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- Mallorca - Spain 1 PHOCUS Project #240763 Towards a PHOtonic liquid state machine based on delay-CoUpled.

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1 - Mallorca - Spain http://ifisc.uib-csic.es26.04.2015 1 PHOCUS Project #240763 Towards a PHOtonic liquid state machine based on delay-CoUpled Systems (PHOCUS) 7th RTD Framework Programme - Specific Programme Cooperation Theme 3 "Information and Communication Technologies" Call identifier: FP7-ICT-2009-C Proposal No 240763 PHOCUS Total Budget: 1,808,566 €UIB: 305,261 €CSIC: 330,228 €

2 - Mallorca – Spain26.04.20152 PHOCUS Project #240763 Personnel Involved - UIB Raúl Toral Alessandro ScirèMiguel C. Soriano Konstantin Hicke Jade Martínez Llinàs Claudio Mirasso PI

3 - Mallorca – Spain26.04.20153 PHOCUS Project #240763 Personnel Involved - CSIC Pere Colet Xavier Porte Neus Oliver Ingo Fischer PI

4 - Mallorca – Spain26.04.20154 PHOCUS Project #240763 Beneficiary Number * Beneficiary name Beneficiary short name CountryPI 1 (coordinator)Universitat de les Illes Balears UIBSpainC. Mirasso 2Agencia Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas CSICSpainI. Fischer 3Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies FIASGermanyG. Pipa 4Universitè de Franche- Comtè UFC-P5FranceL. Larger 5Universidad de Cantabria UCSpainL. Pesquera 6Potsdam Institut Fuer Klimafolgenforschhung PIFKGermanyJ. Kurths 7Vrije Universiteit Brussels VUBBelgiumJ. Danckaert

5 - Mallorca – Spain26.04.20155 PHOCUS Project #240763 v in : input mask w ij : connection matrix  im : trained readout Liquid State Machine Concept

6 - Mallorca – Spain26.04.20156 PHOCUS Project #240763 Has recently emerged as the generic name in the field of machine learning, that are capable of solving complex classification problems RC is the mapping of a dynamical input onto a high dimensional state space. The input streams are converted into spatio-temporally distributed states of the reservoir. Specific computations can be realized by a mapping of these distributed states onto output states based on a trained readout. Three properties are necessary and sufficient conditions for powerful real time computing:  Separation property (SP): SP addresses the amount of separation between the trajectories of internal states of the system that are caused by two different input streams  Approximation property (AP): addresses the capability to distinguish and transform different internal states of the liquid into given target outputs.  Fading Memory: ||u(t)-v(t)|| <  in [0,T], ||f(u)-f(v)|| <  in the same interval Reservoir Computing

7 - Mallorca – Spain26.04.20157 PHOCUS Project #240763 Output Input    Output a) b)  reduction of the number of required elements by using delay-coupled systems  performance comparison between excitable and non-excitable elements  investigation and implementation with electronic and photonics systems  exploration of improvements of the concept introducing adaptive coupling (plasticity) The aim of this project is to design and implement a photonics realization of a liquid state machine (LSM). A single nonlinear element with delay is capable to perform certain task: Narma Test & Voice Recogniton

8 - Mallorca – Spain26.04.20158 PHOCUS Project #240763 Batch 1Batch 2Batch 3Batch 4Batch 5Batch 6 short STREP98110113136127166 successful short STREP 253025332754 full STREP/CA23/629/925/231/326/553 successful full STREP/CA 16/220/319/0 13/330/0 Funded STREP/CA9/18/18/09/06/29/0 FET Open Statistics ~ 7,3%Batch 6 = 5.4%

9 - Mallorca – Spain26.04.20159 PHOCUS Project #240763 9 Projects Funded ~ 17 M€ EC Contribution

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