places 彩虹 Choi2 Hung4 Choi Hung = Choi Hung 坑口 Haang1 Hau2 Hang Hau = Hang Hau 尖沙咀 Jim1 Sa1 Jeui2 Jim Sa Jui = Tsim Sha Tsui 中環 Jung1 Waan4 Jone Wan = Central

4 Vocabulary - Transportation 巴士 ba1 si2 ba see = Bus 小巴 siu2 ba1 seal ba = Minibus 地鐵 Dei6 Tit3 Day Titt = MTR 的士 dik1 si2 dick see = Taxi

5 Vocabulary - Directions 左 jo2 jor = Left 右 yau6 yau = Right 上 seung6 song = Up 下 ha6 ha = Down 直行 jik6 haang4 jick hang = Go Straight 轉左 / 右 jyun3 jo2/ yau6 june jor/ yau = Turn Left/Right

6 Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4 Finals

7 LongShort Vowel (+ending) ExampleEnglishVowel (+ending) ExampleEnglish a ja 炸 Deep- fried aai faai 快 fast ai fai 費 spend aau gaau 教 teach au gau 夠 enough aam gaam 鑑 examine am Gam 禁 forbid

8 Finals Long Short Vowel (+ending) ExampleEnglishVowel (+endin g) ExampleEnglish aan jaan 讚 praise an jan 震 shake aang saang 生 to be born ang sang 生 life aap saap 霎 instant ap sap 濕 wet aat baat ハ eight at bat 筆 pen aak Haak 嚇 intimidate ak hak 黑 Dark

9 Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4 Common Terms in HKUST

10 Vocabulary – Common Terms 摺 Jip3 jeep = fold = Describe people who seldom social with others

11 Vocabulary – Common Terms 屈機 Wat1 Gei1 What gay = Describe people that possess superior ability

12 Vocabulary – Common Terms 屈蛇 Wat1 se4 What sand = describe people who do not have a hall place, but live in their friends room

13 Vocabulary – Common Terms 好 Hou2 Ho = Good = Very

14 Vocabulary – Common Terms 好 hea Hou2 Hea Ho Hea = Very Lazy

15 Vocabulary – Common Terms 灰 Fui1 Fool = grey = upset

16 Vocabulary – Common Terms 爛 Laan6 lend = bad/poor

17 Vocabulary – Common Terms 頹 Teui4 Tou = describe people who lack enthusiasm in their work

18 Vocabulary – Common Terms 頹飯 Teui4 Faan6 Tou fan =describe meals that are cheap and of poorer quality

19 Vocabulary – Common Terms 熬底 Ngaau4 Dai2 Out day = Frightened

20 Vocabulary – Common Terms 上莊 Seung5 jong1 Sheung john =describe people who become executive committee members of societies

21 Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4 練習 lin6 zaap6 Self-Practice

22 Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4 Places in HKUST

23 Vocabulary – UST Places 火雞 Fo2 Gai1 Fall gay = Roasted Turkey =

24 Vocabulary – UST Places 天一泉 Tin1 Yat1 Chyun4 Tin Yut Tsuen = Fountain outside LG7 Canteen

25 Vocabulary – UST Places 蘑菇 Mo4 Gu1 More Gu =Mushroom = a wall in Atrium

26 Vocabulary – UST Places 演講廳 Yin2 Gong2 Teng1 In Gong Tang = Lecture Theatre(LT)

27 Vocabulary – UST Places 宿舍 Suk1 Se2 Soak Sai = Hall

28 Vocabulary – UST Places 拉把 Laai1 Ba2 Lai Ba = Library

29 Vocabulary – HK Places 摺拉把 Jip3 Laai1 Ba2 Jeep Lai Ba = study in the library

30 Vocabulary – UST Places 圖書館 Tou4 Syu1 Gun2 Toll Su Gou = Library (in a formal way)

31 Vocabulary – UST Places 怪獸 Lift Gwaai3 Sau3 Lift Gai South Lift = Monster Lift = Lift 21

32 Vocabulary – UST Places 實驗室 Sat6 Yim6 Sat1 Suck Yim Sei = Laboratory

33 Vocabulary – UST Places 酒樓 Jau2 Lau4 Jaw Lau = Restaurant

34 Vocabulary – UST Places 南北小廚 Naam4 Bak1 Siu2 Cheui4 Lam Buck Seal Chu = Name of the Chinese Restaurant in HKUST

35 Vocabulary – UST Places 獸醫 Sau3 Yi1 Sao E = Doctor in UST

36 Vocabulary – UST Places 大斜 Daai6 Che4 Die Chee = Main Road in UST

37 Revision - Location  請問_____點去?  Ching2 man6 _____ dim2 heui3?  Ching man _____ dim hui?  = (Polite) How can I get to _____?

