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December 2011. SATEC 25 years of Innovation in measurement & management of Energy and Power Quality.

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1 December 2011

2 SATEC 25 years of Innovation in measurement & management of Energy and Power Quality

3 Multi-Tenant Submetering Power Measurement Energy Efficiency & Cost Allocation Energy Management & Billing Asset Management RS232/422/485, Profibus, TCP/IP, Dialup modem, GPRS, RF, USB Modbus RTU, ASCII, DNP3.0, Modbus/TCP, DNP3/TCP, IEC 61850, 60870 LAN eXpertpower™ Server (Pro Edition) Internet eXpertpower™ Server (SaaS) Substation Automation Power Quality Analysis Fault Recording Revenue Metering Smart Grid & Demand Response



6 Generation Plant Energy Management Empowering the Smart Grid Cost Effective Substation Automation and Fault Recording Revenue Metering with Power Quality Analysis Demand Side Management Remote Control for Customer Generators Pole-Top Power Quality Analysis Central Web-based Control and Management Application IEC 60870 Transducer Fault Protection

7 Typical Energy Management Printed Utility Bills Printed Utility Bills ETC2002 Automatic Bill Data Retrieval eXpertpower Server eXpertpower Server Internet TCP/IP Modbus GPRS SATEC Meter/s Utility Vault Air-conditioning Meter/s Digital Pulse RF SATEC System Operator Tenants TOU Bills Tenants TOU Bills Phone & Email service End User / Facility Manager / Owner Accounting Software Water/Gas Meter/s Concentrator ETC2002 Site Internet Gateway Cellular Provider Gateway Optional converter M-bus

8  Multifunctional 3-Phase Smart Meter –More than 120 monitored parameters –16*2 character LCD display  Revenue Energy Meter –Class 0.5S precision  Programmable Logical Controller -16 control set points, thresholds and delays  Event and Data Recording –Over 90 days history storage  Built-in RS-485 Port  Selection of expansion modules –RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, Profibus, RF, GPRS, –Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Outputs  1A, 5A, 100A or Remote CTs (up to 1200A)  Replacement for analog transducer EM132 DIN Rail Mounted Multi Function Transducer

9  Multifunctional 3-Phase Smart Meter –More than 120 monitored parameters –16×2 character LCD display  Billing/TOU Revenue Energy Meter –Class 0.5S precision  Harmonic Analyzer –THD, TDD, up to 40 th harmonics (incl. angles)  Real-time Waveform Capture –128 samples/cycle  Programmable Logical Controller -16 control set points, thresholds and delays -Standard 2DI/1DO, Optional 4DI/2DO (total 6DI/3DO) or 4 AO  Event and Data Recording –Over 90 days history storage  Real Time Clock –Backup for 60 days  Built-in RS-485 and IR Ports  Second optional communication: RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, Profibus, RF, GPRS  1A, 5A, 100A or Remote CTs (up to 1200A) EM133 DIN Rail Mounted Energy Meter

10  Multifunctional 3-Phase Smart Meter  3-Phase-at-once bright LED display  Percent of load circular bar graph  Billing/TOU Revenue Energy Meter (E/EH Models)  Class 0.5S precision, TOU Tariffs  Harmonic Analyzer, up to 40th harmony (EH Model)  Real-time 128 samples/cycle Waveform Capture (EH Model)  16 Programmable set points, thresholds and delays  Event and Data Recording for over 90 days  Real Time Clock (battery backup option)  Built-in RS-485 Port, optional RS-232, Ethernet, Profibus, RF and GPRS  Optional 4DI/2DO and 4AO modules PM130 PLUS Panel Mounted Multi Function Meter

11  Multi-tenant power and energy meter  Up to 12 three phase or 36 single phase loads (or any combination)  2×16 character LCD display  Time Of Use (TOU) BFM136 Branch Feeder Monitor  8MB Data logging  Remote CTs – up to 200 meters from device  Class 0.5S including the CTs (Solid Core, ANSI C12.16 & IEC62053-21)  Available communication: RS485, RS232, Ethernet, GPRS, Dialup modem, RF

12 C192PF Power Factor Manager  Control of up to 8 capacitor groups  3-phase measurement of V, A, P, Q and Energy  Manual, self-adapting automatic and optimizing automatic operation  Full four-quadrant operation  Two Power Factor setpoint ranges selectable via DI (day/night, utility/generator etc.)  True and displacement power factor setups  Cosϕ monitoring & control  kVAR monitoring & control  Extensive capacitor banks protection via programmable alarm  Setpoints (no-volt, over-voltage and high harmonics override conditions)

13 PM172 Advanced Power & Revenue Meter Adds to the PM130 functionality:  Class 0.2S  1MB memory  On board 2DI/2DO  Built in 2 communication ports  Multi level setpoints  RTC battery backup  Total harmonic powers (EH model)  Available also in transducer version

