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Arunn’s recipeYlenia’s recipeNancy's recipePrathyusha's recipe Bryce's recipeMichael Z.'s RecipeChris's recipeDylan 's Recipe Alice's RecipeAditya's RecipeMarcia's.

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2 Arunn’s recipeYlenia’s recipeNancy's recipePrathyusha's recipe Bryce's recipeMichael Z.'s RecipeChris's recipeDylan 's Recipe Alice's RecipeAditya's RecipeMarcia's RecipeArianna’s recipe Rustyn's recipeKevin's recipe Anna's recipe Connor's recipechloe's recipe

3 How to make apple flavored chocolate! This is going to be disgustingly good. You will need: 250ml of Bill Gates blood 1L of Apple Juice 1kg of coco 250ml of cream A bowl A wooden spoon Action Plan First pour 1kg of coco into a bowl and smooth it out. Second pour 1L of Apple Juice into the bowl and give it a good mix. Pour 250ml of cream into the bowl and give it another mix. Then pour the mixture into an Oven Plate and put it into an oven. Let the mixture have a rest. In 5 minutes take it out. Last of all cut up the pieces and top it with Bill Gates blood. IF YOU WANT ENJOY THE CHOCOLATE WITH BILL GATES! By ARUNN (._.) home

4 Smelly Sock Sandwich Ingredients: Super dirty, stinky socks (try colored ones for a more revolting burger) A sandwich Some vegetables Ketchup or mayonnaise What to do: First of all cut the sandwich and open it. Next choose one of your most smelly, dirty and stinky socks and chop them up into medium sized pieces. Then spread the sock pieces onto the sandwich After that dice some vegetables of your choice and place them in the sandwich. After you have done that, put ketchup or mayonnaise on the sandwich, depending on your choice of having it or not. And last of all, cover up the burger and then you are ready to taste your disgusting, repellent sandwich. If you have carefully followed there steps, you will have the finished product of a pure repugnant sandwich in your hands. Enjoy!! By: Ylenia Golini home

5 Wormy Sandwich If you want to make delicious and revolting a wormy sandwich, here are short and simple steps to do so. CAUTION Do not eat or SUFFER!!!! hahahaha!!!! Ingredients/ Equipment: 2x pieces of bread 1x bucket of slimy, icky worms 1x big leaf of any lettuce of your choice 1x colander 1x plate Instruction: Step 1: Toast the two pieces of bread. Step 2: Find or buy some worms at a bait shop and thoroughly wash them in a colander (best way to clean is with your hands!!!). Step 3: When the bread has finished toasting, take it out and put it on a plate. Step 4: Put the lettuce leaf in between the pieces of toast. Step 5: Plant the slimy worms in the sandwich!!! Evaluation: There you have it, a delicious wormy sandwich. Any further action to be taken? Eat if you dare… home

6 Heart and Feather Pastry Puffs Ingredients Pastry Sheets Human or Animal Heart Parrot feathers What to Do First slice the heart into thin strips, then roll them into a ball. Rip the pastry sheets into squares. Cover the heart pieces in pastry sheets. Stick a feather at the top of the heart in the pastry sheets. Last of all cook them in the oven for 2 hours until burnt. You will then have revoltingly delicious burnt Heart and Feather Pastry Puffs. ENJOY!!!!! By Prathyusha Sundaravel home

7 Sickening treat This recipe is not to be made by children under 7. This recipe will make you sick for a week. So don’t let your teachers see it!!!! You will need : 2 kg of slugs 3 kg of rotten tomato 2 kg of snail shells 5 kg of flour 10 cups of boiling water 2 farts in a jar 9 kg of Pepper 8 kg of chilies 5 crushed bricks 2 large bowls 10 little bowls that can go into the oven What to do put all the ingredients in a big bowl mix it all up divide the mixture into the little bowls and cook each for 15 minuets at 90˚c then pour into the other bowl and wait 5 hours before eating home

8 How to make a Live Tarantula and Vomit Soup Hi! today I will be teaching you how to make Live Tarantula and Vomit Soup. If you drink it you will probably die but if you don’t drink it you probably die of the smell. Ingredients: 1. Five live tarantulas at 500g each 2. 1kg of vomit 3. 2 kg of toilet water. Steps: Step1. Cook the vomit until burnt. Step2. Now put the vomit in a big bowl. Step3. Pour the toilet water into the bowl. Step4. Now stir the ingredients with your hand until you get tired. Step5. Now throw the five tarantulas into the bowl and you’re ready to eat it! Evaluation: Nice flavor Hope you enjoy your meal R.I.P. By Michael Zhou home

