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America’s Political heritage

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1 America’s Political heritage
The Colonial Experience Chapter 4 Section 1

2 A Voice in Government Colonists’ Rights * ‘voice in government’
- elect representatives to the legislature *1619 - representative government - Burgesses *colonists are still citizens of England

3 A Voice in Government Royal Authority
- each colony established through a charter. - England (Monarch) had final authority - Throughout ’s - England busy with war - colonists governed themselves

4 A Voice in Government page 84
What would happen if a colony challenged England’s authority?

5 A Voice in Government Preserving Rights - overtime….
- conflict occurs between colonial governors and legislatures - colonial governors - usually appointed - represented interests of England *colonial citizens resisted efforts to ignore their rights and/or weaken their legislatures

6 Citizenship in the Colonies page 86-87
Compare and Contrast ‘citizenship rights’ of an English citizen to an American citizen today.

7 Some Roots of Freedom page 88
Why was ‘Freedom of Religion’ and ‘Freedom of the Press’ so important to English colonists? What conflicts/problems have they faced in regards to these types of ‘freedoms?’

8 Some Roots of Freedom Greater Religious Freedom - Religion
- no separation between church and state - pay taxes to support official Church of England - Puritans -persecuted those who criticized their religion

9 Some Roots of Freedom Greater Religious Freedom
- Roger Williams (1636) - founded colony of Rhode Island - created a charter that promised no one would be punished “for any differences in opinions in matters of religion”

10 Some Roots of Freedom page 88-89
A Call for Freedom of the Press - John Peter Zenger’s Trial - what was the outcome?

11 Signs of Discontent Tyranny? - 1700’s
- colonists begin to believe that governors are abusing their power and authority- and are worried that they may eventually take their ‘voice in government’ away.

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