38 Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4 練習 lin6 zaap6 Self-Practice

39 Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4 Measure Words

40 Vocabulary – Measure words 杯 Bui1 booi 1. same as “cup of” 2. drinks

41 Vocabulary – Measure words 一杯水 Yat1 Bui1 Seui2 Yut Booi Soy = a “cup of” water

42 Vocabulary – Measure words 一杯咖啡 Yat1 Bui1 Ka1 Fa2 Yut Booi Ga Fair = a cup of coffee

43 Vocabulary – Measure words 罐 gun3 goon 1. same as “can of” 2. foods or drinks 3. something contained in a can

44 Vocabulary – Measure words 一罐可樂 yat2 gun3 ho2 lok3 yut goon hor lok = a can of cola

45 Vocabulary – Measure words 一罐罐頭 yāt gun3 gun3 dau2 yut goon goon tow = a can

46 Vocabulary – Measure words 盒 hap6 hub 1. same as “box of” 2. foods, drinks 3. something contained in a box

47 Vocabulary – Measure words 一盒朱古力 yat1 hap6 jyu1 gu1 lik1 yut hub ju goo lick = a box of chocolate

48 Vocabulary – Measure words 一盒雪糕 yat1 hap6 syut3 gou1 yut hub suet go = a box of ice cream

49 Vocabulary – Measure words 包 baau1 bao 1. same as “pack of”, “packet of”, “bag of” 2. foods or drinks 3. something packed in a bag like garbage

50 Vocabulary – Measure words 一包花生 yat1 baau1 fa1 sang1 yut bao fa sung = a pack of peanuts

51 Vocabulary – Measure words 一包薯片 yat1 baau1 syu4 pin2 yut bao she pin = a pack of potato chips

52 Vocabulary – Measure words 本 bun2 boon 1. usually books 2. textbooks, magazines, passports

53 Vocabulary – Measure words 一本書 y1t1 bun2 syu1 yut boon she = a book

54 Vocabulary – Measure words 一本雜誌 yat1 bun2 jaah6 ji3 yut boon job g = a magazine

55 Vocabulary – Measure words 一本護照 yat1 bun2 wu6 jiu3 yut boon woo jill = a passport

56 Vocabulary – Measure words 張 jeung1 cheung 1. usually used to describe paper 2. cards, photos, tissue, credit card

57 Vocabulary – Measure words 一張紙 yat1 jeung1 ji2 yut cheung jee = a piece of paper

58 Vocabulary – Measure words 一張相 yat1 jeung1 seung2 yut cheung sheung = a photo

59 Vocabulary – Measure words 一張紙巾 yat1 jeung1 ji2 gan1 yut cheung jee gun = a piece of tissue

60 Vocabulary – Measure words 一張信用卡 yat1 jeung1 seun3 yung6 kaat1 yut cheung son yong card = a credit card

61 Vocabulary – Measure words 部 bou6 bowl 1. usually electronic or electrical devices 2. televisions 3. refrigerators 4. microwave ovens 5. hi-tech products

62 Vocabulary – Measure words 一部手機 yat1 bou6 sau2 gei1 yut bowl sau gay = a mobile phone

63 Vocabulary – Measure words 一部電視 yat1 bou6 din6 si6 yut bowl dean see = a TV

64 Vocabulary – Measure words 一部NDS yat1 bou6 NDS yut bowl NDS = a NDS

65 Vocabulary – Measure words 條 tìu4 till 1. usually long objects 2. ribbons, strings, hair 3. keys, roads 4. fish 5. rude, insult if used on people!

66 Vocabulary – Measure words 一條線 yat1 tiu4 sin3 yut till sin = a line / a string

67 Vocabulary – Measure words 一條頭髮 yat1 tiu4 tau4 faat3 yut till tow fat = a hair (on your head)

68 Vocabulary – Measure words 一條街 yat1 tiu4 gaai1 yut till guy = a street

69 Vocabulary – Measure words 一條魚 yat1 tiu4 yu2 yut till yue = a fish

70 Vocabulary – Measure words 一條鎖匙 yat1 tiu4 so2 si4 yut till saw see = a key

71 Vocabulary – Measure words 一條褲 yat1 tiu4 fu3 yut till full = a pair of trousers

72 Vocabulary – Measure words 塊 faai3 fry 1. similar to “slice”, “piece” 2. usually flat in shape 3. biscuits, bread, cakes

73 Vocabulary – Measure words 一塊麵包 yat1 faai3 min6 baau1 yut fry mean bao = a piece of bread

74 Vocabulary – Measure words 一塊餅乾 yat1 faai3 beng2 gon1 yut fry bang gone = a biscuit

75 Vocabulary – Measure words 一塊薄餅 yat1 faai3 bok6 beng2 yut fry bok bang = a slice of pizza

76 Vocabulary – Measure words 一塊蛋糕 yat1 faai3 daan6 gou1 yut fry dan go = a piece of cake ≠ easy

77 Vocabulary – Measure words 一塊擦膠 yat1 faai3 chaat3 gaau1 yut fry chart gao = an eraser / a rubber

78 Cantonese Course 2007 Lesson 4 練習 lin6 zaap6 Self-Practice

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