9 Dead Rat Juice WARNING: THIS MAY AFFECT YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, ONLY FOR HUMANS, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MATERIAL: Dead Rat 2kg, Vomit 3L, 20 squished snails, Blender and fish brain 81kg. METHOD: 1. PUT DEAD RAT IN BLENDER 2. THEN POUR IN THE VOMIT NEXT 3.SHOVE IN THE SNAILS POUR FISH BRAIN. 4. BLEND IT Gross, have a nice time vomiting By Chris home

10 Slimy Sandwitches! This quick recipe feeds 3 hungry witches and makes a tasty midday snack! You will need the following ingredients: A pint of sour milk 501 grams of dandruff a handful of horse hair 2 pairs of rats’ eyeballs 2 slices of stale mouldy bread 250g of sugar A teaspoon of bats’ blood 13g of crushed toe nail clippings You will need the following equipment: A set of weighing scales A teaspoon A large cauldron A wooden mixing spoon A small serving plate A small knife

11 Method: 1. Gather all your equipment and ingredients together. Remember to wash your hands before you start preparing and cooking! 2. Firstly, make sure you have the correct quantities of all the ingredients in advance. You will need to weigh the dandruff, sugar and toe nail clippings carefully. 3. Begin by pouring the pint of sour milk and the 501 grams of dandruff into the cauldron. Use a wooden spoon to gently mix these ingredients together. 4. Next, add the horse hair to the mixture and stir thoroughly for 3 minutes. (There should be no lumps present in the mixture). 5. Gently place the rats’ eyeballs into the cauldron, one at a time. These will add texture and flavour to your sandwich filling. 6. After that, add 250 grams of sugar into the mixture to sweeten it. Stir slowly until the mixture becomes a thick paste. You are nearly ready to serve! 7. Lastly, place the 2 slices of stale mouldy bread on a small serving plate. Use a small knife to spread the mixture between the slices. Hubble bubble toil and trouble! You’re scrumptious Slimy sandwitch is now ready for munching!!! Chef’s Tip: For extra flavour smother your sandwich in bat’s blood, add a sprinkle of crushed toe nail clippings and serve chilled! home

12 Ingredients: A big bowl of fresh eyeballs A packet of spaghetti A bucket of tomato sauce 10 tablespoons of salt 10 tablespoons of pepper A bottle of soy sauce Water Equipments: A pot A pan A big plate Method Place the pot on the stove and boil the water until you see bubbles flowing. Pour the Spaghetti into the pot and cook for two hours. Pour the tomato sauce into the pan and place the eyeballs in carefully. Put the pan on the stove and cook it for 30 minutes and leave to cool down. Pour the spaghetti into the plate and take the tomato sauce and eyeballs and put it in the plate too. Pour all the salt and pepper on top of the sauce and do not mix. Pour the whole bottle of soy sauce into the spaghetti and enjoy! By Alice home

13 How to make a deliciously, juicy, tender, crisp, mouth watering, killing, kiddy meal Not suitable for anyone under five zillion years old Things you will need: A deliciously, juicy, tender, crisp kid A empty coke can Burnt, vomited over, rotten vegetables Soaked poo A never flushed toilet What to do: Step 1. Slice the kid very, very slowly, with the kycero 8, one of the world’s sharpest knives Step 2. Cramp the rotten vomited over burnt vegetables over the kid’s brain (make it hurt!). Step3. Put the poo over the body. Step4. Fill in the empty coke can with the never flushed and never cleaned toilet water. Step5. Jump over the cliff before taking a bite. Step6. Enjoy home

14 Cow Manure Coffee Introductory statement: Unsuitable for children under the age of twelve. Materials/ingredients: Cow manure, coffee powder, hot water, milk, nose peg, sugar and a mug. Method: Put sugar and coffee powder in a mug. Pour in boiling hot water and stir. Then pour milk in and stir. And last but not least, put a scoop of beautifully smelly manure on top. Evaluation: If you have followed the steps properly, then you should come up with the yummiest coffee ever! Bon appétit! ® home

15 Brain Soup How to make Brain Soup. I guarantee you eat this it will make you smarter. Ingredients: 500kg of brains (5 brains) Vegetables of your choice 3 kg of eyeballs 2 tablespoons of sugar Method: Get a pot and fill it with boiling water. Cut up the brains and add it to the pot. Cut up the veggies and add them to the pot with the eyeballs. Add the two table spoons of sugar. Bon Appétit home

