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F. 5 Paper I Composition C3 1995 A Q. 1d Situation Mr. & Mrs. Woo.

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2 F. 5 Paper I Composition C A Q. 1d

3 Situation Mr. & Mrs. Woo

4 Questions WHY did Mr. and Mrs. Woo go for a dinner? Job promotion / wedding anniversary / birthday? WHERE did they have their dinner? Central / Causeway Bay / Wan Chai / Admiralty / Tai Koo Shing / Tsim Sha Tsui

5 Eaters Paradise – Hong Kong

6 Questions What TYPES of food did they prefer? Chinese food/ Western food/ Japanese food/ Italian food WHY did they choose that restaurant? Beautifully decorated/ famous/ expensive/ popular/ people have to queue outside the restaurant/ services is good/ staff are friendly/ prices are reasonable / good food/ lots of choices

7 Chinese Food – Hot Pot

8 Chinese Food - Dim Sum

9 Western Food

10 Western Food - Pizza

11 Japanese Food –sushi

12 Questions WHAT did they order? Starter = chef salad / Greek salad/ soup Main course = seafood (shrimps/ oysters/ crabs/ shellfish) = Vegetables (onions/ tomatoes/ potatoes/ bai choi / choi-sum/cabbage) = Pork chops/ steak/ curry chicken/ fish/ deep fried chicken/ spaghetti Bolognese/ lean meat/ congee /noodles / ham eggs/ bacon/ fried noodles fish balls Dessert = chocolate mousse/ ice-cream / tiramisu / profiteroles

13 Questions HOW did they like the food cooked? Steamed/ fried/ baked/ boiled/ grilled / roasted/ stewed WHY? Crispy / retain its natural flavor. HOW was the food? Delicious/ look good / taste good/ juicy/ salty/ hot/ spicy/ sour/ bitter/ raw (not ripe / undercooked)/ overcooked/ burnt/ meat is tough

14 Questions WHY did they order such dishes? High in calcium/ high in fiber/ high in vitamin C A/ high in protein/ high in iron/ low in fat/ low in sugar/ easy to digest/ low cholesterol level

15 Questions HOW much was the bill?. HOW did Mr. and Mrs. Woo react? Shocked/ frightened/ " Oh! My God!" "What's that? What happened then????????

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