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Vaulting Carol Olney Columbia, SC August 2013 Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ.

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1 Vaulting Carol Olney Columbia, SC August 2013 Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

2 Apparatus Specifications Round-off entry hand placement mat May be placed on the runway for round-off entry or front handspring onto the board vaults at 8, 9, 10 May NOT be placed on the board Must be manufactured by a gymnastics equipment company Cannot exceed two inches in height It must be used velcro-side down If the mat slips it is NOT considered equipment failure. It is not a reason to repeat the vault. Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

3 Apparatus Specifications The use of the Round-off “safety zone “ mat is REQUIRED whenever Round-off entry vaults are performed at JO competitions Failure to use the safety zone mat when performing a round-off entry vault would result in a “0” (VOID) score for the vault Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

4 Chalk Marks Athletic tape, Velcro strips or small chalk marks may be placed across the width of the vault runway. May not exceed 2 inches in width Should be removed at the end of the rotation Use of tape or excessive chalk is not permitted on the vault table or runway0.20 Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

5 Touch Warm-ups Level 8, 9 & 10 gymnasts are guaranteed three warm-up vaults. Level 6 & 7 gymnasts are guaranteed two warm-up vaults. Each gymnast is allowed one run-back from the board Each gymnast is allowed to stand on the vault table and jump or salto off one time Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

6 Vault Competition The gymnast is allowed 3 attempts to successfully complete one or both vaults If the gymnast makes contact with the springboard or vaulting table but doesn’t go over, it is considered a vault and is scored as a void vault Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

7 Vault Competiton The hand placement mat and the safety zone mat are not considered part of the vault apparatus If the gymnast falls during her running approach to the vault, but does not contact the board, it is considered a balk and is counted as one of the 3 attempts Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

8 Vault Competition The Vault number must be flashed at all competitions - Optional State Meets and above. There is no deduction for performing a vault other than the one flashed The vault performed determines the Start Value, not the vault number flashed or announced. There is no deduction for not flashing the vault number (or announcing the vault.) Judge does not signal until it is announced or flashed. Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

9 Vault Competition Performance of a vault without a signal from the Chief Judge Vault is ignored even if both judges see it Gymnast has the opportunity to perform 2 more vaults Chief Judge applies a 0.50 penalty to the average of the next completed vault Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

10 Vault Competition There is no deduction if the coach makes contact with the safety zone mat or inadvertently touches the vaulting table All vaults must land on the bottom of the feet first. Failing to do so will result in a 0.00 score (void) Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

11 Allowable Vaults Each level (6, 7, 8, 9, 10) has a Specific Value Chart If either vault performed by a Level 6, 7, 8 or 9 gymnast is a restricted vault for that level, it is a zero final score. (void) Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

12 What Vault Is It? Body position demonstrated through the majority of the vault determines which vault has been executed Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

13 Deduction Changes Deductions that occur in first and second flight: Incorrect foot form (flexed, sickled)  0.10 Legs crossed  0.10 Deductions that occur only in second flight: Insufficient exactness of LA turn  0.10 Under-rotation of salto vaults  0.10 Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

14 Center of Gravity Height deduction up to.50 Insufficient Height

15 Insufficient Length Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ Considered: Type of vault Hand placement on table Size of athlete  0.30

16 Insufficient Exactness of Body Position Insufficient tuck or pike Up to 0.30 Insufficient stretch position Up to 0.30 Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ

17 Opening – Tuck & Pike Vaults Winnie Witten SCNAWGJ


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