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Vicki Walker Columbia, SC 2013

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1 Vicki Walker Columbia, SC 2013
XCel Winnie Witten Vicki Walker Columbia, SC 2013

2 SC USAG Guidelines SC sanctioned invitational & State Meet Qualifier
Officials must be USAG rated May not use affiliated judges if using a one judge panel 2013 Xcel State Meets: Bronze and Silver – 2 judge panel Gold, Platinum, Diamond – 4 judge panel Winnie Witten

3 Mobility No Mobility from the Xcel program to the JO Program
Bronze, Silver and Gold: Entry Level No score requirement Platinum 31.00 in Gold or 8.00 for event specialist Diamond 31.00 in Platinum or 8.00 for event specialist Winnie Witten

4 Competition Guidelines
Division Warm-up Time Min. Age JO Level Bronze 20 sec Age 5 Level 1/2 Silver 45 sec Age 6 Level 2/3 Gold 1 min Age 7 Level 3/4/5/6 Platinum 1:30 Age 8 Level 4/5/6/7/8 Diamond Age 9 Level 7/8/9 Winnie Witten

5 Value Part Credit Bronze, Silver and Gold Platinum and Diamond
Listed in JO Code Listed on Xcel skill Chart Platinum and Diamond See Rule charts for specific Special Requirements and VP’s needed for each division. Winnie Witten

6 Value Part Credit A skill can receive VP Credit 2 x’s if in different connection A skill can fulfill more than one SR, unless otherwise stated Compulsory elements and deductions will not be used to evaluate Xcel routines Winnie Witten

7 Difficulty Restrictions
Xcel Rule Charts list the restrictions for each division and each event. If there are no restrictions listed, choose from: Skill Chart JO Code Will receive VP and SR Credit Winnie Witten

8 Courtesy Score Courtesy score set at 4.00
If missing SR and Execution results in a score less than 4.00, give the Courtesy Score Winnie Witten

9 Vault Vault Table may be used at any manufacturer setting
Air Board Allowed: Bronze Silver Gold If used at Gold, SV = 9.50 Winnie Witten

10 Spotting Deductions Spot during the vault (any phase) 1.00
Spot the landing Maximum Total Spot Deduction Applied at all Xcel Divisions Winnie Witten

11 Bronze Vault Choose Level 1 or Level 2 (Deductions same as JO)
Same vault 2 x’s or one of each provided mat stack does not change more than 8 inches Level 1 Each part evaluated separately Running on board and step on mat = 5.00 penalty Gymnast may perform 2nd half and earn  5.00 Gymnast may step back on board to kick to HS, but must place hands on mat Winnie Witten

12 Silver Vault Handspring onto vault table, flat back drop
Mats stacked equal to or up to 8” above table Sting mat MAY NOT be placed on table deduction Deductions: Follow Level 4/5 for 1st flight & support (No angle of repulsion) Add: Fail to show inverted position (roll)  Contacted mat with hands past vertical  1.00 Post Handstand phase: Insufficient Height  .50 Insufficient Distance:  .30 Winnie Witten

13 Silver Vault Deductions (Continued)
Landing Phase: Body part hit or brush the table upon landing  0.20 Failure to land in straight lying position  1.00 Examples: Land on feet, salute, step off mat Land 90° hip angle, salute, steps off mat Land arched with legs bent, salute, step off mat 0.50 Gymnast lands sitting on the vault table VOID Winnie Witten

14 Silver Vault If gymnast returns to the straight lying position after making the previous errors, the “Failure to land in a straight lying position deduction” is not taken May apply execution deductions Evaluation of the vault is completed when the gymnast arrives in a lying position Winnie Witten

15 Other Vault Divisions Gold and Platinum chart -All Vaults valued at 10.00 Diamond Chart - Vaults are valued at 9.60 or 10.00 Unallowable vaults = “0” (Void) Deductions follow JO Code for Optional Vault No angle deduction Add “Too long in support”  0.50 Winnie Witten

16 Bars Extra Swing Casts Platinum and Diamond
Not taken EVER for Bronze, Silver, Gold Platinum and Diamond are deducted – Max 0.60 Casts Cast Deductions – Refer to Chart in Xcel Handbook No JO Cast Deductions in any division Platinum and Diamond Angle of cast determines VP – “0”, ”A”, “B”, Winnie Witten

