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Trailer Tasking Technology AutoLoaderT3 Copyright © 2000.

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2 Trailer Tasking Technology AutoLoaderT3 Copyright © 2000

3 2 What is AutoLoaderT3? AutoLoaderT3 is a truck loading system:  Uses expert rule-driven planning engine to load trailers  Goal is to maximize load weight/cube and minimize loader effort Works in conjunction with WMS (Warehouse Management System)

4 3 What Can AutoLoaderT3 Do For Your Warehouse Operations? AutoLoaderT3: Reduces effort in loading trucks Supports better cube/weight utilization Saves money

5 4 TradeOff

6 5 Safe Rather Than Sorry Approach The complexity of “maxing” out a truck’s capacity has meant a safe rather than sorry approach. Shipper’s deliberately use “rules of thumb”, such as “a truckload is 44,000 lbs.” –Don’t know what tractor/trailer will be used –Loader expertise varies

7 6 Safe Rather Than Sorry Approach Need to be here

8 7 Loading is Time Intensive

9 8 AutoLoaderT3 Keeps Loads Legal AutoLoaderT3 makes safe loads that maximize the use of the trailer

10 9 Sample Results...

11 10 AutoLoaderT3 Makes the New Hire as Good as the Experienced Veteran Calculates weight/balance Configurable to the exact trailer which arrives at the dock and carrier tractors Ensures that loads fit into the assigned trailer

12 11 Sample Results...

13 12 AutoLoaderT3 Increases Productivity Reduces planning time by eliminating thinking time Eliminates double handling by sequencing staging and retrieval Tries to have loaders pick up two items at once

14 13 AutoLoaderT3 Increases Productivity Groups items to minimize number of trips to staging and storage

15 14 Sample Results...

16 15 AutoLoaderT3 Eliminates Damage Minimizes crush

17 16 AutoLoaderT3 Minimizes Damage Attempts to use forward locking to minimize transit damage

18 17 AutoLoaderT3 Reduces Overhangs “A” has no overhang if it is at the front of the trailer “B” has a partial overhang forwards, and a total overhang backwards “C”has no overhang forwards, and a partial overhang backwards “D” has no overhang forwards, but may have a total overhang backwards, depending on where the rear of the trailer is

19 18 AutoLoaderT3 Reduces Overhangs Since trucks can stop faster than they can start, a forwards overhang is worse for load stability than a backwards one

20 19 Sample Results...

21 20 AutoLoaderT3 Meets Customer Requirements Supports unloading with a pallet jack–if necessary (upper pallets cannot be removed with a pallet jack, must use forklift) Supports varying laws on gross weight & axle weight. May need to be user-set based on trailer type (i.e. tandem axle may have 34,000 lb. limit, in some areas may be 36,000 lb.)

22 21 AutoLoaderT3 Meets Customer Requirements Handles various trailer configurations Supports multi-stops

23 22 AutoLoaderT3 Meets Customer Requirements Tries to keep pallets for the same order together (may be multiple orders for the same stop)

24 23 AutoLoaderT3 Allows Loads To Be Maximized AutoLoaderT3 supports maximizing the utilization of expensive trailer capacity at 3 levels: Generic truck Carrier specific vehicle using carrier specific database of tractors and trailers (i.e. J.B. Hunt) Tractor/trailer specific Detailer setting, if desired, can be to the pin setting.

25 24 Case Study AutoLoaderT3 reduced transportation costs at a plant serving the Northeast U.S.

26 25 How AutoLoaderT3 Works

27 26 Running AutoLoaderT3

28 27 Major Inputs/Outputs – Main Screen

29 28 Major Inputs – Settings

30 29 Major Outputs – Message for Shipment

31 30 Major Outputs – Trailer Load Profile

32 31 Major Outputs – Loading Instructions

33 32 Major Benefits No overload fines More product on each trailer Less damage Increased productivity

34 33 Contact Us For More Information Warehouse Optimization, LLC Phone (615) 791-8000 Email:

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