16 How to make a Sludgebob burger: Warning: this burger may cause a laxative affected after eating. Also best to be a carnivore. Things you will need: 500g of any colour sludge. 1kg of minced meat Bread rolls Big pot A person named Bob. BBQ pinch of salt 500g of cockroaches 1kg of worms. Procedure: Mix the entire ingredient together except for Bob. Cut Bob into pieces and throw him into the big pot to cook for 20 minutes. Keep the head raw. It is the best part to put in. Roll the mixture into a ball, and then flatten it so it becomes a Pattie. Cook the Patties on the BBQ. Put the patties on the bread roll and add Bob’s head with stuffing of worms. Share with cannibals. Also go to the toilet after eating the burger. It’s the best idea. home

17 Human Organs with a sprinkle of PVA and a dash of Shampoo How to make Human Organs with a sprinkle of PVA and a dash of Shampoo. Ingredients: Human Organs PVA glue Shampoo (any kind) 1 knife 1 spoon Step 1. Drive to the nearest Supermarket and buy one pair of human organs. All of the organs. Step 2. Drive back to your house and pick one bowl. Place the human organs into the bowl. Step 3. Cut all of the human organs into pieces. Go through your laundry cupboard and get out your shampoo. Step 4. Poor all of your shampoo into the bowl. Step 5. Get the PVA glue out and scoop out 2 tablespoons and pour it into the bowl. Step 6. Mix all the ingredients together. Put it on the oven for ten minutes. After that.. Bon Appétit If you followed these instructions carefully, you will have a disgusting meal. Arianna Angelone home

18 Caution: When you drink this soup, you become a Rat!!! Enjoy! Ingredients: 400kg of fresh rats 100kg of mixed vegetables 25ml of water A packet of cheese A pot Method: First get ready the ingredients that you need to cook the recipe Next, boil the 35ml of water in the pot.( about 25 ) When the water is boiled, get the 400kg of rats and cook them till their dead. When their dead, add 100kg of mixed vegetables and stir it well. After that, get the cheese and pour in the pot with the 400kg of rats, 100kg of mixed of vegetables and water. Then, wait for 20 or 25 mins or more to let it cook. When it’s ready, your rat soup with cheese is ready!!! Enjoy your rat soup with cheese!!! (And enjoy being a rat!) By Rustyn home

19 Today I am going to tell you how to make Rat ear and Jelly fish soup. 1 rat ear, 500g of spider, 100g of green rice and 600g of jelly fish, 1 tone of poison and water. boil the hot water till its about 6OOO degrease Celsius. Mix the hot water with the green rice and pour it into a bowl. Drink 500g of poison then spit it out. Bathe in the poison till the color changes. pour the poison, spiders and jelly fish altogether into the bowl. Lastly add the rat ear to the soup. Now you have a nice disgusting soup. Die with delight home

20 Caution: thus recipe might be R.R.R (repulsive, repugnant and repellent) Ingredients: 500kg of mice Mud from the garden (with bugs) 2 litters of milk Two eggs What to do: Put 500kg of mice in the blender Add the mud from the garden with bugs in the blender Pour the 2 litres of milk in the blender blend all together break 2 eggs in the blender (with the egg shells) Blend all together and serve Enjoy your chocolate mousse I mean chocolate mouse. home

21 THE BiG BANG BURGER It will go off with a bang. I mean that literally. You will need: 50 TNT, 1 bomb, 1 machine gun, a roll of sticky tape, 1 piece of poo, 750 ml rotten cheese, 2 rotten eggs, 1 rotten lettuce, 1 moldy tomato, 1 bazooka, 2 human bums (blood included) and a extra long wick Place 1 bum on the table and crack rotten eggs (leave them raw) then shred the tomato and put that on the top. Put sticky tape on the trigger of the gun and bazooka and put poo on top and pour vomit over it Dip lettuce in the blood (from other bum) and put it on top of the poo then put cheese on the lettuce. Deep fry the 50 TNT and put extra long wick on the bomb and the TNT. Light them both and put other bum on top. Now give it to your worst enemy and say you want to be friends When he eats it RUN AWAY!!!! ENJOY HAViNG YOUR “NEW BEST FRiEND” Any further action to be taken? Leave the country and get a fake ID, then disguise yourself.

22 Ingredients: * 2 tablespoons Hot Chocolate mixture * Some Marshmallows * Bugs Fresh from the garden (unclean) * Mud (with worms if desired) * Milk Method: 1. Get a mug and pour in some milk 2. Mix in mud and Chocolate mixture (add as much as you want!) 3. Bake marshmallows in oven at high heat and quickly run outside! 4. When the marshmallows burst…go indoors and be careful because your kitchen will be a sticky marshmallow mess! Take them out of the oven. 5. Stuff with bugs and drop into hot chocolate! ENJOY! WARNING! MAY CAUSE GIGANTIC STINKY FARTS THAT MAY KILL! TOXIC!!

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