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The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

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1 The Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Life Cycles The Life Cycle of a Butterfly The Life Cycle of a Frog

2 The Butterfly Life Cycle
Stage One: Egg Stage Stage Two: Larva Stage Stage Three: Pupa Stage Stage Four: Adult Butterfly Stage

3 Stage One: The Egg Stage
Eggs are laid by the female on a foodplant They are abandoned by the parent Around five days later, a tiny, wormlike creature will hatch

4 Stage Two: The Caterpillar Stage
The egg hatches into a tiny larva, called a caterpillar The caterpillar has biting jaws and legs The caterpillar eats and grows a tremendous amount The caterpillar sheds its skin in order to grow

5 Stage Three: The Pupa Stage
The caterpillar attaches itself to twig and forms a hard outer shell Inside the pupa, or chrysalis, the caterpillar changes into a butterfly Pupas are often camouflaged to hide from predators This process usually takes about two to three weeks

6 Stage Four: The Adult Butterfly Stage
The butterfly is ready to emerge when the pupa skin is translucent, showing the coloring of the wings beneath The pupa splits and the limp, damp butterfly emerges A little warming in the sun and the butterfly is ready to fly and mate The adult butterfly only lives for a short time They cannot eat, they only drink The adult female butterfly lays eggs that have been fertilized by the adult male butterfly. The Butterfly Life Cycle starts all over!

7 The Frog Life Cycle Stage One: Egg Stage Stage Two: Tadpole Stage
Stage Three: Froglet Stage Stage Four: Adult Frog Stage

8 Stage One: The Egg Stage
A female frog lays eggs in water The male frog fertilizes the eggs as soon as the female lays the eggs This large bunch of frog eggs is called frog spawn A large spawn of eggs is laid because many of the eggs do not survive and grow into adult frogs The eggs will hatch between 6-21 days of being fertilized

9 Stage Two: The Tadpole Stage
A tadpole wriggles out of each egg At first, the tadpole breathes and moves like a fish The tadpole has gills and a long tail After five weeks, the gills disappear and the tadpole develops lungs By seven weeks, the tadpole eats insects and plants Legs begin to sprout and arms grow

10 Stage Three: The Froglet Stage
By ten to eleven weeks, the front legs have appeared At twelve to fourteen weeks, the tail disappears The tiny froglet can leave the water The froglet is almost a mature frog, about 2-4 months old The froglet still has some of its tail

11 Stage Four: The Adult Frog Stage
The tail has disappeared An adult frog may live up to three years Adult frogs catch and eat insects with their long sticky tongue They can also eat small fish and worms Adult frogs hibernate during winter The adult female frog lays eggs The adult male frog fertilizes the eggs The frog life cycle starts all over!

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