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Using Technology to Streamline Government Contracting Michelle Jackson Human Services Council.

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1 Using Technology to Streamline Government Contracting Michelle Jackson Human Services Council

2 HRADFTA DYCD HPD DJJ ACS SBS DOCDOP DHMH CJC DHS Group Homes Child Care Shelter Services Housing Support Transpor- tation Behavioral Health After School Programs Family Support Employment Services Primary Care Current System: 220 programs over 14 Mayoral human service agencies, purchasing similar services, in the same neighborhoods, with limited cross-agency coordination Average of over 15 months from issuance of RFP to registration of contract Decentralized, non-standard development of procurements, reimbursement rates, and service area framework Low capacity for cross-agency coordination, performance assessment and consistent rate payment The procurement process is complex, time consuming, and duplicative. 1 DJJ has subsequently merged with ACS

3 HHS Accelerator Re-engineers the City’s procurement process, contracting structure and post award actions to enable innovation among Client and Community Services providers Anticipated results: Make the procurement process faster and simpler Leverage technology to streamline process and facilitate transparency Reduce redundant paper‐based contracting burdens for Service Providers and Agencies, lowering administrative costs Strengthen and broaden the pool of Service Providers doing business with the City

4 Components of HHS Accelerator Business Application Providers answer organizational questions and submit core documents Are then “prequalified” to compete for RFPs Eliminates redundant questions and allows providers to focus on scope of work

5 Components of HHS Accelerator Document Vault Online vault that allows providers to upload, store, and share documents that are regularly submitted as part of the contracting process Saves time and frustration because documents can be easily accessed and shared Providers can keep track of documents and if they have been shared Documents remain available to recipient organizations, including any new users, unless unshared

6 Components of HHS Accelerator Service Catalog Providers, as part of the online application, check areas of service so that they can receive RFP notifications electronically Services are defined in a more basic way – as core activities, such as case management – allowing providers to expand what types of RFPs they receive and can compete for

7 Components of HHS Accelerator Procurement Roadmap List of upcoming and released procurements Summary of procurements and who is eligible to apply Allows providers to plan in advance for procurement opportunities and see other RFPs they are qualified to compete for

8 What’s Next for Accelerator Over 1,000 providers are registered and qualified to compete First set of RFPs have been released through Accelerator The City is working on common financial reporting through the Accelerator system

9 Other Initiatives New York State has created a system similar to HHS Accelerator, with a document vault and Master Grant Contract, called NY Grants Reform HHS Accelerator Data is working on common performance measures for various service areas New York City is working with HSC on centralized audit functions

10 References HHS Accelerator: NY Grants Reform: Michelle Jackson: (212) 836-1588 / Human Services Council:

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