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WEBINAR SERIES | MARCH 28, 2013 Company Confidential 1 Tools for Centralized Intake & Coordinated Assessment Presentation will be recorded Callers muted.

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1 WEBINAR SERIES | MARCH 28, 2013 Company Confidential 1 Tools for Centralized Intake & Coordinated Assessment Presentation will be recorded Callers muted Written questions are welcome

2 Introductions Company Confidential 2 Brad Ball Marketing Director, ClientTrack, Inc. Darin Patterson Director of Administration, YWCA 2001-2007 Vice President of ClientTrack (2007-Present) Attendees

3 Agenda Company Confidential 3 Introduction to coordinated assessment & centralized intake Different models of coordinated assessment Example: Coordinated assessment needs within homeless systems of care ClientTrack features that can be utilized to support effective coordinated assessment & centralized intake 5 recommendations for planning coordinated assessment

4 Common Problems with Existing Systems of Care Company Confidential 4 From the perspective of individuals and families accessing care….

5 Initial Interaction with a System of Care Company Confidential 5

6 The Reality of Most Systems of Care… Company Confidential 6

7 Common Problems with existing Systems of Care Company Confidential 7 From the perspective of individual organizations and programs…

8 Human Service Organizations Face Complex Challenges Company Confidential 8 Do we have capacity? Does this client / family meet eligibility criteria? Is my program the right fit? Are there individuals in my community we aren’t reaching? Are their better resources available for this family?

9 The Answer for Human Service Systems of Care Psychology Economics Company Confidential 9  Gestalt Theory  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts  Information Symmetry  A condition in which all relevant information is known to all parties involved Program B Program C Program A Community Information about Needs Information about Resources

10 Coordinated Assessment & Centralized Intake Defined Company Confidential 10 A systematic method of identifying human service needs, addressing those needs with appropriate resources, and sharing relevant information across multiple programs or organizations. March 25, 210

11 Example for Today’s Presentation Company Confidential 11 Coordinated Assessment within a Homeless System of Care (Continuum of Care - CoC) Goals: Match the right resources with the right individuals most appropriately Prevent unnecessary burden on individuals and families Prioritize and target resources Increase community-wide coordination and collaboration Meet HUD’s requirement for CoCs

12 Coordinated Assessment in HUD Terms Company Confidential 12 Coordinated Assessment “Centralized or coordinated assessment system is defined to mean a centralized or coordinated process designed to coordinate program participant intake, assessment, and provision of referrals. A centralized or coordinated assessment system covers the geographic area, is easily accessed by individuals and families seeking housing or services, is well advertised, and includes a comprehensive and standardized assessment tool.” (CoC Interim Rule, Section 578.3)

13 Models of Coordinated Assessment in CoCs Company Confidential 13 Centralized Decentralized Telephone-Based / 2-1-1 Mobile Case Manager Mixed

14 Primary Components of Coordinated Assessment Company Confidential 14 1. Initial Assessment Tool(s)  Focused on Prevention and Diversion 2. Intake / Referral for Immediate Need 3. Detailed Assessment Tool(s) 4. Determinations  Eligibility  Program Fit  Capacity  Accessibility 5. Actions  Direct Placement  Reservations  Referrals  Wait Lists

15 Primary Components of Coordinated Assessment Company Confidential 15 Detailed Assessment / Determinations Eligibility?Fit?Capacity?Accessibility? Initial Assessment Prevention?Diversion?Shelter?

16 How can assessments be utilized to match clients / families to the right resources? Company Confidential 16 Case Manager Assessment Scoring Automated Eligibility Information Real-time Capacity Information Symmetric Information

17 Information Technology Tools Company Confidential 17 Unique / Tailored Assessments Intuitive and Simple to Use Automated Scoring Workflows Guide user behavior Take complex concepts and make them simple Referral Coordination Manage releases of information Enable updates on each end of referral Streamlined email notifications (secure)

18 Information Technology Tools Company Confidential 18 Automated and Streamlined Eligibility Determination Able to meet simple or complex rules Doesn’t require additional data entry Capacity Determination Identify physical bed / room / unit availability Identify funding availability Waitlists / Direct Placements / Reservations Different organizations have different levels of engagement Mobility Ensure information is readily available on all types of devices

19 Tools in Practice ClientTrack Demonstration Company Confidential19

20 Evaluation Company Confidential 20 Good coordinated assessment implementations included processes for ongoing evaluation Evaluation is the process of systematically reviewing: Efficiency Collaboration Compliance Outcomes

21 Coordinated Assessment Planning Tips Company Confidential 21 1. Clearly identify, document, and broadcast your goals for coordinated assessment 2. Use existing data to target appropriate interventions and resources 3. Assess existing information technology capabilities and what information can be implemented incrementally 4. Engage community stakeholders with WIIFM What’s In It For Me? 5. Ensure you have plans to incorporate feedback from the system (qualitative and quantitative)

22 Human Service Technology Can Bring Clarity Company Confidential 22

23 Resources Company Confidential 23 National Alliance to End Homelessness Coordinated Assessment Toolkit d-assessment-toolkit United States Interagency Council on Homelessness – Crisis Response Toolkit ction/

24 Thank You About ClientTrack Contact Information Company Confidential 24 Founded in 1983, ClientTrack Inc. provides software and professional services that advance the missions of Health, Human and Social Service organizations by enhancing their ability to gather, use and report client information. 888.449.6328 Upcoming Events: Lutheran Services Annual Conference, April 8-11, Washington DC Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTEC), April 11-13, Minneapolis, MN National Human Services Data Consortium (NHSDC), April 25-26, Seattle, WA

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