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Castles of Prešov region Michaela Mikulová Natália Tokárová Kristína Figurová 2.D.

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1 Castles of Prešov region Michaela Mikulová Natália Tokárová Kristína Figurová 2.D

2 Zbojnický castle (Soľnohrad) it was build in the beginning of the 14 th century location: east of Prešov – Ruská Nová Vec, in Slanské mountains 661 meters over sea built on a steep hill owner : Soós dynasty (Šoóšovci) the end of the castle – in 1715- it was torn down because of the government today there are only ruins of the castle

3 1.a picture from unknownpainter 2. picture from 19 th century Two photos of Zbojnícký castle (you can compare an idealized and a real picture)

4 Kapušany castle it was reconstructed in 16th century (because of the Turk danger) in the 18th century the castle was burnt down. That was it´s end. Later in that centrury the castle was torn down a ruin of a castle over Kapušany village, on a steep hill called Zámčisko built in 13 th century it had to protect the royal road (from Prešov to the north ) the castle was damaged in 1312 ( in the war between Karol Robert and Matuš Čák)

5 Kapušany castle past and present

6 Šariš castle one of the biggest medieval castels in Slovakia-his total built- up area is more than 4,5 ha. built on Šariš mountain - 570 m high hill over Veľký Šariš town. owners: Omodej dynasty, royal estate, Peter Peréniy, Šoóš dynasty, Matej Korvín, Perényi dynasty, Habsburg dynasty, Rákoci dynasty was settled from 13 th -11 th century B.C. till 4 th. century A.C. Nowadays there are only ruins of gotic castle, which was built in 13 th cent. and rebuilt in 15 th and 16 th cent. In 1687 the whole castle has burnt. first knowlege- from 1245 under the name of SARUS

7 Šarišský castle

8 Nižná Šebastová manor renaissance Manor from the fist half of 17 th. century it was built on the place of castle from 1550 at the beginning of 18 th century was rebuild in baroque style now, it is a ruin, and there are stores, but it can by a nice national cultural memory

9 Fričovce manor This renaissance manor was built in 1623-1630 by Michal Sorger from Prešov, on Valent Berthóty's request. In 19th century was rebuilt and next reconstructed in the end of the 2th century Village Fričovce lies under the hill Branisko. Around the manor, there are beautiful gardens with exotic plants. Now, there is a hotel and a restaurant in the manor Even wedding's take place there.

10 Fričovce: detailed pictures of the facade and front view of the manor

11 Šebeš castle it was built in 1307-1315 like a stone castle owner: Knight Synek, later Košice city in 1550 Prešov people burnt it down and the castle was going to ruins from that time ruins of a castle over Podhradík village on a hill called Mačka, now Zámek hill today only relics of Šebeš castle by 1285 it was manor estate called Havranov príbytok


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