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LCMC Meeting – Spring 2013 Hong Kong Cricket Club February 19 2013.

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1 LCMC Meeting – Spring 2013 Hong Kong Cricket Club February 19 2013

2 AGENDA Confirmation of the Minutes of last meeting Report from last Executive Committee Meeting League Updates – Men’s cricket – Women’s cricket – Junior cricket – ResultsVault MDC Updates – MDC Decisions: season to date – Bonus/Penalty Points 2013-14 Season – Trial of new cricket balls – Ground availability – Proposed League changes Other Business

3 EXCO Meeting on January 31 @ KCC Confirmation of the preparation of a draft budget for HKCA – However – this budget (to be ratified at next EXCO) shows a worrying financial position – Savings being looked for with HKCA – Use of High Performance Monies / ICC / CC grants to be improved Confirmation of the HK Cricket 6s being a financial success – Costs were dramatically reduced and a footprint for future viability found – Further revenue streams to be developed next year – The money the 6s delivers should be for “development” not “support of HKCA Congratulations to the Women’s Team on their result at ACC tournament Concerns over School development

4 League Updates Men’s Cricket Improvements made at PKVR? Mission Road suitability remains a concern HKU availability a significant concern going forward Women’s Cricket Women’s roadmap produced and circulated to EXCO Fixture changes to support league during ACC tournament Grounds not a concern going forward Junior Cricket Application for synthetic roll out surface to underpin Junior availability Use of Results Vault Frankly – its very poor Penalty requirement? Player Registration for 2013 Cumbersome, time consuming and prone to error.

5 MDC Update Connie Wong / Keenu Gill – MDC decision appealed – As a non-cricket matter was felt it should be heard as per their National Player Agreement – Suspension from all National Duty upheld to end of National Player Agreement – August 2013 – Returned to domestic cricket Suspension of Babar Hyat – On field issue – Lenient decision by MDC - Level One offense * 2 applied to Premier League AND Sunday – Appealed by player / club – Decision upheld and as such penalty multiplied (4 game ban to include Sunday cricket) Points penalties imposed for Player Registrations Junior Cricket – Over age junior players and lack of adult supervision

6 2013 -2014 Season New Player Registration Process – Teams register their own players – Remove 3 game rule – Entered into Results Vault and invoiced by HKCA “pay as you play” – Reduce cost Balls – Trial of Dukes balls (orange) in Saturday and Sunday Cup competitions – Better quality than Platypus / cheaper than Kookaburra

7 2013 -2014 Season Ground Concerns – OUR SINGLE BIGGEST ISSUE – HKU to undergo significant up grade (all Astro facility as per PKVR) – Lost for majority of 2013/2014 season Penny’s Hill, Lantau (Disney) – Hotel designated land – Joint proposal between HKCA and HK Polo Association – Pernod Ricard are backing the Polo Association (approx 70% of cost) – But only need the facility 1 month – October – per year – 6 year lease – Possibilility to commence work in May 2013 for October (and therefore next season – from November – for Cricket) – 2 FULL SIZED GROUNDS

8 2013 -2014 Season What if HKU goes AND / OR we don’t secure Penny’s Hill AND / OR cant further develop/ secure Police Training Ground? WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO PLAN FOR THIS NOW There are some huge imbalances with the league in its current structure. Some players get to play 30+ games whilst others get a mere handful. This clearly needs to change. Potential for Change to League Structure – 5 team Premier League playing 2 rounds of 50-over matches (20 matches) + 2 rounds ofT20 matches (20) = 16 games – 10 team Division One playing one round of 40-over matches (45) and 1 round of T20 matches (45) = 18 games – 10 team Division Two playing one round of 35-over matches (45) and 1 round of T20 matches (45) = 18 games – 10 team Division Three playing one round of 35-over matches (45) and 1 round of T20 matches (45) = 18 games – Moving from 50 to 40 overs on a Sunday will allow a T20 game first on that ground (8 am)

9 Further detail : - All Premier League 50-over and Division 1 40-over matches will be played on Sundays. All Division 2 & 3 (35-over matches) will be played on Saturdays and Public Holidays. T20 matches will be played on Saturdays and Sundays and Public Holidays. Divisions 1, 2 and 3 will have promotion and relegation (except league 1 no promotion and league 3 no relegation). No premier league players allowed to play whatsoever in division 2 and 3 cricket. No restrictions on premier league players in division one. Players can move between their 35 and 40 over teams within their club subject to a maximum of 3 players in anyone team from 40 over (Sunday) cricket. Young cricketers (21 years and under) will be able to move teams freely within their club (increased from U17s)

10 The Benefits and the Negatives: - The benefits of this league are as follows: Works within our ground structure and has longevity if we do not gain more facilities. Allows more people, more cricket. T20 cricket become widely played in Hong Kong would be good for the national team and, love it or hate it, it has become the most popular format globally. Makes each league more balanced ability wise. Stops professionals playing in lower leagues. Allow the ambitious, structured teams to work their way up the leagues. It ensures the best players are playing each other week in, week out. This is clearly a huge benefit to the national game which is the overriding driver for cricket in HK. The negatives are: We need to have 3 less teams in the leagues 2 Day cricket is lost 50 over cricket is lost to 40 over cricket for Sunday but still played at Premier League level (whilst this is clearly a negative as we play 50 over nationally - England reached world number 1 playing 40 over cricket domestically) However, if HKU does come back on line as we hope, we will look to reintroduce 2 Day Premier League.

11 So – we have a choice going forward Option 1 If HKU does not come back suitable for cricket we will have to either cull games for everyone or lose 4 teams just to stand still Option 2 If HKU does come back we can continue with the season as is Option 3 We adopt this new proposal

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