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Mobile GIS 25 Sept 2013 Azri Zain Panasonic Toughbook (Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific)

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1 Mobile GIS 25 Sept 2013 Azri Zain Panasonic Toughbook (Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific)

2 AGENDA Trends and the Future of Mobil GIS GIS Mobility Technology Challenges Overcoming challenges Solutions

3 Trends and The Future of Mobile GIS Growing recognition of geospatial data among corporations and industries – Demand for accurate and up-to-date geospatial data will increase. Push to provide access to both imagery and applications to end ‐ users anytime, anywhere. More independent and higher-level mobile workforce – more decision making activities on the field. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) - Analysis and reasoning based on data forming part of Spatial Data Infrastructures. Linked Data concept – very much like documents are linked on the World Wide Web. No more data island concept. Social networking and entertainment integration with GIS functionality

4 GIS Mobility Technology Trends Increased demand for high-resolution imagery. Cloud based computing. Wireless connectivity dependency. Low-cost tech sensors. Free and open source software will continue to grow. Real-time, on-site, paperless updates. PC based software for peripheral control and management. Moving from proprietary equipment towards open systems and non-proprietary Mobile Terminals connected to low-cost sensors

5 GIS Mobility Technology Challenges Reliability Usability, practicality Connectivity, integration, compatibility Security Current trends demand more detailed data and more accurate decision making in the fastest way possible. A GIS Professionals will have to delivery all this in harsh environments/conditions, punishing to the equipment, with minimal support and communication infrastructure.

6 Reliability - Ruggedness Withstanding the elements –Rough environments –Weather Unintentional abuse Maintenance and Support in remote locations? “We are on location to do important work, efficiently and with minimum cost – not to baby-sit equipment and devices”

7 Usability Usability of input devices in extreme environment Display readability in extreme environment Practicality – weight and form factor Security Battery life Performance Hygiene “My device can withstand rain, drops and shocks. But I cannot complete my work because my gloves are too thick and the screen is wet!”

8 Connectivity and Integration Wireless connectivity Peripheral and device integration Software compatibility

9 Security Data Security and Integrity Communication Security Open security protocols

10 We can fulfill all conflicting requirements in the same unit. In-house development from design to manufacturing High Visibility Security Thermal Management Wireless Lightweight Long Battery Life Ruggedness Panasonic’s 7 Key Technologies Overcoming Challenges – Panasonic 7 Key Technologies

11 Case Studies

12 Solutions Product Range Fully-Rugged Semi-Rugged Business-Rugged Panasonic’s line of rugged laptops designed to withstand vibration, drops, spills, extreme temperature and be usable in harsh environments.

13 Fully-Rugged CF-19CF-31 CF-H2FZ-G1 FZ-A1JT-B1CF-U1

14 Semi-Rugged CF-C2 CF-53

15 Business Rugged CF-SX2 CF-AX2

16 Thank You

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