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Enriched Art I & II Georgia O’Keeffe Abstract Painting.

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1 Enriched Art I & II Georgia O’Keeffe Abstract Painting

2 Georgia O’Keeffe- American Abstract Artist Studied at Art Institute in Chicago 1905-06 Mailed some of her drawings to a friend in NYC with Specific directions NOT to show them to anyone & he gave them to Alfred Stieglitz (famous photographer) who put them in a new modern art exhibit…She immediately traveled to NYC to confront him & ended up staying & later marrying Stieglitz

3 O’Keeffe’s Abstract Paintings Can you identify what these subjects are? Flowers? How are they abstract? How are they realistic? What makes these interesting/creative?

4 More O’Keeffe Paintings… Notice how the subject matter takes up the entire space/canvas Remember using view finders? Same type of process…

5 Principles of Design What are the dominant Design Principles in this painting? – Pattern, Emphasis, Contrast, Balance, Unity, Movement, Rhythm

6 Realistic Subjects…Abstract Compositions Can you identify these subjects?

7 Check out these… I took these images on my phone…clearly, they are toys

8 Some more… Besides toys, there are many possibilities of subjects… These are common subjects cropped in interesting ways

9 More home photos… Common, everyday subjects Abstract in composition

10 OK, So what are you gonna do? You will come up with 3 sketches from photos or observation that crop in on common subject matter DUE: 12/8 & 12/9 Be sure: – You use your OWN pictures – You don’t zoom in too close & lose details – You capture your subject in an INTERESTING composition

11 Media? Acrylic Paint! 1 st Exercise: due by 12/4 & 12/5 – Paint a 10 step value scale using only these 3 colors: Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna & White – Demonstrate a gradual but clear change in value

12 Enriched Art I- O’Keeffe Painting Objectives Painting must demonstrate the following: – Strong compositional arrangement using cropped observable subject – Under-painting / Ground Layer – Drawing with the Brush over the under-painting – Layering methods/techniques – Large shapes and values addressed 1 st (large brushes) – Detail work completed last! (small brushes) – Limited Palette: White, Ultramarine Blue & Burnt Sienna ONLY Due 1/8 & 1/9: Class Critique **Exam Week 1/12-1/16: Will take POST-assessment & do Portfolio/Reflection**

13 Example: This painting uses the same limited palette you will use. Observe the range of value…Both warm & cool tones are used

14 Lya Milek- Student Painting (2013) Lya painted this piece while she was in Enriched art I her Freshman year She used Ultramarine blue, Burnt Sienna & Titanium White for this composition Lya received a GOLD key award at the Scholastic art competition in 2013 for this painting

15 Rubric Composition: 15 points – Interesting use of space that has both a sense of depth and a cropped use of the subject Concept: 20 points – Value, form, texture are all applied accurately to demonstrate the subject accurately; Design Principles appear clearly manipulated Craftsmanship: 15 points – Use of painting techniques is strong, including the layering process of an under-painting and addressing large, whole value/color before details 50 points Studio Points: 10 points

16 Good Luck & may the FORCE be with you!!

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