17 Bars Amplitude of Casts
Bronze and Silver – No Angle Requirement Gold – Horizontal – Up to 0.20 deduction *Exception* Only applied one time – to cast that fulfills SR Platinum - Horizontal or above Diamond - 45° or above Execution deductions may be applied for every cast When a skill is preceded by a cast – cast receives VP Winnie Witten

18 Bars Tap Swings Silver and Gold Platinum Diamond
Two tap-counter swings allowed – different connection – “A” Platinum One Tap Swing- counter swing - “A” Diamond Not allowable skill – 0.30 deduction – intermediate swing Winnie Witten

19 Bars VP and Angle Deduction that are the SAME as JO:
Amplitude of Clear Hips Amplitude Circles Amplitude ½ turn in HS Amplitude 1/1 turns AFTER HS Only 1/1 turns using Healy technique allowed Clear Hip Circle Exception – no deduction above 45° Can only receive a “B” Winnie Witten

20 Bars Clarification – Restrictions Bronze may not go to the high bar
Silver may not do salto dismounts Long Hang Pullover From a Jump-“A” VP and circling skill for Silver & Gold Must be preceded by cast for Platinum & Diamond Underswing and sole circle dismount on LB “A” VP for Bronze and Silver Winnie Witten

21 Bars Clarifications – Restrictions (Continued)
Platinum Kip SR – May be on either bar Diamond SR #3 Each must be a Minimum of a B: “B” Release or “B” Pirouette or “B” Different Circle If the same skill is performed on the low bar and high bar it counts as two different skills and VP’s Winnie Witten

22 Bars Specific Execution Deductions follow JO Code except”
Swing forward and back under horizontal – no deduction Angle of cast and extra swings follow Xcel guidelines Winnie Witten

23 Beam Beam Times Bronze – 45 sec Silver – 50 sec Gold – I min
Platinum – 1:15 Diamond – 1:15 Winnie Witten

24 Balance Beam Acro Requirement
Must start and finish on beam to receive SR credit Bronze & Silver – one skill – non-flight Partial HS OK, 45°, feet must close to receive credit Gold Acro SR – 2 acro skills - one must attain vertical Other may be partial HS, roll, etc. Platinum SR – One acro flight OR series w/wo flight Diamond SR – One acro flight & series w/wo flight Winnie Witten

25 Balance Beam Leap or Jump Requirement
Each division has a specific angle requirement Bronze – no angle requirement – may do tuck jump, etc. Silver – 90°split or straddle required Gold- 90°- must have dance series & Required Split Platinum - 120°- must have dance series & Required Split Diamond –150°- must have dance series & Required Split Award SR if with 20° of specified angle Deduct for insufficient split  0.20 Winnie Witten

26 Balance Beam Dismounts
May be from Skill Charts or JO Code SR and Restrictions are listed on Beam Rules Chart Examples: Bronze may not do salto or aerial dismounts Diamond must perform a salto or aerial dismount Beam Specific Execution Deductions – same as JO except there is no Short Routine Deduction Winnie Witten

27 Floor Exercise Floor Times Bronze – 45 sec Silver – 1:00 Gold - 1:00
Platinum – 1:30 Diamond – 1:30 Winnie Witten

28 Floor Exercise All divisions have 2 SEPARATE Acro SR Bronze
2 directly connected acro skills – w/wo flight Another acro skill – w/wo flight Example: #1- Pass 1) RO, rebound, back roll.Pass 2) Roundoff ✔ #2- Pass 1) HS for. Roll, RO, rebound, Back roll ✕ Refer to Rule Charts and FAQ for Acro SR and Restrictions for other divisions. Winnie Witten

29 Floor Exercise Acro Difficulty Restrictions
Bronze – Maximum 2 flight skills Silver – Maxium 1 salto or aerial Penalty for additional VP No SR 0.50 for Unallowable skill Dive roll will not be considered a flight element for Xcel Roundoff Rebound Bwd Roll- is a connection for Bronze and Silver divisions Winnie Witten

30 Floor Exercise Dance Passage
Minimum of TWO different Group 1 or Skill Chart elements Directly or indirectly connected One must be a leap (cross or side split) with angle specified per division Bronze - 60° Silver - 90° Gold - 120° Platinum & Diamond– 150° Winnie Witten

31 Floor Exercise Dance Passage
SR Awarded if split angle with 20° of specified angle Deduct insufficient split  0.20 Chassé may be used as a connector, but not as an element A leg swing hop with the free leg at or above horizontal may be used at Bronze, Silver, Gold Floor Exercise Specific Execution Deduction – same as JO except: no short exercise deduction and no deduction for the coach on the floor Winnie Witten

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