14 PM296 Power Quality Analyzer  11 window simultaneous display  Long term memory  2 independent communication ports  6 programmable control relays  12 digital inputs  2 analog outputs

15 PM175 - Power Quality Analyzer  Advanced Power Quality Analysis –Monitoring, statistics & reports according to EN50160 specifications and/or programmable –6 channel waveform recording –Harmonics & inter-harmonics according to IEC 61000-4-7 –Directional power harmonics –Flicker according to IEC 61000-4-15  Event/Data Log –Power quality event/data logging with time stamps –Logging capability for more than 100 parameters –Waveform recording capability up to 8 cycles of pre-fault, and up to 16 post-fault  Alarm & Control –16 programmable set points –Built in 2DI/2DO, optional 2DI/2DO (total 4DI/4DO)  Communication –2 independent communication ports (RS232, RS422, RS485, modem, Ethernet, Profibus DP)

16 Pole-Top Power Quality Analysis Power Quality Analyzers with Cellular modem and unique sensors that are connected without power down help manage:  Line losses  Capacitor controls  Voltage regulation  Outage detection  Load balance  Harmonics  Fault location  Power theft PQA Application

17 Revenue Metering with Power Quality Analysis The utility’s agent at the consumer facility brings valuable information into the smart grid:  High performance revenue meter –High accuracy multi tariff meter (Class 0.2S – 0.1%) –Long term on board memory –Standard sealed enclosure (DIN 43857 EM720 / Socket Meter EM920) –Anti-tampering, tilt and movement sensors  Cutting Edge Power Quality Analyzer –EN50160 compliance monitoring –Waveforms logging –Hot-swap communication modules  Fast Transient and Fault Recorder –Detects and log transient from 20 micro seconds

18 FPD280 Fault Protection  4 current and 4 voltage inputs  Detects phase and ground faults  16 programmable 8 point Time Over Current (TOC) curves  Power and Energy measurements  Local and remote configuration  RS-485 Modbus communication  DIN rail or wall mount

19 Substation Automation and Fault Recording 6-in-1 solution for cost-effective substation automation:  Revenue Metering –High accuracy TOU meter  Power Quality –EN50160 and custom events  Distributed Fault Recorder –Up to 1024 samples/cycle  Sequence of Events (SoE) –128 1ms resolution inputs  Backup Protection Equipment –Virtual circuit breaker algorithms  Devices Control –Programmable relay outputs

20 ETC2002 Intelligent Network Communication Device  One or Two RS-422/RS-485 master ports  One RS-232 slave ports  Ethernet 10Base-T port  Optional Dial-Up modem and wireless RF  Data concentrator for up to 250 devices  Event log for recording status change events and device diagnostics  1.5 MB non-volatile memory with battery backup  Real Time Clock  IRIG-B time-code input  Four DIs

21 RGM 180 Remote Graphic Monitor  Local or remote touch screen color LCD  Simultaneous operation of unlimited number of SATEC devices  RS-485, TCP/IP, USB and IR ports  Thorough communication converter

22 PAS Power Analysis Software  Automatic power quality reports for EN50160 & IEEE 1159  Automatic polling of devices  Simple off-line instrument setup  Direct data access for status monitoring or analysis  Communication: RS standard serial lines, TCP/IP, USB, Telephone/Modem  Comprehensive analysis  Self-test  Easy export to spreadsheet, Word, Excel or database  Extensive graphic and report capabilities for waveforms, harmonics & billing  Export COMTRADE (IEEE standard common format for transient data exchange)

23  Easy to use, no installation, energy management tool  Complete data flow admin:  Collecting from meters  Analyzing, including virtual meters  Various displays  Manual/automatic decisions for load control  Alarms and Events  Messages, Emails, SMS  Historical information  MS-SQL database  Billing and invoicing  Full bill customization eXpertpower ™ Web-based energy management

24  Dashboard: –Single line diagrams –Interactive graphs –Customized tables  Readings: –Last Readings –History –Max Demands –Data logs  Events View  Energy: –Total –Import –Export  Report Wizard  Data Entry: –Import –Energy Diary  Billing (option )

25 Fully customized administration tools  Maintenance: –Customers –Sites –ETCs –Devices  Permissions: –Roles –Users  Events Definition  License Management  System Settings

26 Various Navigation Options

27 EN50160 Summary Report

28 High individual harmonics

29 TDD at 22kV

30 ITI (CBEMA) Curve

31 Deep Analysis of a Dip

32 SATEC Empowering the Smart Grid

33 SATEC Profibus Modules  Profibus Slave DP – V0  9.6kbs - 12Mbs automatic baud rate detection  32 bytes input and 32 bytes output buffers  Messaging mechanism to allow for exchange of data exceeding the 32 byte I/O buffers  Data available in 16-bit or 32-bit format  Manual Node Addressing support as well as from Remote Profibus Master configuration tool Anybus module Includes GSD & text files Case Study: Kimberly Clark Integrated with Siemens PLC & SCADA Complete function block for SIMATIC Software

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